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BREAKING: 2 Dead at Nevada school shooting

A staff member is dead and two students are injured after a 13-year-old boy opened fired at Sparks Middle School this afternoon.

The student/suspect was also killed.

The motive for the shooting still remains unknown. 

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Report: Spanking leads to bad behavior


New evidence shows that spanking may lead to bad behavior. Using a nationally represented sample, researchers interview 1,933 parents when their children were 3 and 5 years old.

They gathered data based on how often they spanked their children. Turns out over half of mothers and a third of fathers had spanked their kids. They then tested the children at age 9, assess aggression and rule-breaking through a series of questions.

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Serving Lemonade: Biological Didn’t Bother

Last week, we reported that Harry Belafonte, singer and activist, filed suit against the heirs of Martin Luther King, Jr., namely his three surviving children. Five years ago, Belafonte had intended to auction three documents that King had written: a condolence letter to Lady Bird Johnson; an outline of a Vietnam War speech; and notes for a speech King was supposed to give in Memphis. One of the documents in question had been left at Belafonte’s apartment. The other documents were given to Belafonte by the widow of one of King’s closet friends. As most of us know, Belafonte and King were very good friends. Coretta Scott King noted how helpful Belafonte had been to the family over the years. Belafonte’s suit aims to prove that he is the rightful owner of the documents. This would allow the documents to be auctioned, the proceeds from which would go to a charity that hopes to end gang violence. None of this matters to the King children. Instead, they are claiming that Belafonte essentially stole these documents, thereby placing them in limbo for the last five years.

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VIDEO: Cop speaks out against NYC’s Stop & Frisk, details mandatory policy


Ever since coming to America as a child from the Dominican Republic, Washington Heights resident Adhyl Polanco has always wanted to be a cop.

He soon learned that being “one of the good guys” wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be.

In a detailed account for the “Where I  Am Going” campaign against discriminatory, abusive and illegal policing, Former Officer Polanco shares his experiences working for the NYPD.

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15-year-old Saheela Ibraheem makes list of ‘The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers’


Earlier this year, we reported on rockstar genius Saheela Ibraheem.

The 15-year-old was accepted into 13 colleges, choosing Harvard, ranking her as one of the youngest students to ever attend the University.

Now, she’s continuing to set her own pace by making “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers” list.

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Kanye brings Jesus on tour with him


Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus and Yeezus is in the building.

During his tour, rapper Kanye West performed his Grammy award-winning track, “Jesus Walks.” Get this, he actually brought Jesus on stage, or an impersonator at least.

From Fansided:

While performing in Seattle recently he invited the man himself up on to stage, or at least an actor portraying him. It is hard to make out exactly what Kanye is saying over the crowd in the beginning of the video. It sounds like he is asking if that’s him and saying he has been looking for him his whole life. Jesus says he found Kanye it sounds like.

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New documentary explores high school dropout epidemic


While the high school dropout rate has declined over time, it is still an epidemic.

A documentary, executive produced by Usher and created by Jason Pollack, seeks to explore the trend in hopes of keeping our youth in school.

“Undroppable” will highlight inspiring students who are dealing with significant obstacles in their lives, but are able to walk across the stage no matter what.

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Blackface: Protesters in Amsterdam have had enough


Amsterdam has a long-standing tradition of celebrating Christmas. “Sinterklass,” the Dutch version of Santa Claus, is portrayed by a white man accompanied by dozens of clown-like helpers called “Zwarte Pieten.”

The problem with these “Zwarte Pieten” or Black Petes is that they arrive in blackface makeup with red lips and curly Afro wigs.

Residents, fed up with the racial insensitivity, decided to protest the festival on Thursday.

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Pastor resigns after telling congregation about same-sex marriage


Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams stepped down from her position as pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church in Detroit after revealing that she was married to a woman.

Bishop Abrams married Bishop Emeritus Diana Williams in March, but wasn’t ready to share it with the public yet.

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New Jersey becomes 13th state to allow same sex marriage

On Monday, the state of New Jersey became the 13th state to recognize same-sex marriage.

Dozens of couples lined up at City Hall just after midnight to unite as one.

Senate-elect and Newark Mayor Cory Booker performed the ceremonies.

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