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Hands up. Don’t Shoot! A community Video to protest police brutality against black men


In an effort to speak out against police aggression targeting African-American men and the killing of Michael Brown, community members in Chicago will convene to create a short video and release a photo.

“Hands Up. Don’t shoot!” is meant to gather protesters in solidarity to stand behind the family of Michael Brown, and to stand up for the lives of black men. 

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News Flash

Welcome home: Chicago celebrates USA world champs Jackie Robinson West with parade, rallies

Thousands of people cheered on U.S. Little League Champions Jackie Robinson West in a city-wide celebration that spanned the Chicago’s South Side to Downtown.

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Guest Post

Violence in Chicago extends beyond the kids who die

Jeremiah Adams

The following post is from the Chicago Reader. It was written by Steve Bogira.

By: Steve Bogira

e many Chicagoans, Latoya Winters was stunned by the fatal shooting of 11-year-old Shamiya Adams at a sleepover in July. Shamiya and several friends were in the bedroom of a home in West Garfield Park. They were circled around a pretend campfire, about to microwave s’mores, when a bullet fired at some boys outside came through a window. It struck Shamiya in the head; she died the next morning.

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Guest Post

A shocking response to a black artist playing dead by a Philadelphia landmark


The following post originally appears on Mic. It was written by Eileen Shim.

By: Eileen Shim

The news: Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but as these pictures show, we could all use a little more of that in our lives.

Last Saturday, a group of artists decided to stage a silent protest in front of the LOVE statue, an iconic Philly landmark. The group seized on what was perhaps the most gruesome detail from Michael Brown’s shooting death in Missouri: the fact that his body was left uncovered on the street in broad daylight for hours.

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News Flash

Woman fired after employer discovers offensive post on Ferguson

A Houston woman has lost her job after friends on Facebook notified her employer of a racist comment she made about the events happening in Ferguson, Missouri.

The woman, whose name has not been released, worked at Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. 

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News Flash

School district bans conversation about Ferguson

The unrest in Ferguson has prompted a neighboring school to ban conversation on the events happening in the small St. Louis suburb.

Edwardsville Superintendent Ed Hightower said the school banned talks about Ferguson and Michael Brown due to safety concerns. 

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News Flash

Television producer Charles Belk arrested for ‘walking while black’


TV producer Charles Belk, 51, was arrested by the Beverly Hills Police Department for “walking while black.”

Belk, who was in the area covering the Emmys, was walking from a restaurant to his cars when he was surrounded by 6 police cars, told to sit on the curb, then handcuffed. Belk wrote a Facebook post about his experience.

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News Flash

Video: ESPN runs report on Michael Sam’s showering habits, apologizes after complaints


Sports network ESPN gave a very bizarre update on Michael Sam. Earlier this year, Sam made history when he became the first openly gay NFL football player.

During an update as to how Sam is fairing on the team (he was drafted to the St. Louis Rams) on SportsCenter, reporter Josina Anderson talked about Sam’s chances of making the Rams final 53-man roster this season.

But instead of talking about how he’s doing on the field, Anderson spent most of the time talking about how Sam is fitting in with teammates. 

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News Flash

Family of unarmed man killed by police in Chicago seeks justice


The family of a man who was fatally shot by a  member of the Chicago Police Department is seeking justice.

28-year-old Marlon Horton was shot during a confrontation with an off-duty cop at a CHA building. 

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What’s Beef?


The age-old phrase “beef” or “beefing” has become an mainstay in recent years in the realm of Hip-Hop. Any form of the dozens or verbal jousting nowadays is misconstrued as “beef,” but what actually constitutes beef in the Hip-Hop arena versus those who operate on the periphery? I decided to revisit this topic in light of Hip-Hop’s most contemporary and salient “beef” between undisputed Boxer Floyd Mayweather and his one time friend turned foe 50 Cent.

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