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#SayHerName: The Black Woman Is the Mule of the Earth


By diamond 2:18 pm May 22, 2015 By Samantha Master During the era of legalized, extra-judicial lynchings of Black people, there are almost 150 documented cases of Black women being lynched. Their crimes ranged from registering to vote to being the daughter or partner of someone accused of murder. While the United States is still […]

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VOTD: #SayHerName

aja monet

By diamond 11:24 am May 22, 2015 Poet Aja Monet’s poem is a powerful contribution to the #SayHerName movement.

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Looking for the Move for Black Pride? This List Is for You

makers lab

By diamond 10:57 am May 22, 2015 By L.G. Parker Pride ain’t for everybody. As writer Shaan Michael Wade puts it, Pride is “classy, white cissification at its finest.”     For those of us who are black and queer, not to mention gender-non-conforming, disabled, women, broke as hell, or any combination of these things and more, […]

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The Last Black Man in San Francisco


By diamond 10:46 am May 21, 2015   There’s a lot of dope black films to look forward to. The latest in the Kickstarter game is The Last Black Man in San Francisco. The film details the real life consequences of gentrification. From Kickstarter: The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a feature-length narrative film […]

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Young, East African and Queer


By diamond 1:34 pm May 20, 2015   None on Record, a multimedia project that records interviews with members of African LGTBQ communities and the Diaspora, created a video series to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. From OkayPlayer: None on Record is a digital media organization that works to document stories from LGBT communities […]

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5 ‘Feeling Myself’ Photos That Will Get You Through Humpday


By diamond 9:41 am May 20, 2015 Beyoncé and Nicki have broken the internet with their ”Feeling Myself” video. You probably still don’t have a Tidal subscription but you’ve definitely seen the video and the million GIFs it’s produced. Beyoncé released some shots from “Feeling Myself” on her website and they’re just what you need to get through […]

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Lift Up Tiger Mandingo

lift up tiger

By diamond 11:20 am May 19, 2015 By Jay Dodd This week, former college wrestler, Michael L. Johnson was found guilty of “recklessly infecting” a partner with HIV and exposing the virus to others. Johnson, known as Tiger Mandingo, at twenty three years old is looking to face over 60 years in jail for each […]

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National Day of Action: #JusticeforRekia #SayHerName #BlackWomenMatter


By diamond 10:17 am May 19, 2015 When we say #BlackLivesMatter, we mean Rekia Boyd’s life too. On March 21, 2012, Detective Dante Servin fired shots into a group of unarmed young Black people, killing then 22-year-old Rekia Boyd. Though he was off-duty, witnesses have testified to him announcing himself as a police officer, and […]

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Need to Explain Privilege? Show This Video


By diamond 8:30 am May 18, 2015 Tired of explaining what privilege is? This video by Kat Blaque and Chescaleigh breaks it down for anyone still confused.

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Solange Debuts New Song ‘Rise’ Written for Ferguson and Baltimore


By diamond 1:04 pm May 15, 2015 During a surprise performance, Solange debuted her new song ‘Rise’ for Ferguson and Baltimore. The new song is expected to appear on Solange’s forthcoming album. h/t Rap Up Photo: Solange Knowles/Facebook

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