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Renisha McBride case: police change story, Stand Your Ground possible


Yesterday we reported yet another senseless killing. This time, the story of 19-year-old Renisha McBride. McBride was shot in the back of the head while seeking help from a resident after a car wreck early Saturday morning.

Initial reports stated that the Detroit native was found by police on the outskirts of the city, in suburban Dearborn Heights. Her body was “dumped,” and she was “left to die.”

Now the cops are singing a different tune.

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News Flash

NFL players blame Jonathan Martin for bullying


A couple of weeks ago, NFL offensive tackle Jonathan Martin walked off of the Dolphins headquarters. He cited excessive bullying from teammates as his reason for leaving the team, and vowed not to return unless justice was served.

Martin’s teammate Richie Incognito, has been labeled the “ring leader” in the scandal. Voicemails of him referring to Martin with expletives is in the evidence pile.

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What’s In a Name Anyways?


I once was a child in grammar school. I had to carry backpacks twice my weight, hide gum under desks and find out I was nearsighted after all. And to think, my teacher thought I was just an ethusiastic student, eager to solve every math problem on the board!

Almost everyone was a new kid at some point in their lives, and I had to reintroduce myself and get to know new faces and names. But when it came the time to tell them my name, their response was “Your name is ghetto.”

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Missouri police taser father as he tries to save son from fire

The father of a 3-year-old boy killed in a Louisiana, Mo., fire is recovering after police tasered him for trying to save his stepson.

Riley Miller died on Thursday after his family’s home caught on fire.

The Missouri State Fire Marshal is continuing its investigation of the incident. 

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After being bullied, girl changes name from Keisha to Kylie


Many African Americans maintain the strong belief that ethnic names can have damaging affects on their lives. Especially when it comes to securing employment.

Names signify identity, and with them comes lots of assumptions.

19-year-old Keisha Austin felt that her birth name led to countless instances of bullying. So she changed it.

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Sanford Police: ‘neighborhood watch volunteers can carry weapons’


The police department in the city where Trayvon Martin was killed says that it will not formally prevent neighborhood watch volunteers from carrying weapons.

The Sanford Police Department recommends that the volunteers not carry weapons, but does not wish to infringe on a person’s constitutional right to bear arms.

From The Associated Press:

Sanford Police Chief Cecil Smith says the program will better train participants but won’t infringe on someone’s constitutional right to carry a gun. Smith spoke Tuesday to clarify the agency’s policy, days after the department said it would work to ensure volunteers weren’t carrying weapons.

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Why the black man will never tell you he wants commitment


The long-held belief that black women are starved creatures who continue to be overlooked when it comes to love is sickening. It doesn’t matter if they are successful or average, pretty or standard, the idea that women are just sitting around waiting to be selected by a man who has his pick of the litter is the universal presentation that we see when it comes to African American relationships. In just about all aspects of life this philosophy is present. Like the time that ABC Nightline featured a report on why so many successful black women were single. Or the many movies that reinforce the notion that black women are either desperate for a relationship and are the last choice for a life long partner.

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Survey Says: most Americans find blackface acceptable


It’s been almost a week since a few select white people decided to offend African Americans with their choice of blackface. We’ve written many stories about why blackface is offensive, but how do Americans really feel about the practice.

A new poll reveals that 43% of Americans find it to be acceptable for a white person to use blackface on Halloween. That’s pretty freaking close to 50%.

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Workplace discrimination: Ashland Johnson fired for sexual orientation


In the latest installment of their Workplace Discrimination Series, The Center for American Progress highlights the story of Ashland Johnson. 

Johnson claims that she was discriminated against by her boss due to her sexual orientation. When she first started working for a company in Atlanta, she got great reviews. It wasn’t until her boss discovered that she was involved in a same sex relationship that things changed.

“One day I got sick and ended up being in the ICU for a week, and I let my employers know. They didn’t contact me to let me know anything else except for a week later, they FedEx’d me a termination letter.” – Ashland Johnson

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