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Bank Ordered to Pay $2.18 Million in Racial Discrimination Complaint

Bank of America Corp was ordered to pay $2.18 million to more than 1,100 black job applicants over racial discrimination in hiring.

The suit ruled that the bank’s practices kept qualified candidates from getting jobs.

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Parents Demand Firing of Pennsylvania School District Amid Racist Texts

Parents of the Coatesville Area School District are demanding that two top administrators be fired after racist texts have surfaced.

In a series of texts messages, Superintendent Richard Como and high school Athletic Director Jim Donato referred to students and faculty with the n-word.

The two officials also used demeaning language to describe Jewish people, women and other minorities in the exchange of more than a dozen messages. 

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Instead of Calling 911, School Allegedly Treats Child’s Broken Arm With Ice Cream

The mother of a 7-year-old child is outraged at medical treatment provided by her school.

Brianna Hill broke her arm while playing on the playground of Webber Media Arts Academy in Pontiac, Michigan.

The child was helped to the office, but instead of calling 911, school staff contacted those listed on Brianna’s emergency contact list.

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Family Donates Wedding Reception Food to Homeless

Imagine spending thousands of dollars for what is supposed to be the happiest day of your daughter’s life. Now imagine it never happening.

That’s exactly what Carol and Willie Fowler experienced when their daughter’s wedding was suddenly called off.

Instead of getting upset and allowing food for 200 guests to go to waste, the couple decided to feed the needy with it. 

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Young Black Men in America Speak Out, “Our Lives Aren’t Valued As Much”

Eliyah Davis and Devin Pandy from the 1Hood Media Academy  (Photo by Amil Cook)

Shortly after the George Zimmerman verdict 1Hood Media spoke to 3 of its students about being a young Black man in America. Their answers may surprise you.

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Frank Ocean: ‘I Was A Thug in My Past Life’

In an Oyster magazine cover story on the star, singer/songwriter Frank Ocean revealed that he used to be a “thug” in his past life. 

When asked what he was like in high school, Ocean describes himself as having sold “a lot of cocaine and crack.” 

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Russell Simmons to Arsenio: “It Was Probably The Worse Idea In My Life”

A few weeks ago, we reported on Russell Simmons’ “The Harriet Tubman Sextape,” a satirical attempt at revisionist history.

The bit argued that Harriet Tubman’s ability to free slaves was in result of her sleeping with her white master and video taping it for blackmail.

In response to criticism of the video, Simmons took it down and apologized. Game over, right? Wrong.

Simmons appeared on The Arsenio Hall Show last night, and Hall brought up the incident.

Simmons explained what happened from his point of view, but made sure to note that those who had the most beef with him about the video are “do nothing negroes…[who] tried to turn him into Paula Deen.”

Check out the clip:

What do you think of Simmon’s response to both Andre Leon Talley and other, less famous folks who demanded that he be held accountable for the content?

Has Russell done enough for black folks to get a pass for this kind of mistake? Thoughts on the clip?

Sound off below!

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Grace Jones To Write Book About Her Life

Grace Jones vowed to never write a memoir about her life.

But it appears as though the wildly eclectic model, actress and singer has changed her mind.

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Tupac Biopic: Finally Happening!

It’s been 17 years since the world lost one of the most talented rappers of all-time.

Now, producers are planning to release a biopic about Tupac Shakur’s life.

Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films is partnering with Morgan Creek Productions to co-produce Tupac. 

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12-year-old Forced To ‘Pick Cotton’ on School Field Trip

Nature’s Classroom has some explaining to do.

The Massachusetts-based environmental education organization is currently under fire for their Underground Railroad experience.

James and Sandra Baker sent their 12-year-old daughter on a four day field trip there. She returned home with some appalling details about the organization.

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