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There is no such thing as a “Hispanic Political Agenda”

By edward 8:00 am November 8, 2011 Campaign season is in full swing and politicians are courting voters harder than R. Kelly at a middle school dance. Sorry, maybe that wasn’t  the best comparison. Both Republicans and Democrats are doggedly vying to woo an important voting bloc- Latinos. The Census Bureau—in its first nationwide demographic […]

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What Happened in Connecticut

By jasiri x 1:37 pm November 7, 2011 I was recently invited to perform at the University of Connecticut on November 4th as the principal performer for a “Political Awareness Rally”. About a week before the event I got an email from the organizer, who ironically I met at Occupy Wall St, saying people were […]

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(More) Sad Black Girls

By Summer M. 9:00 am November 7, 2011 Last week, this site featured a trailer for the documentary, Dear Daddy, about young black women who grew up without fathers. In these last few months, it seems to me that documentaries about black women and their relationships to men and their relationship to the standards and […]

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The Freaky Bois are two young Gay rappers that spit the nastiest, sleaziest, freakiest raps you’ve ever heard. Like Nicki, they’re wielding raunchy rap music like a weapon, forcing the listener to grapple with their sexual identities. And I love it.

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New Web Episode of The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl: Simply Hilarious!!

By Fallon 7:33 am November 4, 2011 I have written previously on how much I love the web series, The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. The show is original and features a young black woman who navigates her way through seen and unseen awkward situations on her job and in her relationships. Well, I am happy […]

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The Reason T-Pain Can Be Sexy; A Critique of Popular Aesthetics Part I

By Keantre Malone 11:43 am November 3, 2011 Celebrity, the representation and popularizing of a face, determine our aesthetics—models that our minds, in one sense, refer to when judging a person’s beauty. We can say that the drastic changes in whom and what we find attractive are inspired by the popular surveillance of a specific […]

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Why is our generation so eager to share all of our personal data with a corporation like Facebook, who then makes it accessible to other corporations so that they can bombard us with targeted advertisements? Facebook exploits the human need for social connection, and turns three-dimensional people into two-dimensional consumers.

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32 Years of Assata Shakur and The Prison Industrial Complex

By tamara @tamaracg 12:00 pm November 2, 2011 “Never in our history has critical resistance to the status quo been more important. The growth of the Prison-Industrial complex has been appallingly rapid and the escalating repression that has accompanied it is totally alarming. What future lies ahead of us? What are the implications for our children?”

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The Deserving Poor, Welfare and American Dreams

By Jonathan @jonathanlykes 12:16 am November 2, 2011 Throughout the historical landscape of the United States a dream has been engrained in a pseudo-American identity. Some call this the American dream; others might refer to it as the American fallacy. Unfortunately, people who experience poverty in the United States very rarely have the opportunity to […]

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What “Do” do We do?

By Asha 1:52 pm November 1, 2011 Standing in line at Potbelly’s deli, I hear “Excuse me, but.. I was just wondering what you do to your hair?” About sixteen inches of curly, usually frizzy, untamed, natural madness and somehow women ask me this a few times every week. Sometimes her hair looks just like […]

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