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Magic Johnson Changes Lives of High School Dropouts With New Initiative

Former NBA star Magic Johnson is launching a new initiative to combat high school dropout rates in Chicago.

Magic Johnson Lawndale Bridgescape Academy targets at-risk students aged 13-21, and the “Friends of Magic” program is an extension of the academy.

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Why Jaden Smith is Actually Right About Schools Being a Tool to Brainwash Youth (Kinda)

A few days ago, the media got word of Jaden Smith’s recent admonishing of schooling on his Twitter account, stating most notably that “schools are a tool to brainwash the youth,” and that “if people dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society.” Predictably, the backlash against Jaden’s musings was quick and decisive. Partly because youth’s opinions are seldom critically engaged and easily suppressed in the society, partly because Jaden is very privileged and so the value of school in his own nascent career is probably negligible, and lastly because I doubt many people think it’s a good idea to drop out of school (unless you’re a rich white male who goes on to start a supremely popular tech enterprise—then a debate about the value of education is seriously weighed, but a Black boy saying it—well…I digress)

 Of course, numerous studies cite the economic and social benefits of finishing school, and coupled with the disproportionate drop out rate for students of color, obviously dropping out of school is not the answer for the vast majority of Black children. However, Jaden’s comments do serve as a entry point for thinking about the role most of our schools play in stifling the potential and agency of many of our Black children. Especially Black boys. The sheer fact of that matter is that urban schools, the schools that predominately serve our Black students, are failing them. And this failure is not accidental, but is systematically engineered to do so. 

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Report: Life Sentences on the Rise in American Prisons

African Americans populate prisons in the country more than any other ethnic group, and according to a recent report released by the Sentencing Project, the number of inmates serving life sentences is on the rise.

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Bill O’Reilly: Trayvon Martin Died Because He Looked “Gangsta”

If you’ve ever seen “The O’Reilly Factor,” you’d swear that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t like black people.

Here’s one more thing to confirm that notion, or at the very least solidify his ignorance.

His argument is that Trayvon Martin died because he looked like a “gangsta.”

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Mister Cee Stars In PSA After Revelations About Sexuality Surface

Last week, Mister Cee resigned from his position as a DJ at New York’s Hot 97 amid allegations that he had solicited sex from a transgender person. 

Now he’s released a Public Service Announcement promoting sexual freedom and safety.

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New YouTube Series Explores Black Homosexuality

It’s no secret that the African American community has a long way to go when it comes to  accepting homosexuality. Our deep-rooted spirituality as well as the population’s strong commitment to gender roles are partially to thank for that.

But a new YouTube series is challenging those ideas.

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Another Angry Black Woman? This British Interviewer Thinks So

Supermodel-turned-activist Naomi Campbell has launched a campaign to highlight the lack of models of color on catwalks.

During an interview with British media entity Channel 4 News, Campbell stressed the importance of diversifying the field.

But the interviewer subtly accused her of  being just another angry black woman.

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J. Cole Releases Video In Memory of Slain Child

Rapper J. Cole just released the video for his hit single “Crooked Smile,” Ft. TLC and he’s dedicating it to the memory of 7-year-old Aiyana Jones.

Jones was killed when Detroit police raided her home in 2010.

From Noisey:

Directed by Sheldon Candis, the R&B group do not appear in the music video. J. Cole plays a drug dealer who has his family over to celebrate his baby sister’s birthday. During the night, DEA agents raid his house. His sister is accidentally shot and killed during the raid.

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“Crooked Smile” appears on J. Cole’s second album Born Sinner. 

Thoughts on the video?

Should artists, rappers in particular, use their work to highlight the injustices black youth face more frequently?

 Sound off below!

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Amazing: Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur Wants To Revitalize Detroit’s Economy

You’re about to read about one of the most successful young people in America.

10-year-old Asia Newsom is Detroit’s youngest entrepreneur.

Her candle company, Super Business Girl, is thriving and breathing life back into a much needed economy.

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911 Call That Led To Fatal Shooting Released

The 911 call placed moments before 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell was shot and killed has been released.

Ferrell died on Saturday while seeking help after being involved in a car accident.

The unarmed former FAMU football player was shot 10 times by Police Officer Randall Kerrick, and the incident has sparked national debate.

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