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#ThisisLuv: Celebrating LGTBQ Acceptance in the Black Community


Former NFL player Wade Davis and writer Darnell L. Moore, founders of You Belong, have partnered with National Black Justice Coalition, GLAAD, HRC Foundation, Politini Media, Feministing.com, and Ebony to launch #ThisIsLuv. The goal is to counter the false narrative that the black community is more homophobic than other groups. Though that stereotype is false, it continues in America’s popular imagination.

“Too many people within the Black LGBT community believe this myth and never allow themselves to be loved by their families. Our goal is make it known that love for Black LGBT people exists in our community,” Davis told Ebony.

Participants, including celebrities, media makers, and writers, will share photos and video showing the love and acceptance they have with their families, whether biological or chosen.

“Part of what we wanted to offer is space to place Black LGBT affirming love front and center. Many of us are loved by our families and friends and some of us have experienced alienation and hurt, but isn’t that the case for so many others? We are hoping people will use this an opportunity to further dialogue,” says Moore.

To participate,  upload photos to the #ThisIsLuv Tumblr and Facebook pages. Make sure to use the hashtag #ThisIsLuv when posting on social media platforms. You can also directly email your submission to thisisluvproject@gmail.com

The project launched yesterday and will continue until the end of the month.

Read more about the project at This Is Luv.

Photo: This Is Luv