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Celebrities seek to end mass incarceration with campaign

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Russell Simmons are teaming up to combat mass incarceration.

By gathering a coalition of supporters, the men hope to highlight to seriousness of the prison industrial complex and its affects on people of color.

From Your Black World:

“Rehabilitation and even punishment are acceptable in themselves, but when a nation builds an entire economy around the unjust incarceration of millions of its citizens, that nation is serving as a tool for its own demise.” the statement reads. “Families are destroyed when citizens are given extraordinarily long prison sentences for even the smallest crimes, and the failed War on Drugs has created an entire generation of lost children, who’ve grown up without the support and guidance of two loving parents.”

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Waitress receives $10,000 after going viral about racial slur

Things are looking up for a Tennessee waitress who received a racial slur instead of a tip on the job.

Toni Jenkins works at Red Lobster in Cool Springs. A few weeks ago, someone wrote the N-word on a receipt at her table.

Instead of sweeping the incident under the rug, Jenkins went public with the matter.

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Today in Post-Race History: Beast Mode

Last week, I wrote about Washington’s NFL team and the resistance by team management, and their most prominent football player, Robert Griffin III, to do the right thing and demand that the team change its name. In a sense, the call to change the name is not simply about racism and who is offended by it, but also about language–how we deploy it, the fraught history it connotes, etc. With that in mind, I’d like to take a moment to address another semantic phenomenon in sports that seems omnipresent, given the immediacy of blogs and Twitter and such.

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Who else is affected by the shutdown? Cancer patients

We are now in day 8 of the U.S. government shutdown and cancer patients are yet another subset of the American population affected by the halt on Capitol Hill.

As long as the shutdown is in effect, the National Institute of Health will not accept new patients. That includes children with cancer.

Francis Collins, director of NIH, explains the situation.

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Is Miley Cyrus using blacks as ‘accessories?’ Questlove thinks so

Whether or not you agree with Miley Cyrus’ recent behavior, one thing is for sure: the singer can definitely keep a buzz going.

As many rush to judge her, several rappers have come to the star’s defense.

Roots member Questlove isn’t one of them.

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50 Cent comes out in support of trans teen

It was only a few days ago that we reported Chris Brown’s support of gay rights. Now, 50 Cent is the latest rapper with a history of making anti-gay statements to “come out” in support of the LGBT community.

His new series “Dream School” connects troubled teems with a dream team of celebrity instructors.

The focus of the show is the encourage and support teens dealing with violence, poverty and pregnancy. “Dream School” also features Alan, a transgender boy who was born a girl.

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Family of slain DC chase suspect question police actions

The family of a woman who was shot to death outside the U.S. Capitol after attempting to ram her car through a White House barrier is questioning how police handled the incident.

34-year-old Miriam Carey was killed on Thursday. Two police officers were injured during the incident.

Investigators found that Carey had a history of mental illness and had been under the delusion that the president was communicating with her.

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#31forMARISSA: Letter to Marissa

By Kai M. Green, BYP100 California

Originally posted on theSwagspot.

Marissa Alexander

Dear Marissa,

Triggers. Triggers. You pulled the trigger to save your own life. You fired shots up to the heavens and the ground you stood upon wouldn’t hold you. The court, these laws unable to recognize you and the justice you do deserve. But I will fight for you. I will write for you. I am with you.

Triggers. I know what it means. See it was just the other day, the day before Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Just outside my old house. We heard a couple yelling. She had been cheating on him. He held her phone and I imagine he was going over the evidence. I imagine it hurt. He wanted control.  She wanted her phone back, but he didn’t want to give it to her. He owed her money. She wanted her stuff. He was angry. He wanted control.

Triggers. We looked outside, but there were no bodies, only voices. We couldn’t tell where they were coming from so we went back inside.

Triggers. I can’t BELIEVE you punched me in my mouth!

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Dear black men: #yourlifematters

Dear black men,

YOU matter.

That’s what the latest viral campaign is seeking to remind men of color of. The Your Life Matters campaign was created in response to the George Zimmerman verdict in July.

It’s goal is “to communicate to young black men that their lives have value, that they have a right to live and be free.” 

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Man dies just three days after being freed

A Louisiana man released just three days from prison after serving 41 years in solitary confinement has died.

Herman Wallace, 71, was released on Tuesday after a judge ruled that he be freed because women were excluded from his grand jury.

Wallace suffered from terminal liver cancer. 

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