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NYC Fast Food Workers Strike; Demand Higher Wages and Unionization

Fast food workers at various NYC restaurants walked off the job today, protesting low wages and backlash against efforts to unionize.

Experts say this is the beginning of the biggest effort to unionize fast food employees ever in the U.S.

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Stevie Wonder Cancels Concert Benefiting Israeli Military

After receiving thousands of messages pressuring him to reconsider, Stevie Wonder is expected to cancel a performance during a gala that would have benefited Israel’s military.

Wonder’s camp is set to claim that performing at the benefit would be in conflict with Wonder’s role as UN Messenger of Peace:

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Two U. of Minnesota Students Spark Outrage With Wildly Racist Rant in Blackface

A racist video made by two University of Minnesota Duluth students has sparked outrage, and a statement from University officials.

The video shows two young women in black face, spewing racial epithets, expressing their love for fried chicken, and saying stupid things like “we come from the black hood” and  “we are true negroes.”

The University has called the video “unacceptable behavior for anyone.”

The ladies say it all started while giving each other facials.

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HILARIOUS! Check Out “Africa for Norway”

Tis the season to be giving.

Around holiday time especially, the some of the haves like to give a little charity to the have-nots. Charitable organizations often see an uptick in donations during the holiday season.

And where does a lot of the that aid presumably end up? Africa, of course.

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Michael Dunn’s Lawyer: Jordan Davis Is No Trayvon Martin; ‘Stand Your Ground’ Defense A Possibility

Yesterday we told you about the shooting of 17 year-old Jordan Davis, who was gunned down in an SUV by 45 year-old Michael Dunn after an argument about loud music.

Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney, is now speaking to the press, imploring us not to compare this tragedy to the Trayvon Martin case.

According to Lemonidis, his client is not a vigilante.

From CNN:

“That’s ridiculous. Michael is not a vigilante,” the attorney said. “He’s a brilliant software developer. It was never his intention to kill anyone.”

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Katt Williams Leads Police On Wild Chase — On A Tricycle

By now you’ve probably heard about all the trouble Katt Williams has been in recently.

There’s been gun charges, a burglary, and a shambolic performance in Oakland resulting in audience members actually filing a class action suit against the comedian.

Things got even weirder last Sunday in Sacramento, when Katt allegedly led police on a wild chase while riding a motorized tricycle.

Katt was caught speeding down the sidewalk at 35 mph, narrowly missing pedestrians.

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Black Leaders Concerned White Candidate Will Take Jesse Jackson Jr’s Seat

In the wake of Jesse Jackson Jr.’s legal woes, there will be a special election to fill his Congressional seat.

And with quite a few African American candidates vying for his spot, many are concerned the black vote will be split, and a white candidate will win the race.

From Black Politics on the Web:

The worries escalated this week after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, a white Democrat and veteran of suburban Chicago politics, threw her hat into the ring.

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President Obama and Mitt Romney Having Lunch Today

Former GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney will be having lunch with President Obama at the White House today.

The press will not be allowed to attend.

This will be their first meeting since the election.

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The 19 Major House Committee Chairs for the Next Congress Are ALL White Men

By many accounts, the prevailing narrative of this year’s presidential election was that Republicans have alienated women and people of color.

But it seems the GOP didn’t get that memo.

Yesterday John Boehner announced the 19 House Committee Chairs for the next Congress.

All of them are white men.

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Dream House Of a Thousand Kisses

Express your current obsession with a womyn to let her know that her efforts haven’t gone unrecognized. Explain to her how she provides you with mental, physical, & emotional support. Speak metaphors that clarify your position in the life of your relationship. Relationships engage a backbone-to-backbone collision that lays cement for a foundation, that produces the relationship’s shape. They say that relationships between young people lack sophistication. As if age makes our romantic bonds lack an understanding of equality and struggle. Even as teenagers and young adults, our decisions to pursue love propel us to learn about being with people outside of ourselves.  

If clash with our significant others affords us a distinct relationship, I like to think of love as a house. Without working out the problems of our interactions, “young love” ultimately develops broken doors and shattered windows. Shall we look at the facts? 1. It’s rare that someone teaches young men the value of demonstrating that they care  about the relationship. 2. A lot of young womyn never learn without pain that mind-reading isn’t the highest form of communication. Hard times of love not only complicates functioning young relationships. Even more, the dismissal of young love does not give us the right equipment to build relationships.