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Deeper Than Rap: How One Rapper Defines the Killing of Unarmed Black Males

By Keevin Brown 2:25 pm August 12, 2014 In the wake of Michael Brown’s execution by police officers, I believe it is appropriate to harken back to Trayvon Martin’s execution with some powerful words by David Banner. In this interview, David Banner discusses the impact of Trayvon Martin’s death.

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Why the rioting in Ferguson solves absolutely nothing, and takes away from our quest for justice

By Shantell @shantell_em 10:47 am August 11, 2014 The death of 18-year-old Michael Brown is heartbreaking. He was a young black man, on his way to school next week and his life was tragically cut short by a police officer. The details are sketchy. We’ve been told two very different accounts of what happened on […]

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No One Is Coming To Save Us

By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:33 am August 8, 2014 My friend and I are both teachers. Last year, during a cold fall month with no snow on the ground, we were driving around the south side of Chicago looking for notable graffiti. My friend was teaching a unit on hip-hop, and since graffiti is a key […]

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Black NonProfits, Black Leadership: Black Failure

By Amari Rene @AmErican_Poet 12:34 pm August 7, 2014 Black nonprofits under black leadership are supposed to benefit the people right?  But what happens when the head of an organization, movement or corporation is so out of touch with the world that they do not see the failures of their organization on even the most […]

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Endangered: Save the Female Rappers

By Rae Kae @nanking_ 11:24 am August 6, 2014 Just to make it clear, I don’t care for the term female rap. Hip hop is hip hop. Good music is good music. However, FEMALE rap has taken an interesting turn and in some positive aspects it remains to dominate the mainstream charts and still maintain […]

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Being a Young Black Man in America: Eric Garner & the 1 Year Anniversary of the Zimmerman Verdict


By jasiri x 12:30 pm August 5, 2014 In the wake of the one year anniversary of George Zimmerman being found not guilty of the murder of Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner being choked to death by NYPD on video, we sat down with our 1Hood Media Academy students and asked them how they feel […]

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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Remy Gun

By Keevin Brown 12:15 pm August 5, 2014 It is a shame that we live in a world where “keeping it real” is a way of life. The definition of keeping it real is as convoluted as Malcolm X’s “by any means necessary.” People often ascribe their own feelings to these phrases and use them […]

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Revenge of the Black Biopic

By Summer M. 12:46 pm August 4, 2014 I was mildly curious about how Get On Up, the James Brown biopic, would do in its first weekend at the theater, even though I had no interest in seeing it. After all, a trailer that includes the words, “from the director that brought you The Help” […]

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Fire Challenge: Let’s Not Watch the Train Wreck Next Time


By santee 1:39 pm August 1, 2014 Every now and then you find your self blank when you’re attempting to write significant pieces on social issues. Sometimes it feels like every thing has been said and what is the point of adding one more opinion to the mass of opinions that are already out there. […]

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Black August 2014


By Ekundayo Igeleke 12:47 pm August 1, 2014 Black August is a time of fasting, studying, reflecting, and discipline to honor our ancestors and people in the liberation struggle.  Black August originated in the slave house (prison) to honor our fallen Freedom Fighters, Jonathan Jackson, George Jackson, William Christmas, James McClain and Khatari Gaulden and sole […]

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