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Stevie Wonder, Others Vow to Boycott Florida Until Stand Your Ground is Repealed

Stevie Wonder spoke out on the George Zimmerman verdict at a concert in Quebec, announcing that he will NOT play in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is repealed.

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15-Year Old Temar Boggs Hailed as a Hero After Rescuing Missing Girl

15-year old Temar Boggs is being hailed as a hero after helping to rescue an abducted 5-year old girl. After joining a search party for the child, Boggs started following a suspicious car on his bike. Realizing he was being tailed, the kidnapper let the missing girl out of the car and drove off.

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Zimmerman Trial Juror Set to Write Tell-all Book

By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:29 pm July 15, 2013 Members of the jury that served on the George Zimmerman trial have chosen not to speak to media or reveal their identities, but one juror has already started writing a tell-all book about the experience. Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial has signed (along with her […]

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Zimmerman’s Brother Worried About Vigilantes; Wonders if Trayvon Wanted Guns and Weed

In interviews with CNN, Robert Zimmerman Jr. discussed his brother’s fear of vigilantes. He then had the audacity to continue his family’s crusade against Trayvon Martin’s character, suggesting that Martin was trying to procure a gun, and grow marijuana.

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Trayvon Martin’s Father Speaks Out on Verdict

Tracy Martin – father of the late Trayvon Martin – released a series of heartfelt tweets in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict: “Even though I am broken hearted my faith is unshattered I WILL ALWAYS LOVE MY BABY TRAY”

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President Obama Responds to Zimmerman Verdict: “We Are a Nation of Laws, and A Jury Has Spoken”

President Obama’s official statement on the George Zimmerman verdict maintains that the legal process has run its course, and that it is now time for peaceful reflection.

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MUST WATCH: 100 Young Black Activists Respond to George Zimmerman Verdict

BYP Group Shot close up

Watch a passionate and deeply moving video of the entire BYP100 reading their collective response to the George Zimmerman verdict: “We continue to call out Black Love, Black Power and Black is Beautiful in the face of continued devaluation of Black life. We affirm a love of ALL Black life, no matter if we are in hoodies or business suits, incarcerated or in boardrooms, on welfare or in the WNBA, on the corner or in the White House.”

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Parents and Teachers Hold Protest Against NYC Principal for Targeting Black Teachers; Calling Them “Gorillas”

The outrage has only increased for Principal Minerva Zanca, who’s accused of targeting and forcing out the only black teacher’s at Pan American International High School in NYC, calling them “gorillas,” and making derogatory comments about their “big lips” and “nappy hair.”

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Judge: George Zimmerman Will Also Face Manslaughter Charges

By BYP @blackyouthproj 10:48 am July 11, 2013 Judge Debra Nelson has granted the prosecution’s request that in addition to second degree murder,  George Zimmerman also face manslaughter charges in the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin. She has not decided if Zimmerman will face other lesser charges, such as third degree murder.

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Black Cafe Owner Posts Sign to Ward Off Racists: “f you are allergic to black people, don’t come in.”

After being repeatedly subjected to blatant racism from potential customers, a British black woman posted a sign outside of her restaurant that read: “Attention! Everyone be aware I am a black woman, and always will be. If you are allergic to black people, don’t come in….”

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