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Rudy Giuliani: I’m Not Racist, President Obama’s Mother Was White

barack obama

By diamond 6:21 pm February 20, 2015 Facing criticism from stating that President Obama doesn’t love America, Giuliani countered by saying that his statement wasn’t racist because President Obama’s mother was white. From the New York Times: “Some people thought it was racist — I thought that was a joke, since he was brought up […]

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Do All #BlackLivesMatter?


By diamond 3:33 pm February 20, 2015 Who dies? Who thrives? Join members of both the Trans Women of Color Collective and #BlackLivesMatter to examine the vitality and visibility of justice movements. In the wake of the deaths of people like Islan Nettles and Eric Garner and the incarceration of people like CeCe McDonald, how […]

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Oscar Voter: We Can’t Be Racist Because Academy President is Black


By diamond 1:12 pm February 20, 2015 Another Academy voter has spoken on the subject of the Selma Oscar snub: I didn’t think Selma was a particularly good film, apart from the main actor [David Oyelowo], and I think the outcry about the Academy being racists for not nominating it for more awards is offensive […]

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When Your Fave is Problematic: Kanye West Slut Shames Amber Rose


By diamond 10:57 am February 20, 2015 Kanye West was caught with his foot in his mouth and down his intestines during an interview on The Breakfast Club. On Amber Rose’s recent comments about Kim Kardashian: “[Rose] is just soaking in the moment. Nobody feels compelled to do nothing. If Kim had dated me when […]

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#OscarsSoWhite, Selma May Have Been Snubbed Over “I Can’t Breathe” Tees


By diamond 5:26 pm February 19, 2015 An Academy member ranted over criticism that the Oscars snubbed Selma. Their reasoning sounds, well, racist. First, let me say that I’m tired of all of this talk about “snubs” — I thought for every one of [the snubs] there was a justifiable reason. What no one wants […]

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#Flawless: Leaked Beyoncé Photos Spark Debate On Shaming


By diamond 2:13 pm February 19, 2015 From Telegraph: Unretouched images of the Queen of Pop have been leaked. Fan site The Beyoncé World has published photos they claimed were from Beyoncé’s 2013 L’Oreal ad campaign and show the singer with wearing her natural skin. Cue tweets from fans about how the singer looks #flawless no matter […]

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Pussy Riot Releases “I Can’t Breathe”

pussy riot

By diamond 1:16 pm February 19, 2015 From The Root: Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist punk rock band that constantly pushes back against its government, has released a new single in English titled “I Can’t Breathe,” inspired by Eric Garner, The Guardian reports. According to the report, the song is the first one from the group […]

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Feds May Sue Ferguson

eric holder

By diamond 9:39 am February 19, 2015 From Politico: In weighing whether to bring discrimination charges against the Ferguson Police Department, the Justice Department has been “seriously examining” allegations that the city’s enforcement of minor offenses discriminated against minorities and often led to jail time and to fines that lined the city’s coffers, a law […]

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PETA Ad Likens Kennels With KKK


By diamond 3:08 pm February 18, 2015 PETA has faced criticism being tone-deaf on issues of race and their latest video does nothing to change that. From Colorines: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, tweeted one of its videos* Tuesday that equates the American Kennel Club, the group that promotes the Westminster Dog Show, with […]

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The Great Migration Was Deadly for Black Americans

great migration

By diamond 2:36 pm February 18, 2015 From Colorlines: The Great Migration, that roughly two decade span of the early 20th century when millions of African-Americans fled the segregation and violence of the American South for the relative economic prosperity of Northern and Western cities, fundamentally altered the U.S. landscape. But a new study has […]

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