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School superintendent among 4 adults indicted in Steubenville rape case


The superintendent of the city’s schools and three other adults have been indicted by a grand jury in connection with the Steubenville rape case. A 16-year-old girl was raped by members of Steubenville’s high school football team in 2012.

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Bulls’ Derrick Rose knee surgery successful, out for rest of season


After missing the entire 2012-13 season due to an ACL tear in his left knee, Chicago Bulls’ point guard Derrick Rose will not play for the rest of this season. Rose suffered a tear in his meniscus during Friday’s loss against the Portland Trail Blazers.

He underwent successful surgery to repair the damage in his right knee on Monday.

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UPDATE: Police officer admits to making man sing, dance like chimp


One of the police officers accused of publicly humiliating a black man by making him sing and dance like a chimp has admitted to the unacceptable behavior.

55-year-old Michael Scipio accused Grosse Pointe Park police of making a spectacle out of him during a routine walk in the park.

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Youth Casting Call: production company seeks high school seniors for documentary


Jigsaw Productions is seeking high school seniors for their upcoming documentary, “Senior Year.” The film will tell the unique story of high school seniors from all over the country and from all walks of life.

From Mystic Art Pictures:

The students chosen will be flown to New York City for a weekend to study documentary filmmaking from Emmy and Oscar-winning mentors.  After their trip, the students will be sent home with their own camera equipment to film their own documentary of their last 6 months of high school.  

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Teen playing “Knockout” game shot twice by victim


17-year-old Marvell Weaver is recovering after getting shot twice by a man who he tried to assault. In May, the Michigan teenager was playing Knockout, a game where the assailant attacks an unsuspecting person by sucker punching them in hopes of knocking them out with one blow.

Weaver decided to play with a stun gun.

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NAACP urges authorities to charge white students with felony hate-crime


The NAACP is calling on prosecutors to file felony hate-crime charges against four white students who allegedly harassed a black student at San Jose State University.

The students currently face misdemeanor hate-crime and battery charges.

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Last week, The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the Obama Administration’s latest initiative. Not to be outdone by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the administration has announced a sequel of its own featuring children competing. The POTUS et. al. has ponied up an addition $100 million in federal funds to public high schools.

From Edweek:

[T]he competition is shaping up to be a mix between the federal Race to the Top and Investing in Innovation programs, and will be funded and run through the Department of Labor. Between 25 and 40 grants will be awarded next year for high schools that team up with colleges and employers. The grants will range in size from $2 million to $7 million. Just as with the i3 competition, winners will have to secure private matching funds of at least 25 percent to get their grant.

Awards are expected to be made in early 2014 so schools can implement their winning plans during the 2014-15 school year. And importantly, the Labor Department will make the rules and administer the program—not the Education Department.

Applicants must include, at a minimum, a local education agency, a local workforce investment system entity, an employer, and an institution of higher education.

So, part deux of public schools competing for public funds. Awesome idea. But boring, right? Seriously, what fun is a competition if the American people can’t see it? We love a a contest. But more importantly, we love watching a contest. So, how about we take this salve and spice it up a bit right? Here’s my thinking:

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I Have a Dream: Trans Day of RESILIENCE

By Aron Cobbs, BYP 100 New York City

Originally posted on

Transgender Day of RemembranceTransgender Day of Remembrance Flag

Throughout our country’s ongoing experiment with democracy, we’ve seen historically oppressed groups struggle for basic legal rights and the recognition of their humanity. The women’s suffrage movement won women the rights to vote and hold public office. The abolitionist and civil rights movements ended Blacks’ legal status as “property” and prohibited de jure racial segregation. The immigrants’ rights movement, arguably the oldest social movement in our nation’s history, is still building momentum and has influenced reforms such as the DREAM Act, which has been adopted in 12 states thus far. The so-called gay liberation movement has succeeded in invalidating sodomy laws, repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and striking down Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act. And while there have been recent significant legal victories in the trans community, the reality of lived equality for this community is that it largely does not exist.

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Miami police arrest man 62 times for trespassing while on the job


Earl Sampson has been searched by police more than 100 times, and arrested and jailed 62 times. What’s his offense? Trespassing. Miami Gardens police didn’t catch Sampson on private property; almost all of the arrest took place at the Quickstop convenience store where Sampson works.

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Family of Kyam Livingston hold rally to mark four month anniversary of her death


The family of a woman who died in a crowded jail cell in Brooklyn held a rally to mark the four month anniversary of her death.

37-year-old Kyam Livingston was dead for 20 minutes before EMS arrived. Fellow prisoners said that she begged and pleaded for help for hours.

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