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Melissa Harris-Perry Asks if Rachel Dolezal is Actually Black


By Jenn M. Jackson 12:10 pm June 15, 2015 The term “transracial” has been incessantly misused in the past week since the Rachel Dolezal story hit the mainstream media cycle. The President of the NAACP Chapter in Spokane has been, apparently, living her life as a Black woman for at least two decades despite having […]

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15 Mysteries We’d Like the Black Twitter Detective Agency to Solve


By Diamond 11:54 am June 12, 2015 By Jayy Dodd But it’s really none of our business… 1. Raven-Symoné and the Case of the Translucent American. 2. Where were you when Cash Money took over the 99 & the 2000?  3. How to know if you are “fahn”? 4. Did Rachel Dolezal try to ‘Single Lightskin […]

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13 Songs That Are Perfect for Your Carefree Black Girl Summer Playlist

giphy (2)

By Diamond 9:53 am June 10, 2015 By L.G. Parker For the black girls braiding hair all summer, the black girls looking up MFA programs for hours after work, the black girls who get misgendered,  the black girls who are stepping outside of their comfort zone to wear that two-piece to the pool, for the […]

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Why I Won’t Watch the McKinney Video


By Diamond 11:40 am June 9, 2015 By Arielle Newton Confession: I have not watched — nor do I intend to watch — the video from McKinney, Texas. From what I gathered from my various social media feeds, the video shows a cop viciously pinning down a 14-year-old bikini-clad Black girl who was attending a […]

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Dear Kalief Browder; A Homeboy’s Open Letter


By Diamond 10:23 am June 9, 2015 By Jayy Dodd Note: Kalief Browder was falsely accused of burglary at 16 years old, held in Riker’s Island prison and after 3 years out committed suicide. Dear Kalief Browder, Brother man, I wish you peace from this world that told you daily you weren’t human. I wish […]

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Serena Williams Is the Greatest of All Time

serena williams

By Diamond 12:32 pm June 8, 2015 By Marion Andrew Humphrey, Jr. Mark this year as Serena Williams’. She just won her 20th Grand Slam title (2nd of the year), making her arguably the best tennis player of all time — men or women. Serena Williams is world treasure, not just a national one (I […]

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#BlackKidsMatter: McKinney, Texas and the Truth About Your Black Friends


By Diamond 9:23 am June 8, 2015 By Jay Dodd News broke over the weekend of a Dallas suburb police officer terrorizing a group of Black and Brown kids attending a swimming party in an affluent neighborhood’s community pool. The graphic video depicts Corporal Eric Casebolt dragging a Black girl across a yard, shoving her […]

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The Roots and Ed Sheeran Did a Flawless Cover of Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’


By Diamond 12:41 pm June 5, 2015 Ed Sheeran and The Roots did a flawless cover of Fetty Wap’s “Trap Queen” and it’s been uploaded on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Youtube page for everyone to see.

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Watch This New Visual By Soul Collective Highness


By Diamond 12:06 pm June 5, 2015 This is the latest video from Chicago-based Highness (formerly known as SHE).  The all female soul group is made up of Ora Nchi, RED, Midore, Loona Dae, and Gem Tree. Photo: Highness/Facebook

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Watch Hebru Brantley’s Animated Short Set to the Music of Yasiin Bey

hebru brantley

By Diamond 12:36 pm June 3, 2015   Chicago-based artist Hebru Brantley brings his Afro-Futuristic character “Flyboy” to life in this short animated video set to Yasiin Bey’s song, “Revelations”. Photo: Hebru Brantley/Youtube

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