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Beyond Electoral Politics: A 21st Century Poor People’s Campaign

We will lead waves of the nation’s poor and disinherited to Washington, D.C. next spring to demand redress of their grievances by the United States government and to secure at least jobs or income for all. We will go there, we will demand to be heard and we will stay until America responds. If this means forcible repression of our movement, we will confront it, for we have done this before. If this means scorn or ridicule, we embrace it, for that is what America’s poor now receive. If it means jail, we accept it willingly, for the millions of poor already are imprisoned by exploitation and discrimination. We will be petitioning our government for specific reforms and we intend to build militant, nonviolent actions until that government moves against poverty.” (MLK Jr, 1967)

I wish to conjure up the message that MLK thought was so important, less than a year before he died. A message that declared that change would come by building power with people, and taking the people to speak our truth to those who don’t always recognize that we are still here.

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9 Reasons folks Anticipate RIOTS if Trayvon Martin Verdict is UNJUST

When it comes to JUSTICE in the Black community, the culture is often times robbed of equality. Although our United Nation has come a long way, it’s certainly clear that racism is still alive AND unclear if it will ever vanish. None of us will ever forget the history of a culture set up to fail but have always over-prevailed. Beyond acts of prejudices, the Black culture ongoing concern is JUSTICE.

During this critical time in the Black community we are focused on the verdict of the #Justice4Trayvon case. While some are worried that Zimmerman will walk free or sentenced to some ridiculously low charge, others are concerned that if this happens, the Nation will experience a series of Race riots. It’s clear that violent activity is discouraged no matter the outcome, but one things for sure, there are certain events in Black history that makes the culture cringe, disgusted about injustice.


1. So what if it’s been over 300 years. SLAVERY is the foundation of Black Injustice. 

2. The August 1955 beating of our brother EMMETT TILL remains in the back of our heads. 

3. DR. KING’s ongoing fight for justice gave us unyielding hope and James Early Ray couldn’t stand it. 

4. This time the Black man that was beaten by law enforcement was named RODNEY KING and of course the perpetrators mandated freedom. 

5. TROY DAVIS is dead even after it was proven that he was wrongfully accused, yet rejected plea of death row. 

6. SEAN BELL will never be able to marry as he was supposed to before being fatally shot by NYPD cops. 

7. Why is Marissa Alexander serving 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot in the presence of her abusive boyfriend and Zimmerman had the option to post bail after killing Martin. 

8. Horizon Science Academy in Ohio thought it was okay to tell our beautiful Black children that afro-puffs and braids were against school policy. 

9. And yup, some of us are still pissed that Paula Deen wants to plan plantation style weddings, demands Blacks to use the back door, and think that there’s nothing wrong with using the N-word. 

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Parents and Teachers Hold Protest Against NYC Principal for Targeting Black Teachers; Calling Them “Gorillas”

Last month we told you about a NYC principal under fire for targeting and forcing out the only black teacher’s at Pan American International High School.

The outrage has only increased since then. Principal Minerva Zanca is also accused of calling them “gorillas,” and making derogatory comments about their “big lips” and “nappy hair.”

Parents and teachers recently held protests outside of the NYC Dept of Education, calling for her ouster.

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Judge: George Zimmerman Will Also Face Manslaughter Charges

Judge Debra Nelson has granted the prosecution’s request that in addition to second degree murder,  George Zimmerman also face manslaughter charges in the death of 17-year old Trayvon Martin.

She has not decided if Zimmerman will face other lesser charges, such as third degree murder.

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Black Cafe Owner Posts Sign to Ward Off Racists: “f you are allergic to black people, don’t come in.”

After being repeatedly subjected to blatant racism from potential customers, a British black woman posted a sign outside of her restaurant that read:

“Attention! Everyone be aware I am a black woman, and always will be. If you are allergic to black people, don’t come in.

But if you prefer quality wholesome meals in a pleasant and clean environment, come in. I don’t bite.”

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Florida Police Fear Rioting After George Zimmerman Verdict

The Broward County Sheriff’s Dept. has released a PSA urging community members not to riot after the George Zimmerman verdict is announced.

The video features two teenagers – one black, and one Hispanic – standing in front of a group of officers and community members.

From NewsOne:

The boy says,”Let’s give violence a rest, because we can easily end up arrested.”

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Gabrielle Calhoun Beaten Unconscious by Police

Although it happened a couple of weeks ago, more attention is now being paid to Gabrielle Calhoun, a young woman who was severely beaten by members of the Bloomington, IL, police department.

Gabrielle was following behind a male friend who was being inexplicably detained by police.

An officer suddenly hauled off and knocked her unconscious with a night stick.

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Rand Paul Staffer Expressed Support for Lincoln’s Assassin; Bemoaned Diversity

A Rand Paul staffer is making headlines for expressing support for Abraham Lincoln’s assassin, among other very inflammatory sentiments.

Jack Hunter is a member of Senator Paul’s staff; specifically the director of new media and a co-writer of Paul’s book Tea Party Goes to Washington.

Besides claiming to give a toast to John Wilkes Booth every May 10th, Hunter repeatedly wore a confederate flag to events, and called diversity a code word for “not white.”

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WATCH: Live Stream of George Zimmerman Trial

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Operation Save Our Sons Launches from Jacksonville, FL

As many of us play close attention to the George Zimmerman trial, which in many unfortunate ways looks like the Trayvon Martin trial, a Jacksonville, FL group has taken this moment to get more exposure.

Operation Save Our Sons, which is based in Jacksonville, FL, is making an effort to convey its message to more people:

[Operation Save Our Sons] organizers are reaching out nationally to nonprofit organizations, school districts and police departments to help them  teach young black men how to respond better when confronted by police or anyone else.

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