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My first name is ironic.

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Today in Post-Race History: A Quick Note to Jada Williams

By Summer M. 8:26 am March 12, 2012 As much as I’d like to blog about Oprah’s interview with the Houston family, I won’t. Instead, I would like to publicly, albeit briefly, use this space to show support for Jada Willams, the 13-year-old Rocheser, New York, girl who has been harassed since her essay comparing […]

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On the Inevitable #Fail of the Whitney Houston Biopic

By Summer M. 8:00 am March 5, 2012 As much as I’d like to stop publicly mourning the death of a person I never met, I’m not ready. Tweeting #shoopforjesus, randomly saying “‘Re ain’t here!?” to whomever will listen, and concluding that Whitney wasn’t that bad of a dancer after watching the “I Wanna Dance with […]

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And the Oscar Goes to…

By Summer M. 9:01 am February 27, 2012 When Octavia Spencer won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress last night, I thought this blog had written itself. All I needed to do was list the names and roles of black women who had won Oscars, make a few comments about some very obvious things, and […]

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Spilling Whitney’s Tea Redux

By Summer M. 9:25 am February 20, 2012 Since I have done nothing but act like my mother’s child and mourn the passing of Whitney Houston for the last 10 days, I knew today’s post would be a return, in some way, to The Voice. Early last week, I had resolved to write a fun, […]

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The Voice: Remembering Whitney Houston (1963 — 2012)

By Summer M. 8:40 am February 13, 2012 The Voice. When one is colloquially known as such, it becomes easy to forget that such sound emanates from inside a human being. The Voice. A disembodied moniker. So spectacularly general, simply an article and noun sans the dressing of more instructive, clarifying wording: “of reason” or […]

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Interpret My Maladies, Or What I Learned from the Super Bowl

By Summer M. 9:31 am February 6, 2012 Last week, CFC member, Moya wrote a very compelling piece about the way that women of color neglect themselves while they continue to give most–if not all–of their energy to others. Although I have never explicitly identified as an activist or a feminist–crunk or not–I could not […]

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The Real Housewives of The Help Go to Africa

By Summer M. 9:00 am January 30, 2012 Hollywood is so full of liberal do-gooders always on the cutting edge. As such, in advance of Black History Month, they have bestowed many acting awards upon members of the cast of The Help, namely Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer, who both won SAG Awards last night. Perhaps […]

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Obama Comes to Harlem

By Summer M. 9:13 am January 23, 2012 Late last week I caught a little flack for hatin’ on Obama’s incredibly brief rendition of the Rev. Al Green’s classic, “Let’s Stay Together.” I’m sure you’ve seen the clip. If not, here: I hear he gave a speech after hitting the falsetto. Of course, that’s not […]

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Happy MLK Day

By Summer M. 9:11 am January 16, 2012 *Hey folks. This post just magically disappeared a few hours ago. I’m doing my best to repost as I remember.* As the Monday blogger, each year I post something related to MLK Day. Generally, I say something totally inappropriate and nearly blasphemous. I’ve ranted about the lack […]

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Toure’s Northern State of Mind*

By Summer M. 9:03 am January 9, 2012 A few weeks ago, writer slash (cultural) critic slash Twitter all-star, Toure published a piece in the The New York Times about the allegedly recent flurry of white women rappers. From rehashing black respectability in an article about Michael Vick, to considering the black middle class in a discussion of […]

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