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My first name is ironic.

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Today in Post-Race History: A Halloween Checklist

By Summer M. 8:22 am October 22, 2012 I’d like to momentarily interrupt my stellar rants about election season (/sarcasm) to briefly address white folks. I understand that this is not my typical style nor is this a venue where I might expect to attract white folks who need to read the forthcoming message, but […]

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I’m Popular: The Electoral College

By Summer M. 7:45 am October 15, 2012 I’m in desperate need of a civics lesson. I live in a blue state. Deep blue. Even our stop signs are blue. I haven’t seen red since I left Indiana. Since I only lived in Ohio very briefly during a non-election year, I have no idea what […]

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Pink Slipped

By Summer M. 8:17 am October 8, 2012 The aftermath of last week’s presidential debate ruled the land of the internet for, like, three whole days. Twitter and the blogosphere burst with excuses for the POTUS’ underwhelming performance and slo-mo video clips of Mitt Romney allegedly cheating by bringing notes with him. Big Bird n’em […]

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Yellow Flag: What the NFL Reminded Me About Strikes

By Summer M. 8:22 am October 1, 2012 Last week, NFL referees came to a tentative agreement with the league after several months of negotiations. The end to the months long strike was more than likely compelled by a particularly horrific call, one so bad the league had to issue a “Yeah, they really got that one […]

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Candid Camera: The Truth About Political Campaigns

By Summer M. 8:05 am September 24, 2012 Mitt Romney had a tough week. He spent most of last week responding to the Mother Jones video of him talking to a crowd at a $50,000 a plate dinner about how nearly half of Americans are dependent on the government, among other things. A couple of days […]

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On Revolutionary Black Womanhood

By Summer M. 8:00 am September 17, 2012 It’s an odd experience when two seemingly unrelated stories subtly and symbolically collide. In one corner, Michelle Obama wowed audiences with her speech at the Democratic National Convention two weeks ago. In the other, Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers’ Union, led Chicago Public Schools teachers […]

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The Cruelest of Summers

By Summer M. 10:48 am September 10, 2012 Something has gone terribly wrong. Or, perhaps in some cruel way, something has gone right. Last week, while most of the black internet was deep in an oil sheen-induced haze caused by appearances and speeches by the Obamas, our favorite celebrities, another black youth was murdered. This […]

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Playing “Political” Hoops

By Summer M. 8:06 am August 27, 2012 Recently, celebrity couple Jay-Z and Beyonce–who often traipse around awards ceremonies and other events as if they are the emperor and empress of a nation to which all young rappers and other wannabes are begging for citizenship–were criticized by civil rights leader and entertainer Harry Belafonte for […]

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OxyMORONS: On the Absurd Idea of ‘Legitimate Rape’

By Summer M. 8:00 am August 20, 2012 Yesterday, Rep. Todd Akin (Mo.) made the internet nearly explode when, in response to a question about why he oposes abortion even in cases of rape during an interview, he said that “legitimate rape” doesn’t result in pregnancy. According to Akin, also the GOP’s senatorial candidate in […]

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Mississippi Learning

By Summer M. 8:21 am August 13, 2012 Late last week, the federal government asserted that a school district in Mississippi had been violating the constitutional rights of students by imprisoning them for “violations” as minor as “defiance.” From CNN: Officials in Lauderdale County, Mississippi, have operated “a school-to-prison pipeline” that violates the constitutional rights […]

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