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i philosophize. And play Guitar Hero. Most of the time i do both simultaneously.

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Ann Coulter is Not Here For Your Civil Rights

By tamara @tamaracg 11:52 am September 25, 2012 Conservative pundit Ann Coulter caused a stir when she asserted that civil rights are a Black thing. No exaggeration. She apparently believes that gays, women, immigrants and any other oppressed group doesn’t deserve America’s most gracious gift of civil rights because they weren’t victims of slavery. I […]

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On Taylor Townsend and When Being Good Isn’t Enough

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm September 18, 2012 The USTA raised a few eyebrows when it refused to fund Taylor Townsend’s US Open berth. Townsend is 16 years old and is the number one junior women’s tennis player in the world. The USTA has made an attempt in recent years to take a firmer hand […]

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Are We Reading Too Much into “Bitch Bad”?

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm August 29, 2012 Lupe Fiasco’s “Bitch Bad” has been the topic of conversation all around the internet this week. Lauders and critics alike are leading conversations about the song which takes on the misogynistic trend in hip hop of reducing women to vulgar names and sexual objects. The rapper has […]

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Should You Become a Mentor?

By tamara @tamaracg 2:07 pm August 22, 2012 I talk a lot about the girls that I mentor and how they order my steps. I find myself factoring my girls into most decisions that I make. In that way, being a mentor has really changed my life. And I hope that the feeling is mutual. […]

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The Way Girls Play (And Fight)

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm August 8, 2012 I thought I left my childhood behind me. Those insecurities born on the hot concrete playgrounds and sandboxes in Houston’s Fifth Ward were long behind me. In my mind at least. Most of my childhood memories are happy ones. Both my parents worked full-time when I was […]

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More on Chick-Fil-A

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm August 1, 2012 For the past couple weeks my Facebook and Twitter timelines have been awash with status updates, link shares and more regarding Chick-Fil-A president Dan Cathy’s statement that the company is indeed “guilty as charged” when it comes to opposing gay marriage. For many, this comes as no […]

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Is Gun Control the Answer?

By tamara @tamaracg 5:17 pm July 25, 2012 In the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and now the Aurora shooting, I’d say it’s hard to justify the lax gun laws in this country. But strict gun control laws don’t necessarily mean a decrease in gun violence. Mexico is a prime example of a country […]

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On Mandela

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm July 18, 2012 This isn’t the post that I had planned for today but a series of conversations surrounding Nelson Mandela’s birth and whether it calls for international celebration led me to make a change. My thoughts on USA Basketball can wait. On my drive to work this morning, a […]

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Happy 4th of July

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm July 4, 2012 How Can I Celebrate Independence Day in Good Faith? Every year, I find myself questioning the merits of celebrating the 4th of July as a young Black woman in America. In my more, critical/cynical days it was a mockery. How dare we burn fireworks and have barbecues […]

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The Biggest Secret of All

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm June 27, 2012 I lost a really good friend recently. The last time I saw him was six months ago. He was starting a new job and in really high spirits but something was different. He wasn’t his normal, cheerful self. There was a calculated manner in which he answered […]

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