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Chicago Violence: Our Problem, Our Solution


By santee 12:02 pm July 18, 2014 There are thousands of articles online at this point about the gun violence in Chicago and the larger issue of gun violence throughout this country. However as it relates to Chicago……there is so much to be said and done that one hardly knows where to start. We can […]

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Michael Jordan Is Not His Brother’s Keeper, So Why Are We Dying For His Sneakers


By Amari Rene @AmErican_Poet 12:54 pm July 17, 2014 We have all seen and read the news stories of people being beaten, killed and the crazy mobs that happen over a pair of Jordans.  Now I am not going to sit here and pretend to be on high horse, because I appreciate a nice pair […]

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Return of the King

By Summer M. 1:41 pm July 15, 2014 I love LeBron James. And it’s not just because he makes clips from The Lion King appropriate.

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Money Power Respect: Hip-Hop As A Socioeconomic Movement

By Keevin Brown 12:45 pm July 15, 2014 Hip Hop from its inception has been about the unique ways and various means of self-representation and self-expression. Breaking, graffiti, rapping, and DJing were not all codified to encompass what constitutes Hip Hop, but through the very limiting and narrow lens of culture vultures, ethnographers and other […]

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10 Year Old Asean Johnson Checks Roland Martin, “We don’t need the National Guard in Chicago”

photo (12)

By jasiri x 12:00 pm July 15, 2014 Interviewing Asean Johnson, his mother Shoneice Reynolds, and his brother Krisean at the AFT Convention in Los Angeles (Photo by Dr. Goddess)  Asean Johnson stepped onto the national stage 2 years ago when his mother Shoneice Reynolds, a Chicago Public School employee, was on strike. Deciding to […]

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BYP Memo: Moving Beyond Marriage, What Young People of Color Think about the LGBT Agenda

By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:34 am July 15, 2014   Over the last decade, we have witnessed a dramatic shift in how the public and the courts view same-sex marriage. Much of the reporting on this issue focuses on the overwhelming levels of support for same-sex marriage from the millenial generation.

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One year later: remembering Trayvon and the Zimmerman verdict

By Shantell @shantell_em 9:44 am July 14, 2014 Some days you will never forget. Your sixteenth birthday. Prom. Your first crush. All of the moments that we’re taught to remember. Then there are days that you wish that you could forget. Ones that you feel like should have never ever happened. The day that George […]

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The Palestinian Resistance Will Not Be Televised!


By Ekundayo Igeleke 1:54 pm July 10, 2014 Let’s make this clear: Palestine has no navy, army or air force; this is not a war, this  genocide!

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Dangerously Unemployed: Black, Educated and Gifted; The Talented Tenth


By Amari Rene @AmErican_Poet 1:40 pm July 10, 2014 I have a friend who was born and raised in one of the most impoverished cities in America, with one of the highest crime rates in the US.  Despite coming from a city that reflects all of the debilitating reasons why a child would not go […]

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Dress Code or Racial Profiling? Bar Louie Offends Customers

By Rae Kae @nanking_ 1:57 pm July 9, 2014   I understand that businesses want to protect their brand, but are they protecting their band or racially profiling? When can racial profiling be justly called? From personal experience, I can say that some businesses would rather lose a few customers than to open their minds […]

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