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i philosophize. And play Guitar Hero. Most of the time i do both simultaneously.

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Dreaming of Fish…

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm August 10, 2011 I’m not a superstitious person. I purposefully step on cracks and cross the paths of black cats. Not that I like living on the edge or anything but confronting these superstitions seems to calm me in a way. If I step on a crack and my mother’s […]

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When Next Season Doesn’t Come…

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm August 3, 2011   During this lockout, I have purposefully avoided reading, listening or watching anything NBA-related for fear that the truth would hit me hard, and I might actually cry. Despite my best efforts to avoid this, yesterday, I looked at the picture of Kevin Garnett hanging near my […]

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A Black Woman’s Hairstory

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm July 27, 2011 A Black woman’s hair is much more than just hair. It can be a source of pride, a source of frustration, a political statement, or a fashion statement. Sometimes it is all of these things at once. From spending weekend mornings at our mothers knees getting pressed, […]

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Is Childhood Obesity THAT out of Hand?

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm July 20, 2011 A piece of commentary published in The Journal of The American Medical Association has posed interesting questions regarding children’s welfare, the part that parents play in contributing to childhood obesity and the moral obligations of government. The authors of the article put forth that morbid obesity is […]

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That’s Racist?

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm July 13, 2011 So someone just decided to fuck with me today, right? I’m all for celebrating your cultural heritage. But are these two people actually getting married in South Africa, in a Colonial Africa themed wedding, with Union Jacks displayed on the walls?! Are these British people waving Union […]

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No Country for Basketball Fans

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm July 6, 2011 On July 1, 2011 I woke up in a cold sweat. The NBA and its players failed to reach a labor agreement.  No country for professional (men’s) basketball fans. If September rolls around and there’s no NBA training camp…I can’t even imagine. Though it hurts my little […]

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Well this is awkward…

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm June 29, 2011 Sunday night a two-hour Chris Brown commercial the BET Awards happened. Despite a comical performance from Kevin Hart, the most memorable moment of the show was the slip-up of the fan chosen to present the Viewers Choice Award. Rocsi and Terrance (there to provide moral support in […]

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Little Town in Texas

By tamara @tamaracg 12:24 pm June 22, 2011 For the past few days I’ve been in and around Washington County, Texas, for what I wished was a quiet period of rest at a quaint little bed and breakfast in a small town. The trip has been way more stressful than I expected. I have been […]

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Season Gone, Lessons Learned

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm June 15, 2011 First, let me apologize. I am feeling brain drain in a major way. My team (the one that I work for) lost in Game 6 of the Finals. It was a long season and a long playoff run (that ended with a 90+ hour work week). I […]

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War on Drugs: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm June 8, 2011 So the Global Commission on Drug Policy has released a report stating that the War on Drugs is a fail. Welcome to the party, sirs, you’re 40 years late but please, sit. What clued you in on this failure? The wasted dollars, the overflowing prisons, lives lost, […]

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