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White TV anchor suspended for comments about fatherless black men

Ousted: Sean Bergin, a reporter with News 12 New Jersey, has been suspended for voicing his opinions about black families and relations with police and won't be back on air

A white New Jersey TV reporter has been suspended after making comments about black families and relations with police.

Sean Bergin’s remarks came during a segment about a fatal police shooting. 

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Teen rape survivor fights back with #IAMJADA


A 16-year-old Texas teen who found out she was raped via social media is speaking out. It is not The Black Youth Project’s policy to identify rape victims, but the young girl is choosing to identify herself.

Jada, spoke to KHOU about the rape last week. She said that she has nothing to hide and wants the teens who did this brought to justice. 

Jada found out after images of her, drugged and half naked after attended what she thought was a safe house party surfaced on Twitter under the hashtag #jadapose. Now, she is using the medium to raise awareness of rape. 

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Tupac musical ‘Holler If Ya Hear Me’ canceled after just six weeks

After just six weeks on Broadway, Holler If Ya Hear Me will close.

The Tupac-inspired musical infused the late musician’s lyrics into an urban setting which took an in-depth look into the struggles of a neglected community. 

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Alice Coachman, first black woman to win Olympic gold medal dead at 90

Alice Coachman, who became the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal during the 1948 London games, died on Monday. She was 90. 

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Return of the King

I love LeBron James. And it’s not just because he makes clips from The Lion King appropriate.

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Video: Dear white YouTube Pranksters

white youtube prankster

The following post originally appeared on The Smoking Section and was written by Bansky. It’s original title is, “An Open Letter to White YouTube Pranksters.”

By: Bansky

Hey White people, come gather around, I have some very important advice I need to share with all of you en masse. This is potentially life-altering and life-saving. It’s actually pretty simple, so much so that I’m shocked it has to be mentioned at all.

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Money Power Respect: Hip-Hop As A Socioeconomic Movement

Hip Hop-Graffiti-2

Hip Hop from its inception has been about the unique ways and various means of self-representation and self-expression. Breaking, graffiti, rapping, and DJing were not all codified to encompass what constitutes Hip Hop, but through the very limiting and narrow lens of culture vultures, ethnographers and other voyeurs, they have collectively manipulated and constructed a reality for those within Hip Hop to the masses. This commodification of culture has led many participants in Hip Hop to seek retribution and self-determination through the control of their art form. This need to be compensated financially to encompass some semblance of power, marks the distinct shift from Hip Hop’s early stages in the late 70’s and 80’s to it’s contemporary sentiments about getting money, power, and respect.

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Florida cops with ties to the KKK leave department


Two members of the Fruitland Park, Florida police department resigned amid allegations that they were associated with the Ku Klux Klan. 

The allegations were contained in a confidential  FBI report provided to police Chief Terry Isaacs by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and led to the resignation of Deputy Chief David Borst and the dismissal of Officer George Hunnewell. 

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10 Year Old Asean Johnson Checks Roland Martin, “We don’t need the National Guard in Chicago”

photo (12)Interviewing Asean Johnson, his mother Shoneice Reynolds, and his brother Krisean at the AFT Convention in Los Angeles (Photo by Dr. Goddess) 

Asean Johnson stepped onto the national stage 2 years ago when his mother Shoneice Reynolds, a Chicago Public School employee, was on strike. Deciding to come to the picket lines with his mother, he asked to speak, and the rest was history. Last year, at age 9, he was the youngest speaker at the 50 anniversary of the March on Washington.

This weekend, Asean was one of the featured speakers at the American Federation of Teachers Convention in Los Angeles, California. Asean gave a impassioned speech about the need to reinvest in public education. After his speech, I had a chance to ask Asean and his mother, about a controversial article written by TV pundit Roland Martin called “Send the National Guard to Chiraq“. Ten year old Asean disagrees.

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These images shatter the ‘absent black father’ stereotype

Bronx, NY. 2012. Guy Miller keeps a watchful eye on his children Nijeyah, Nijel, Guy Jr., and Lanae.

Photographer Zun Lee didn’t set out to create a series that shattered the stereotype of black men as absent black fathers. In fact, “Father Figure,” was meant to show black men in positive relationships with their children as a personal journey.

But the project morphed into more than Lee could ever imagine.

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