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New Bill Could Save Former Convicts From Returning To Prison

California’s state Senate approved a bill that changes the state’s job application policy regarding felony conviction questions.

Assembly Bill 218 is part of “Ban the Box,” a growing movement led by the National Employment Law Project.

Specifically targeting the check-box criminal background question commonly found of job applications, the bill aims to combat employer discrimination against ex-convicts.

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NAACP Partners With Young Activists To Combat “Stand Your Ground Laws”

Activism does not have an age restriction, and a group of young leaders in Florida continue to prove that statement right.

The Dream Defenders have teamed up with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People to combat the controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws that exist in the country.

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4 Charged in Massive Shooting That Wounded 13

Four men have been arrested and charged in connection with the mass shooting that wounded 13 at a Chicago Park Thursday evening.

According to police, Byron Champ, 21 and Tabari Young, 22 fired into a crowd as Brad Jett, 22, acted as a watchman.

From The Los Angeles Times:

Police said the motive for the mass shooting appears to be retaliation for a shooting hours earlier that grazed one of alleged gunmen, police said. Police said Kewane Gatewood, 20, is believed to have supplied the gun Young used, which McCarthy described as “military-grade.” The four are charged with attempted murder and battery with a firearm.

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The shooting took place at Cornell Park located in Chicago’s Back of the Yards neighborhood.

3-year-old Deonta Howard was among those wounded during the shooting. He is recovering from the bullet that entered his ear and exited his cheek.

No bond has been set for the four men charged with the crime.

We will keep updating you on this developing story.

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Documentary Aims To Advance Success of African-American Boys

With its theatrical release set for next month, American Promise aims to shed some light into the life of a young black man in America.

The documentary focuses on two middle class black families as they raise their sons. It’s goal is to empower boys, their parents and educators and help close the black male achievement gap.

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Watch: Jerusha Trotman and Pilar Hill Are Two Impressive Violinists

A short while ago, two of New York’s finest young violinists graced local Fox 5.

Jerusha Trotman, 14, and Pilar Hill, 7, appeared of Good Day Street Talk as part of the Noel Pointer Foundation.

The foundation has been bringing classical music instruction to inner city youth since 1998. 

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Florida Police Officer Who Ran Over Man Will Not Be Charged, Family Releases Video

The family of a DeLand, Fla. man who was ran over by a police officer has released a video of the incident.

38-year-old Marlon Brown was killed in May after being pulled over for an alleged seatbelt violation.

Officer James Harris was driving the vehicle at the time of his death. 

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Bank Ordered to Pay $2.18 Million in Racial Discrimination Complaint

Bank of America Corp was ordered to pay $2.18 million to more than 1,100 black job applicants over racial discrimination in hiring.

The suit ruled that the bank’s practices kept qualified candidates from getting jobs.

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Parents Demand Firing of Pennsylvania School District Amid Racist Texts

Parents of the Coatesville Area School District are demanding that two top administrators be fired after racist texts have surfaced.

In a series of texts messages, Superintendent Richard Como and high school Athletic Director Jim Donato referred to students and faculty with the n-word.

The two officials also used demeaning language to describe Jewish people, women and other minorities in the exchange of more than a dozen messages. 

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Instead of Calling 911, School Allegedly Treats Child’s Broken Arm With Ice Cream

The mother of a 7-year-old child is outraged at medical treatment provided by her school.

Brianna Hill broke her arm while playing on the playground of Webber Media Arts Academy in Pontiac, Michigan.

The child was helped to the office, but instead of calling 911, school staff contacted those listed on Brianna’s emergency contact list.

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Family Donates Wedding Reception Food to Homeless

Imagine spending thousands of dollars for what is supposed to be the happiest day of your daughter’s life. Now imagine it never happening.

That’s exactly what Carol and Willie Fowler experienced when their daughter’s wedding was suddenly called off.

Instead of getting upset and allowing food for 200 guests to go to waste, the couple decided to feed the needy with it. 

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