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Grieving Daughters Kicked Out of Mall for “F— Cancer” Shirts

After losing their mother to cancer, Makia Underwood, 32, Zakia Clark, 29, and Tasha Clark, 27 began wearing shirts and hats with “F— Cancer” emblazoned on the front, with a breast cancer ribbon replacing the ‘C.”

It was a therapeutic way to address a deeply painful experience.

While shopping at Philadelphia’s King of Prussia Mall for a dress for Zakia’s 9 year-old daughter to wear at her grandmother’s funeral, a security guard took issue with the message on their hats, and demanded that they take them off or leave.

When Zakia refused, seven more guards surrounded them.

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Kiera Wilmot Speaks Out On Science Experiment Arrest, Aftermath

After making headlines across the country, Kiera Wilmot has spoken out on her harrowing ordeal.

As previously reported, an ill-advised science experiment landed Wilmot – a good student with a clean record – arrested, expelled, and facing felony charges.

After the harsh punishment sparked outrage and petitions, the charges were dropped.

Kiera describes her frightening experience, as well as the good and bad that came out of it. 

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Mississippi Could Soon Jail Women for Stillbirths, Miscarriages

The case of Nina Buckhalter could set a terrible precedent in Mississippi.

Buckhalter is currently on trial for charges of manslaughter.

Why? Because in 2009 she gave birth to a stillborn child, and doctors found traces of drugs in her system.

In Mississippi, the law is so vague that it allows prosecutors to charge women for stillbirths and miscarriages, and they seem to be using the law in just that way:

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Bronx “Ghetto” Bus Tour Shut Down After Outrage

Earlier this week we told you about Real Bronx Tours, a bus tour that takes customers on a tour of the Bronx to learn what a “real ghetto” looks like.

Former patrons say the tour exploits and pokes fun at Bronx residents, lambasting the borough as a crime and poverty-infested nightmare.

After widespread outrage and a petition campaign, the Real Bronx Tour has been shut down.

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Spelman Parents Outraged After Being Locked Out of Graduation for Tardiness

Some parents of Spelman students are outraged after being denied entry to their child’s graduation because of tardiness.

Security guards literally locked the doors, and refused entry to anyone and everyone.

One parents, who flew all the way from California and paid over $1,000 for airfare/accommodations, alleges that the event was supposed to begin at 3 pm; yet the doors were shut at 2:30 pm.

He also says security guards levied threats at the outraged parents.

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Shay-la Taylor Was in Labor While Oklahoma Tornado Destroyed Hospital

Shay-la Taylor endured the unthinkable; the 25 year-old was in labor during the massive Oklahoma tornado!

With her husband and son forced to seek cover on another floor of the hospital, Taylor was stuck in an operating room with four nurses as the tornado destroyed the building.

When the storm cleared, Shay-la’s husband and medical personal rushed her to the nearest medical facility.

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WATCH: 9 Year-Old Asean Johnson Captivates School Closing Protesters w/ Passionate Speech

It was a very sad day for many Chicago parents, teachers, and community members; as the Chicago School Board voted to close 50 schools.

This is the largest round of school closings in U.S. history.

But there was one bright spot on an otherwise cloudy day; Asean Johnson, a 9 year-old CPS student who left a massive crowd of protesters riveted with a incredibly passionate speech.

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REPORT: 400,000 Innocent Black and Latino New Yorkers ‘Stopped and Frisked’ in 2012

According a new report released by the NYCLU, the Stop and Frisk program led to 400,000 innocent black and Latino New Yorkers being stopped by the NYPD.

The report also links Stop and Frisk to soaring arrest rates for possessing marijuana.

Furthermore, nine out of ten people stopped are found to be innocent, and let go without arrest or a ticket. 87% were black and Latino.

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George Zimmerman’s Attorney Wants to Reference Trayvon Martin’s Drug Use in Court

George Zimmerman’s attorney is reportedly asking a judge to allow Trayvon Martin’s drug use to be referenced in court.

The prosecution has requested that the topic be off limits.

But Zimmerman’s attorney alleged that Martin was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the incident.

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Chicago School Board Votes to Close 50 Schools; Largest School Closure in City’s History

Despite days of protests and acts of civil disobedience, the Chicago Public School Board has voted to close 49 elementary schools and 1 high school program.

Dozens of parents came out to address their concerns, and several protesters had to be physically removed from the meeting.

Just four schools were spared; a vote on one school was delayed until next year.

From the Chicago Tribune:

We can no longer embrace the status quo because the status quo is not working for all Chicago school children,” Byrd-Bennett said before the vote was taken.

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