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They Not, Real Gangstas

At this point, even his fans know that rapper Rick Ross is far from the image he manufactures for his songs and videos. Slate Magazine even went as far to label the success of Rick Ross, in the face of his correction officer past, as the end of street credibility being necessary to Hip-Hop fans. So the news that Rick Ross canceled his tour due to threats from Gangster Disciples, posted online, shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone.

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Morehouse College Launches LGBT Course

Morehouse College has announced it will offer a course on LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) culture and politics.

The creation and launch of  the course was spearheaded by Marcus Lee and Dr. Jafari Allen.

The course will be the first of its kind at Morehouse.

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A Hip-Hop Holiday Mix

A few weeks ago I threatened to record an album of me performing Christmas carols as spoken word pieces. It seemed like a genius idea at the time until: 1. While trying it in the privacy of my own home I realized that although initially funny, it gets annoying really quickly, and 2. DMX performed a rendition of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” and somebody videotaped it:
Mr. Simmons’ performance is nothing short of epic. And, of course, it got me thinking: if I could make a mixtape of rappers covering Christmas carols, who would perform what? Thanks to that DMX-inspired thought,  I present to you this year’s holiday special, a hip-hop mixtape. And no, this ain’t no Run-DMC “Christmas in Hollis.”

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Dialectic Thought and Contradictions: There Aint No Post-Racial Society & there Aint No Black and White

Throughout the discourse in the social meaning, experience and consequence of race, we come to understand that everyone sees race through a social lens or paradigm. Generally the lens that one chooses will serve as a function that works toward the social and economic advantage of that individual. However, what one must not forget is that all paradigms are flawed and every lens does not allow one to see the entire picture. It is only when we are able to wear multiple lenses and think dialectically that we truly capable of working against poverty and disadvantage.

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MUST SEE VIDEO: Two Young Women Discuss Depression, Abuse and The Power of Friendship

An incredibly moving video is making its rounds across the internet.

Two young black women use notecards to discuss their parallel struggles with abuse, depression and suicide; and how they found inspiration and strength through friendship, faith and love.

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The 2012 Election Cost Over 2 BILLION Dollars!

Last month’s presidential election cost more than $2B. That’s right $2B.

That’s billion with a B:

Obama: $1.123 billion vs. Romney: $1.019 billion.

That’s the final fundraising tally in the most expensive presidential election ever, according to reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission by the rival campaigns and party committees.

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Chicago Teen Allegedly Strip Searched At School

A 15 year-old Chicago student was allegedly strip-searched at his high school last month.

His outraged parents plan to file suit against Chicago Public Schools.

The incident took place at Taft High School. The young man alleges that the search took place in the presence of  two school security guards, a Chicago police officer, and a female assistant principal.

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7 Year-Old Roderick Arrington Beaten to Death for Lying About Reading Bible, Doing Homework

Two Las Vegas parents are in custody after allegedly beating their 7 year-old son to death for not reading the bible or doing his homework, and lying about it.

Roderick Arrington was pronounced dead on November 30th after being admitted to a hospital unresponsive on the previous day.

His mother, Dina Palmer, and stepfather, Markeice Palmer, have been charged with murder, child abuse and neglect.

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Black Boys Falling

I write this in ambivalence, dejectedly trying to wrap my mind around a string of incidents that continue to unearth the plight of young Black men in this country. In scarcely a week’s time, 17 year-old Jordan Russell Davis was shot to death by another gun toting “scared” white man, while Brandon Jackson, another Black youth, was sentenced to 12 years of prison after fending off 8 white males who jumped him. And because our country fails to learn from its racial woes, these incidents have occurred frighteningly close to the anniversary of the December 4th governmental assassination of 21 year-old Fred Hampton. The young Chairman of the Illinois Chapter Black Panther Party, whose charisma and commitment was able to galvanize vast resources to the struggling Chicago community. Of course, let’s be clear, these incidents are the dramatized ones, let’s not forget about the Black men killed in the streets, the over 846,000 Black men imprisoned, and the many left unemployed and underemployed in their homes. Black men dispossessed, disheartened, and catapulted “…outside history…” as Ralph Ellison once said. This is not to diminish the efforts of many present and valiant Black men who continue to contribute much to all of us. But we must be realistic in saying that the state of Black men in this country is dire, and we need to have a sense of urgency about this.

But perhaps, I’m stating the obvious.

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Majority of Americans Think States Should Decide Whether to Legalize Marijuana; What Do You Think?

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans believe states should be allowed to decide whether to legalize marijuana.

59 percent of respondent said the decision is up to the states; 34 percent thought the federal government should decide.

From Think Progress:

The Controlled Substances Act makes marijuana and other drugs illegal under federal law, but it does not dictate how the states handle drug policy.

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