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White woman who posted racist Halloween picture fired


A Florida woman who posted a photo on her Instagram page of two white men portraying the Trayvon Martin shooting has been fired from her job.

Caitlin Cimeno was seen pictured with the men earlier this week. William Filene, dressed as Trayvon Martin appeared in blackface with a stained hoodie. The photo caused outrage online and as a result, Cimeno deleted all of her social media accounts.

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Man captured, held for murdering 5 people in small Texas town


Charles Everett Brownlow Jr. is in custody after killing five people in his hometown of Terrell, Texas.

Police say that Brownlow Jr. went on a shooting spree that spanned six hours, and claimed the lives of his mother and aunt.

From CNN:

The chaos began around 5 p.m. Monday with reports of a gunshot victim. Police arrived to find a dead woman — later determined to be Belinda Walker, Terrell’s 55-year-old aunt — with at least one bullet wound to the head.About a half hour later, a firefighter noticed that a nearby home was on fire. These flames were quickly extinguished, and authorities found another woman’s body. This was Charles Brownlow’s house, and the victim was Mary Brownlow, his 61-year-old mother.

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Marvin Gaye’s children respond to Robin Thicke, Pharrell with lawsuit


Two of Marvin Gaye’s children have responded to Robin Thicke, Pharell Williams, et. al., by issuing a lawsuit of their own.

Weeks after Thicke and Williams filed a suit saying they had not plagiarized Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” for the 2013 summer jam “Blurred Lines,” Gaye’s heirs are saying that Thicke not only jacked their father’s record, but admitted it.

From TMZ:

Nona Gaye and Frankie Christian Gaye filed the docs Wednesday…pointing out Robin’s interviews with “Billboard” and “GQ” –where he admitted Marvin’s “Got To Give It Up” was one of his fave songs of all time, and he wanted to “make something like that, something with that groove.”

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17 years later: a black woman recalls protecting a white klansman


Keisha Thomas remembers it like yesterday. It was June 1996, and 17 Ku Klux Klan members held a rally in Ann Arbor, Mich.

Hundreds of locals arrived on the scene to protest the KKK’s presence as police protected the Klansman.

Thomas was standing in the crowd when someone noticed a man with a confederate flag T-Shirt and SS tattoo.

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Are new security measures to blame for racial profiling?

Perhaps a new security policy is to blame for Barney’s latest issues? The department store claims that a new strategy to curb theft resulted in security being more aggressive.

The department store, along with Macy’s has been combating a brewing controversy about its racial profiling practices. 

Seven months ago, heads of the department met to discuss the growing issue of lost inventory in the store. It was concluded that the store would vamp up their security practices.

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NBA star Jason Collins made history, but is his career history because of it?

Earlier this year, NBA free agent Jason Collins made history when he broke his silence by Collins was the first active player to ever declare his homosexuality in the Big Three U.S. sports leagues.

He was praised by teammates, officials in the league and the general population, but still remains unemployed. 

From The Nation:

But now just for being himself, after a career as the epitome of a “team player”, he has been labeled “a distraction” and finds himself on the outside looking in at the start of the NBA season. I attempted to reach out to Jason Collins and ask him about his status as a man without a team, but, as I heard from several people close to the veteran seven-footer, he is not talking. 

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Black Youth Answer The Question, “Are We Racially Profiled?”

photo (5)b 

Recently at our 1Hood Media Academy we discussed racial profiling. Not surprisingly, all of our students had experienced it in one way or another. We also talked about why we’re racially profiled, and what Black youth should do about it. Ironically we had this conversation before the high profile incidents of “Shop and Frisk” at Barneys and Macy’s. S/O to 1hood Media Academy student WillyPGH who directed and edited this episode!

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It’s not racist if it’s Halloween


Halloween is right next door.

I absolutely love Halloween. It’s the only day where you can actually be whatever you want to be and no one judges you for it. So put on drag, wear the skimpiest outfit, or be your childhood superhero no matter how embarrassing it may be. It’s all good on Halloween.

But even fun holidays like this can spark controversy and even an uproar. Even though we’re able to dress and be whatever we desire, should there be a limit or a line we dare not cross?

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‘Scandal’ star Kerry Washington expecting her first child


“Scandal” star Kerry Washington and her NFL player husband Nnamdi Asomugha are reportedly expecting a child.

 According to a close friend, Washington is about 16 weeks.

This will be the 36-year-old actress’ first child.

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#Stopblackgirls2013: the latest offensive hashtag demeaning black women


One of the many photos tweeted under the #StopBlackGirls2013 hashtag.

The internet has erupted with a new hashtag “dedicated” the black girls and women. The problem is that it is incredibly racist and offensive.

#StopBlackGirls2013 polluted Twitter this week with various photos comparing black women to anything from gorillas to farm animals.

From Hello Beautiful:

 Black girls weren’t the only victims of this racist hashtag as others targeting Mexican girls, Indian girls and more popped up during the frenzy, but it was the #StopBlackGirls2013 hashtag that had the longer shelf life.At first, it skyrocketed to the number five trending topic and within 20 minutes, it was second.

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