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Is ‘Orange’ the New Green?


By diamond 4:36 pm February 11, 2015 From the Chicago Reporter: Most people see a jail and think about crime, tragedy and heartbreak. Others see dollar signs. That’s because incarceration can be a big money maker. Consider the drab polyester and cotton scrubs worn by detainees and inmates at Cook County Jail, where about 100,000 […]

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Stay Mad Then! : In Defence of The Right To Be Angry

Kanye Grammys

By diamond 1:15 pm February 11, 2015 On Kanye West, Azealia Banks and a call for a deeper reading of their rage. By Jay Dodd Kanye’s narrative has been riddled with often sloppily generalised tantrums. While we must hold him accountable to his “seat at the table aspirations,” we often, as consumers of his frequency of Blackness, […]

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Black Future Month: Why “History” Don’t Satisfy

black lives matter

By diamond 9:48 am February 10, 2015 By Aziza Barnes On my phone in a group text, November 2014. I’m in a 3 way conversation with my homegirls post Darren Wilson non-indictment/Daniel Pantaleo’s non-indictment/ post we-lost-track-of- the- names- the murderers- and- how- much- they- get- paid. We’re numb, the way people get during war time […]

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Get Free: LGBT Rights and Black Liberation

get free

By diamond 2:55 pm February 9, 2015 Recognizing how mainstream LGBT and racial justice movements have often ignored the issues that young Black LGBT people face, BYP100 seeks with this video, and future mobilization efforts, to broaden the narrative of what’s at stake for Black people in the LGBT rights movement. At the same time […]

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From Brownsville to the White House


By diamond 10:36 am February 9, 2015 From the White House: A couple of weeks ago, a photo of 13-year-old Vidal appeared on Humans of New York, a popular blog. He talked about his principal Ms. Lopez, saying: “She told each one of us that we matter.” After garnering more than 1 million likes and shares […]

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Un/Classically Beautiful: The Problem with the 2015 Grammy Awards’ Selma “Tribute”


By diamond 10:15 am February 9, 2015 By Erika Dickerson While we were waist-deep in circular (yet necessary) conversations about Iggy Azalea’s Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album, her “blaccent,” and appropriation of Black music and culture at-large, the Grammy Awards were undermining Blk women in another way: the “tribute” performance for Ava DuVernay’s Selma. […]

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Pay what you owe: How Nike profits from African-American cool


By diamond 1:04 am February 6, 2015 Nike is profiting from “black cool” writes Jamilah King. From Fusion: On January 19th, as part of its decade-long tradition of honoring Black History Month, Nike dropped this year’s line of commemorative sneakers. The 12 new shoe designs feature special black and white colorways of shoes endorsed by some […]

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We Out (T)here: Afrofuturism in the Age of Non-Indictments


By diamond 12:00 am February 6, 2015 “African-Americans are, in a very real sense, the descendants of alien abductees…Speculative fiction that treats African-American themes and addresses African-American concerns in the context of 20th century technoculture — and, more generally, African-American signification that appropriates images of technology and a prosthetically enhanced future — might, for want […]

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On the Very Real Possibility of a Super Bowl Conspiracy


By diamond 10:30 am February 5, 2015 By Summer McDonald  Among the collective gasps, OMGs, and guttural expressions of utter shock from seasoned 12s and Seahawks bandwagon riders alike after Russell Wilson threw an axis-altering interception in last Sunday’s Super Bowl, was some version of this question: Why in the world did they not give […]

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Video: How ‘Broken Windows’ Policing Harms People of Color

broken windows

By diamond 9:30 am February 5, 2015 From Fusion: Last summer, a New York city police officer choked a black grandfather named Eric Garner to death. Garner was suspected of selling loose cigarettes. The arrests of people like Garner are part of a controversial policing tactic called Broken Windows. Broken Windows claims to prevent large […]

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