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BREAKING: Audio of 911 call placed by shooter of Renisha McBride, second-degree murder charges filed

BREAKING: Authorities have announced that formal charges of second-degree murder have been filed against the Dearborn Heights man who shot and killed 19-year-old Renisha McBride.

McBride, who is African American was shot in the face after seeking help from the 54-year-old man on Nov. 2.

The man, reportedly identified as Ted Wafer, says that he thought that his home was being broken into and accidentally discharged his 12 gauge shotgun out of fear.

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Landmark affirmative action case back in court


Back in June, the U.S. Supreme Court faced an issue that it has decided on countless times. Affirmative Action and whether or not colleges and universities should consider a person’s race when admitting them.

The case was Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, and the justices could not come to a conclusion. Six years ago, Abigail Fisher filed a lawsuit arguing that she was rejected from the university because it favored minorities.

The justices returned the case to the lower court that had previously upheld the school’s affirmative action program, instructing them to rule on whether or not the university had “adequately considered other methods that did not use race, such as those more focused on family income, in its efforts to diversify the student body.”

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UPDATE: It’s official, actor Robert Brown files class action lawsuit against Macy’s for discrimination


A few weeks ago, Macy’s and Barneys were swept up in a firestorm of controversy after four African American shoppers accused the retailers and the NYPD of racially profiling them while shopping in their store.

Actor Robert Brown was among the four to claim discrimination while making purchases, and has now filed a class action lawsuit against Macy’s.

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Radical Politics is Not a Luxury

On Tuesday, in an interview with Marc Lamont Hill, rapper Nelly was questioned about being challenged by women at Spelman College years ago for his controversial video Tip Drill. Nelly, who at the time planned to have a bone marrow drive at the college for his sister, incorrectly claims that Spelman canceled the drive. He then uplifts his frustration around the entire conflict, feeling that Spelman women prioritized politics over lives, particularly that of his sister, who has since passed away. He states:

“Why do you wanna talk about that now when I’m trying to save lives?…Here I am losing time, trying to save someone special to me, and you wanna talk about a video…”

There is a part of me that cannot ignore Nelly’s hurt and pain. While his perceptions of the events might be flawed and myopic, at the core of his misperceptions was a deep and abiding love for his sister, another Black woman, whose life he feels was minimalized and flattened for the sake of a “video.” Many of us know the pain of losing a loved one. However, I also realize, as the brilliant Moya Bailey lifts up in her open letter response, Black women have always had to be silenced and ignored for the sake of “Black men hurting.” So while we must have compassion for Nelly, our compassion must be critical and not fall into the illusory trap of sentimentality.

And here’s where I must be critical of Nelly, because the rift he tries to draw between what might be considered radical politics and “life” is one that is disconcerting, and is a diversion tactic that is particularly viral in this country.

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Detroit NAACP Calls for arrest of man who killed Renisha McBride


The Detroit chapter of the NAACP, along with Ultra Violet, is demanding that the man who fatally shot a 19-year-old woman in the face be arrested.

On Saturday November 2, 19-year-old Renisha McBride got stranded after a car wreck in the Detroit suburb of Dearborn Heights.

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Study: Social network activity can predict likelihood of gun violence


According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, a person’s social network can predict if a person will become a victim of gun violence in Chicago.

Race and poverty also provides clues to the likelihood, but researchers didn’t find them to be as significant.

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KKK distributes racist literature in black neighborhood


Residents of a predominantly black Florida neighborhood received shocking news when they discovered flyers from the KKK in their front yards.

Pastor Laws noticed the flyers, which were aimed at recruiting members for the infamous hate group.

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Obama allows Americans to keep canceled health plans for a year


Obamacare is well underway, and while the plan is toted as providing affordable healthcare for every American, the system has not been without its flaws. President Obama announced Thursday that he would allow health insurers to extend existing health plans into 2014. 

This means that insurers can contact millions of citizens who are being dropped from their plans so that they can renew their policy.

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Guest Post: “An Open Letter to Nelly”

Dear Nelly,

At the urging of others, I am taking a hesitant trip down memory lane. I was a 19 year old junior and president of the feminist group at Spelman College when you decided to hold a bone marrow registration drive on our campus on behalf of your sister, who needed a transplant. Your now-infamous video “Tip Drill” had started airing on shows like BET’s Uncut. It features, most memorably, a scene where you slide a credit card down the crack of a black woman’s butt. My group raised questions about the misogynoir in the video and lyrics, and when we heard that you were invited to campus by our Student Government Association, it seemed fair to us that we could ask you about the dehumanizing treatment of black women while you were asking us for our help.

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Free Spirit Media: Empowering Young Reporters

“We want our voices to be heard…what people call the ghetto, like here our neighborhood, that’s our life. That’s our sense of peace and we want others to see that we’re more than what people make us out there to be, and that’s why I joined Free Spirit Media just for the simple fact that we can express ourselves, we have a voice that we didn’t have, we are the voice for the voiceless.”

– Sidney, age 16.

 Sidney takes a portrait of Robert

image: Sidney takes a portrait of Ronald 

Yesterday I was invited to be a guest speaker for Real Chi Youth, a program led by Free Spirit Media on the campus of North Lawndale College Prep focused on putting media making into the hands of one of Chicago’s most misrepresented populations: youth. Creating a mobile newsroom for young people to express themselves and engage in critical dialogue that grants more efficacy than mainstream media, these young reporters will focus on themes that affect youth, creating a platform for their voices to be heard.

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