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George Zimmerman Is a Thug

George Zimmerman

By diamond 10:30 am May 12, 2015 Jay Dodd As reports broke from Florida of George Zimmerman Shooting incident, the timeline reacted to every developing detail. The shock that Zimmerman was in legal trouble again, the complicated annoyance of the minor injuries, and the “urgent” call for empathy. Zimmerman has illustrated the complete farce of […]

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4 Celebs We Wish Were Our Moms

jada pinkett smith

By diamond 3:05 pm May 11, 2015 By L.G. Parker 1. Jada Pinkett Smith Jada is a very vocal non-traditional parent. In an interview with Sway, she said “I tell my kids to worry about being respected, not liked.” Just this past April, she joined Jaden and Willow on stage during their set at the […]

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Why Pronouns Are Important to Trans People


By diamond 10:48 am May 11, 2015 Vlogger Kat Blaque explains the importance of using the proper pronouns when addressing trans and non-binary persons.

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This Update to Nina Simone’s ‘Baltimore’ Is Chilling

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.52.21 PM

By diamond 2:54 pm May 7, 2015 Jazmine Sullivan pays homage to Nina Simone’s version of “Baltimore” in this chilling rendition. The song appears on a Nina Simone tribute album that is being released inconjunction with the Netflix documentary, What Happened, Miss Simone?

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‘Honeytrap’ Film Explores Girlhood and Gangs


By diamond 12:32 pm May 7, 2015 “Honeytrap” tells the story of a young girl who sets up her ex-boyfriend to be killed by her current boyfriend his crew. The story is ripped straight from the headlines from a 2008 case. The film premieres in the UK this weekend. Plans for US distribution have not […]

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‘Fried IceCream’ Is the Coming-of-Age Film You’ve Been Waiting For

fried icecream

By diamond 11:53 am May 6, 2015 “Fried IceCream” is a coming-of-age film that follows friends Sloan and Akeebah during this last semester of college. With so few coming-of-age films that star black women, a movie like this is needed. Check out the trailer below and learn more at the film’s Indiegogo page. Photo: Fried […]

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On Being Useful: Bearing Witness in a Time of Protest


By diamond 9:48 am May 5, 2015 By Candice Iloh For the past few days, I have been studying lead poisoning. Like many others out there in the interweb world, my knowledge on a lot of things only stretches as far as my social media feeds, the books I have chosen to read, and what […]

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Listen: Alabama Shakes’ ‘Sound & Color’

Alabama Shakes

By diamond 10:23 am May 4, 2015 By Sam Fleming Sound and Color opens with the lyrics,  “A new world hangs outside the window, beautiful and strange.” This lyric describes how this album differs from anything Alabama Shakes has released before. In their previous albums, Alabama Shakes have always had the potential to separate themselves […]

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Talking to Black Teens about Baltimore

freddie gray

By diamond 10:02 am May 4, 2015 By Eve Ewing It’s 11:20 at night. I have a lot of work to finish and I haven’t even eaten dinner yet, but like so many of my friends, my head is in Baltimore, and I’m caught in the same cycle: TV news, Twitter, Facebook, texting, repeat. Trying […]

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The Right to Be Angry: An Interview with the Founders of Black Poets Speak Out


By diamond 1:13 pm April 30, 2015 By Mwende Katwiwa “I am a Black poet who will not stay silent while this nation murders Black people. I have a right to be angry” Poet and political activist Amiri Baraka once said, “the Black artist’s role is to aid in the destruction of America as he knows it”. […]

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