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VIDEO: Texas Cops Caught on Tape Using Excessive Force Against Teenager

Two Hurst, Texas cops are under investigation after being caught on tape using excessive force against a teenager.

17 year-old Andrew Rodriguez and his friend were stopped by an officer for “looking suspicious.” Soon, Rodriguez was being placed under arrest for a trespassing warrant.

The officer tackled him to the ground after he allegedly refused to get off his cell phone (he was calling his mother). Rodriguez began to squirm, complaining that he couldn’t breathe.

Suddenly, another officer comes out of nowhere and elbows him in the back of the head.

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Nicki Minaj Calls Steven Tyler’s American Idol Criticism RACIST

Nicki Minaj says Steven Tyler’s recent criticism of her ability to be a judge on American Idol is racist.

In a recent interview, Tyler asserted that Nicki is ill-equipped to judge Idol, and would have kicked Bob Dylan off the show.

Is that assumption racist?

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The Supreme Court Says, Film the Police!

Irony is the very people that always claim they do everything by the book and never make mistakes, are the same ones that want to make it illegal to film them. Yes, I’m talking about the police department. In some states the police were trying to use existing wiretapping or eavesdropping laws to arrest citizens for simply pointing a camera at them.

Remember last year, when the state of Illinois actually tried to give a man 75 years for filming the police? Thankfully a judge declared those charges unconstitutional. Today the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Illinois Cook County state’s attorney to allow enforcement of a law preventing people from recording police officers.  A federal appeals court in Chicago had previously ruled the law “likely violates” the First Amendment.

So feel free to continue to, “let the witness be The iphone./ Never let bygones be bygones./ Get your flip cam before they get in the whip and ride on./ It’s vital ’cause our survival could depend on a video going viral,/with more viewers than American Idol.”

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Civil Rights Leader Lawrence Guyot Dead at 73

Civil Rights leader Lawrence Guyot has died at the age of 73.

According to the Huffington Post, Guyot had history of heart problems and suffered from diabetes.

Guyot worked for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, and directed the famed 1964 Freedom Summer Project.

He was a staunch voting rights advocate until his death.

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Israel Army’s Social Media Director Poses In Blackface; Calls It ‘Obama Style’

The United States may be supporting Israel, but the Israeli Army’s social media director still finds time to denigrate the President by employing a little blackface.

Sacha Dratwa posted a picture of his face covered in sand with the oh-so-original tagline “Obama style” to describe the photo.

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Englewood Native Rhiana Gunn-Wright Wins Rhodes Scholarship!

Born and raised in the Englewood section of Chicago’s South Side, Rhiana Gunn-Wright graduated at the top of her class at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, and graduated magna cum laude from Yale University.

And yet, she was still unsure of her qualifications when she applied for a Rhodes Scholarship earlier this year.

But those doubts were put to rest on Sunday, when she was named one of only 32 Americans chosen to become Rhodes Scholars.

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Florida Board of Education to Set Lower Standards for Black Students

Last month, the State Board of Education in Florida approved a new set of student achievement guidelines that sets lower standards for Black youth.

Rather than closing the achievement gaps between students of different races, the guidelines simply accept them.

The Dept. of Ed. claims the guidelines acknowledge that “not everyone begins their education equipped with the same set of tools.”

But does that mean we should set lower expectations for our young people?

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Weekly News Roundup

Top News Stories About Black Youth from Across the Nation: November 19 – 26

Every week, the Black Youth Project collects the top news stories about black youth from across the country. Click here to check out our archive of weekly news round-ups, and check back every Monday for a new roundup of headlines about young black America

Remember Trayvon Martin – stop the war on Black and brown youth
Fight Back News, Staff Writer, 11/25/12

Tallahassee, FL – Around 15 activists from Tallahassee Dream Defenders, joined by other protesters including immigrant rights leaders, assembled on the fourth floor of the Florida Capitol building here, Nov. 20, showing politicians that Florida brown and Black groups are visible and demanding they remember Trayvon Martin.

Dream Defenders, a youth civil rights group, stood with their hoodies up in silent protest as legislators and lobbyists packed the floor between the Florida House and Senate chambers. They held signs reading, “Remember Trayvon,” and “Stop the war on Black and brown youth”.



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They Came Before Troy Barnes

I just learned about “blerds” and I’m over them already. I got an email with a link to an NPR story about this apparently ascendant set of non-athletic, non-jive talking black folks–mostly men, I guess–who are apparently populating television shows and stand-up stages. It took fewer than 4 minutes, the length of Eric Deggans’ piece, for me to find the (alleged) trend worthy of my very first holiday humbug. According to Deggans’ essay, heretofore black nerds were some sort of weird, non-race-based personification of biraciality, in that being a black nerd was to be caught between what white people expected of blacks and black people’s apparent embarrassment that a member of the race wasn’t unequivocally cool. Deggans goes on to credit Kanye West–yeah, Mr. College Dropout–as the beginning of the “blerd” trend, going as far as willfully ignoring the Carlton Banks (nerd and class) swag Kanye borrowed. To further buttress his claim that he is a black nerd, Mr. Deggans botches interpreting West’s lyrics, which I’m going to assume was just a way of Deggans saying he’s so nerdy he can’t decipher the meaning of West’s rhymes without the help of Rap Genius. 

Kanye West, a rap star give to Argyle sweaters and pouring his heart out on wax, became the hottest thing in hip-hop. Now, raps a tough game, but Kanye can build rhymes around living on pancake batter after his jaw got broken in a car crash or drop references to an M. Night Shyamalan comic book movie. How nerdy is that?

Look around now and blerds are everywhere, intellectual, rock and roll loving, politics talking, comic book reading black nerds.

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The New Radical Black Dimension: Black Power and its Future

We, the youth of Generation Y have elders all across the world that we must consult in this daily struggle to find freedom. Our elders found me on my trips through the labyrinth of NYC yesterday—through Harlem, through the Bronx, through Queens. These kinfolk who have endured the 1968 Olympics, when Tommie Smith and John Carlos executed the Black Power salute before the humyn community, see hope in the black hipsters today. I provoked their nostalgia, their memory of naming themselves militant just by wearing my LEADERS crewneck. If our origins ever lost hope in a truly humyn future, Generation Y’s art proves that black consciousness now enters a new phase of self understanding.

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