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The N-Word, Madonna, and an Old Fence

I use to not say the n-word. I use to throw it out of the window, hope it landed in the middle of the street and got ran over by a semi-truck. The n-word, as everyone knows is a heavy word. It’s full of hate, disgrace, subordination, and at the same time endearment and style. Black people say it, with either disdain or affection.

By coming into this world, where you would be regarded as such, considered such, and assumed to be such based on a few physical characteristics, you come to understand that you can never escape this word.

You then decide either you will allow this word to shape you or you will use your own two hands to shape yourself.

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7-year-old beaten unconscious by classmates

A Maryland girl was beaten unconscious by at least four classmates Tuesday morning.

The 7-year-old was assaulted during recess at Thomas Claggett Elementary School in District Height. 

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Kendrick Lamar responds to Macklemore’s Grammy win, says ‘it’s well-deserved’


For the first since Sunday, Kendrick Lamar has responded to Macklemore’s win. The star was nominated for 7 Grammys, four of which Macklemore took home.

While talking with XXL after last night’s Don Kennedy show, Lamar had the following the say about Macklemore’s win. 

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India.Arie pins open letter in response to lack of blacks in Grammys


To say that singer India.Arie didn’t like this past Sunday’s Grammys would be an understatement.

In an open letter, the songwriter talked about the dearth of black award winners and black faces on the telecast, and called the awards show a popularity contest.

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One year ago today, the world lost Hadiya Pendleton


It was exactly one year ago today that the world lost another precious soul to gun violence. Hadiya Pendleton’s life was tragically cut short when she was struck by a stray bullet while standing with friends inside Vivian Gordon Harsh Park just moments after taking final exams. An honor student at King College Prep High School, Pendleton died just one week after returning from the trip of a lifetime; performing at events for President Obama’s second inauguration.

In a piece appearing in the Chicago Tribune, Hadiya’s parents Cleopatra Cowley-Pendleton and Nathaniel Pendleton, wrote about the affects of not just Pendleton’s death on them, but gun violence in Chicago and the nation as a whole. 

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Despite racist backlash from first ad, Cheerios releases Super Bowl ad featuring mixed-raced family


In the brand’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, Cheerios will feature a mixed-raced family. General Mills is portraying the same mixed-race family that drew criticism on its Youtube channel last May.

The first commercial, which featured a black father, white mother and biracial daughter, sparked such horrific comments that the manufacturer had to disable the comments. The clip garnered over 5 million views.

But it hasn’t stopped the brand from featuring the family. 

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In latest essay, Richard Sherman reflects on the fallout from his interview with Erin Andrews


Super Bowl contender Richard Sherman is just a few days away from playing in the biggest game of his career.

Despite all of the attention Sherman has received, he found time to contribute to Monday Morning Quarterback, where his writing appears regularly. In his latest article, “10 Things I Learned about America after They Learned About Me,” Sherman reflects on the fallout from his interview and how, ultimately, the NFL benefits.

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Open Letter to President Obama – The Power of Narratives

The following post was written by guest contributor Byron Smith. It is addressed to President Barack Obama, and was written after the President granted Chris Matthews an interview on the campus of American University in December. 


By: Byron Smith

Dear Mr. President:

Last week I repeatedly watched the interview you granted to Chris Matthews on the campus of American University as it aired a number of times. Mr. President, I want to concentrate on a point you made about the American people’s trust in government. In response to a question asked by Chris Matthews you answered, “Ever since Ronald Reagan left office the republican narrative has been that, ‘government is the problem’. If people hear that over and over again then sooner or later they’re going to start buying into it.” Mr. President, I couldn’t agree more.

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Until We Get a Holiday


Last week, the nation celebrated civil rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr. and we are a few days from entering Black History month. For as long as I could remember, Dr. King was the paramount of civil rights figures for black America and the hard hitter of every Black History program I ever participated in as a child. Dr. King was always flanked by other Black historical leaders much like Jesus was by the apostles. I recall my desire to write about lesser-known Black leaders for the ritual Black History paper that many of us had to write in grade school. At the time, Spike Lee had just released the critically acclaimed film biopic about Malcolm X, which chronicled his journey from criminal to leader. I choose Malcolm X as the topic for my paper and received dissuasion from my teacher.

“Don’t you want to pick some one else?”

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In lengthy essay, white woman laments about being in yoga with a lone black woman


In this day and age, you would think that people wouldn’t make such a big deal about people of color. We shop, workout and do everything that the majority does. Common sense right? Not so much.

In an essay published on XO Jane, Jen Caron a white woman, was so moved by the presence of a heavyset black woman in her yoga class that she dedicated an ENTIRE essay to her “struggle.” 

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