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Amazing: Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur Wants To Revitalize Detroit’s Economy

You’re about to read about one of the most successful young people in America. 10-year-old Asia Newsom is Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur.Her candle company, Super Business Girl, is thriving and breathing life back into a much needed economy.

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Homeless Man Returns $40,000, Fundraiser Started In His Honor

By BYP @blackyouthproj 3:05 pm September 17, 2013 Glen James, a homeless man living in Boston turned in more that $40,000 in traveler’s checks and cash to police. Because of that, a fundraising campaign has been started in his honor.

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VIDEO: Meat Loaf BUTCHERS ‘America The Beautiful’ at Romney Rally

Oh my god. This has got to be the absolute worst rendition of America the Beautiful we have ever heard.

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VIDEO: George Zimmerman Reenacts Trayvon Martin Shooting

Check out this newly released footage of George Zimmerman reenacting the infamous altercation that took Trayvon Martin’s life. In it, Zimmerman says Martin was the aggressor and reached for his gun. What do you think?

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Promising New Film “Dear White People” Needs Your Help!

The trailer for Justin Simien’s first feature film, a satire called Dear White People, looks promising, but the crew needs your help. Check out the trailer at BlackYouthProject.com, and find out how you can help get this film in theaters!

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VIDEO: 18 Year-Old Marcus Warryton Brutally Beaten By Philly Cops

Four Philadelphia police officers are at the center of controversy and outrage after a cell phone video surfaced showing them brutally beating 18 year-old Marcus Warryton. Check out the disturbing, infuriating footage after the jump.

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INSPIRING! ATL Teen Fred Dukes Graduates HS; Heading To College Despite Homelessness

Check out the inspiring story of Fred Dukes, an ATL student who graduated from High School despite being homeless and having no support from family. BYP commends Fred Dukes for his perseverance, and wishes his the best of luck at Coker College!

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D’Angelo Is Back! (For real, this time…)


By BYP @blackyouthproj 11:00 am May 22, 2012 D’Angelo is Back! After a seemingly eons long (but actually only about twelve years) hiatus from music, D’Angelo is back, looking great, and sounding fantastic. In conjunction with his appearance in a spread for GQ, D’Angelo reminded us of why we’ve missed him so much. Check out […]

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Video of Trayvon Martin Buying Skittles and Iced Tea Surfaces

Video has emerged of Trayvon Martin buying skittles and iced tea at a local convenience store, mere moments before the altercation that would end his young life. Will there be justice for the Martin family?

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Jay-Z Comes Out In Support of Gay Marriage

Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z has come out in support of President Obama’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Speaking with CNN, Jay-Z called supporting gay marriage “the right thing to do.” Will Jay-Z’s comment have an impact on LGBTQ acceptance in Hip Hop? Do you support same-sex marriage?

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