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i philosophize. And play Guitar Hero. Most of the time i do both simultaneously.

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Love and Hip Hop and Black Women in the Entertainment Industry

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm January 18, 2012 Watching Love & Hip Hop the past couple weeks has brought several questions to mind. As a Black woman in the entertainment industry, I have looked up to Yandy Smith and Mona Scott-Young as positive examples of what it means to be a driven career woman. The […]

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Apparently Ron Paul Deserves Our Votes…

By tamara @tamaracg 2:00 pm January 11, 2012 You should be voting for Ron Paul. Yes, that Ron Paul. At least that’s what this article would have you believe. According to the author, Ron Paul has it right. He is a threat to the establishment with his revolutionary ideas about the war on drugs, so […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Season

By tamara @tamaracg 1:00 pm December 28, 2011 The NBA opened on Christmas after a two month long delay due to the lockout. The start of a new season is always wrought with excitement and hope (just give me one more good season, KG). In the two nights of NBA basketball since the season started, […]

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Re: If I Were a Poor Black Kid

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm December 14, 2011 When I first read Gene Marks’ article, my stomach flipped. The article was a lesson in the need to stay in your lane. I’ve got no beef with Marks, he is a middle class White man, a product of his paternalistic environment. He believes that he knows […]

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The Return of the NBA

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm December 7, 2011 I’ve tried to bite my tongue about the impending return of the NBA. I wanted to wait until the deal was signed, sealed, delivered before I voiced an opinion but waiting is killing me.  All I can say is: about damned time. The NBA and its players […]

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What is Love?

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm November 30, 2011 I wonder if we should shift the way we talk about some things, the way we ask questions and thus learn about certain ideas; namely, love. I had a recent conversation with my little sister about boys, love and relationships. She wanted me to tell her what […]

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Tis the Season…For Gathering Around the Domino Table

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm November 23, 2011 Here we are again at the start of another Holiday season and while some of you are thinking of turkeys and Christmas trees, all I can focus on is the copious amount of shit talking that will occur around the inevitable domino games. So while my family […]

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What do we Owe our Leaders?

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm November 16, 2011 Earlier this week, New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X found himself in the media once again. Quanell X has had a very interesting relationship with the media and law enforcement. He is also a very polarizing figure with actions spanning the spectrum from getting a killer […]

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32 Years of Assata Shakur and The Prison Industrial Complex

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm November 2, 2011 “Never in our history has critical resistance to the status quo been more important. The growth of the Prison-Industrial complex has been appallingly rapid and the escalating repression that has accompanied it is totally alarming. What future lies ahead of us? What are the implications for our children?”

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Confederate Flag + Texas = Controversy.


By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm October 26, 2011 Texas state officials are deciding whether or not to offer a Confederate Flag option for state license plates. As with any controversial issue, there has been significant backlash. Proponents of placing the symbol on license plates cite historical pride and recognizing the bravery and strength of their […]

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