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Video capturing possible rape posted to Vine, prompts investigation


Police are investigating a potential rape after a video surfaced on the popular social media site Vine.

A user by the name of “Jonathan Jno” posted a Vine video of what appears to be a barely conscious woman getting sexually assaulted in a park on Chicago’s South Side.

From Jezebel:

According to the Daily Dot, the clip has since been deleted, as have the Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with the “Jno.” Because of the swift and vociferous Internet uproar, the police have already identified the man who uploaded the video. The identities of the apparent victim and rapist are still unknown, however.

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African-themed birthday party sparks controversy


A 21-year-old Australian woman is getting criticized, (and rightfully so) for her choice of theme for a party.

Olivia Mahon asked attendees to wear “African themed” costumes/clothing, and of course blackface, gorrillas, warpaint and Native American headdresses were the result.

Mahon proudly posted pics from her party onto her Facebook account. After receiving numerous complaints, she took to Tumblr and wrote this response.

From Buzzfeed:

“It was my ‘African themed’ party and it was honestly made that theme because I have always wanted to go to Africa (to teach english) but haven’t made it there yet. In no way was this party intended to hurt anyones feelings or upset anyone at all. In fact as you can tell from the photos I dressed up as cleopatra, whilst MAJORITY of my guests came as animals, that can be found in africa or wore traditional african clothes or even dressed up as famous people who come from Africa.”

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Why I Support The National Day of Protest To Stop Police Brutality


Did you know a Black person was killed by the police every 28 hours? Tomorrow, October 22nd, is the 18th annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality. It’s clear with the recent murder of Jonathan Ferrell by the Charlotte police department and the shooting of Leon Ford Jr. by Pittsburgh police that left him paralyzed, that we need a nationwide movement to end police brutality. In the above video I give the reasons I’m participating and why tomorrow I’m releasing my latest video for my song entitled, “Crooked Cops“.

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NAACP names Lorraine C. Miller interim president


The NAACP has named a woman as its interim President.

Lorraine C. Miller will fill the role as the organization continues its search for a successor for Benjamin Jealous. Jealous will step down at the end of the year to spend more time with his family.

Several critics have pointed out the NAACP’s lack of appointing a female president in its history, Miller’s appointment may just be a foreshadowing of history in the making.

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Al Sharpton advances plan to move to Chicago to combat violence


Several months ago, Reverend Al Sharpton vowed to move to Chicago in an effort to highlight and help curb gun violence in the city. Now, sources are getting more details about how Sharpton plans to do this.

He will rent an apartment in Chicago.

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TLC biopic premieres tonight, will you be watching?


The highly-anticipated biopic on the Grammy award-winning R & B group TLC airs tonight.

The two-hour movie stars Drew Sidora, KeKe Palmer and Lil Mama as T-Boz, Chilli and Lisa “LeftEye” Lopes respectively.

From The Grio:

[The film] chronicles the trios rise to fame, financial struggles, and their drama-filled love lives. “Being that we were a part of it, we weren’t going to just let them [VH1] do whatever they wanted, and take over our lives,” T-Boz, who executive produced the film with Chilli, said during an interview with theGrio. “We did want more stories in there.” she confessed. “It could have been like The Jacksons, like every night during the week,” Chilli added.

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BREAKING: 2 Dead at Nevada school shooting

A staff member is dead and two students are injured after a 13-year-old boy opened fired at Sparks Middle School this afternoon.

The student/suspect was also killed.

The motive for the shooting still remains unknown. 

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Report: Spanking leads to bad behavior


New evidence shows that spanking may lead to bad behavior. Using a nationally represented sample, researchers interview 1,933 parents when their children were 3 and 5 years old.

They gathered data based on how often they spanked their children. Turns out over half of mothers and a third of fathers had spanked their kids. They then tested the children at age 9, assess aggression and rule-breaking through a series of questions.

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Serving Lemonade: Biological Didn’t Bother

Last week, we reported that Harry Belafonte, singer and activist, filed suit against the heirs of Martin Luther King, Jr., namely his three surviving children. Five years ago, Belafonte had intended to auction three documents that King had written: a condolence letter to Lady Bird Johnson; an outline of a Vietnam War speech; and notes for a speech King was supposed to give in Memphis. One of the documents in question had been left at Belafonte’s apartment. The other documents were given to Belafonte by the widow of one of King’s closet friends. As most of us know, Belafonte and King were very good friends. Coretta Scott King noted how helpful Belafonte had been to the family over the years. Belafonte’s suit aims to prove that he is the rightful owner of the documents. This would allow the documents to be auctioned, the proceeds from which would go to a charity that hopes to end gang violence. None of this matters to the King children. Instead, they are claiming that Belafonte essentially stole these documents, thereby placing them in limbo for the last five years.

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VIDEO: Cop speaks out against NYC’s Stop & Frisk, details mandatory policy


Ever since coming to America as a child from the Dominican Republic, Washington Heights resident Adhyl Polanco has always wanted to be a cop.

He soon learned that being “one of the good guys” wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

In a detailed account for the “Where I  Am Going” campaign against discriminatory, abusive and illegal policing, Former Officer Polanco shares his experiences working for the NYPD.

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