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WATCH: Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) Releases PSA Condemning NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Policy

Yasiin Bey (fomerly Mos Def) just dropped a hard-hitting public service announcement to draw attention to the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk policy.

The Floyd v. City of New York trial is drawing to a close; at stake is the future of this policy, which as violated the rights on thousands of people of color in New York.

The video – “Don’t Tread on Me” – highlights the harmful impact of this racist, unconstitutional policy, and the fight to have it struck down.

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Dillard U. President: Why Did Dr. Dre Donate $35 Million to USC, and Not a Black College?

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s massive $70 million joint donation ($35 million each) to the University of Southern California has been widely reported.

The funds will go towards a new degree at the University; one that blends liberal arts, graphic and product design, business and technology.

Its an incredibly generous gift. But in a recent editorial, Dillard University president Walter M. Kimbrough posed an interesting question:

Why didn’t Dr. Dre give that money to a black college?

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Yet Another Fried Chicken Joke Directed at Tiger Woods

Remember back in 1997, when pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller “jokingly” instructed Tiger Woods not to serve fried chicken and collard greens at the Champions Dinner?

Well, its happened again.

This time, fellow golfer Sergio Garcia is the culprit, who’s been embroiled in a feud with Woods.

During an awards dinner in London, Garcia was jokingly asked if he’d invite Woods over for dinner. His response:

“We will have him round every night…we will serve fried chicken.”

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Chelesa Fearce Overcomes Homelessness; Will Start College as a Junior at Spelman

Georgia teen Chelsea Fearce spent most of her high school career homeless, oftentimes living out of her mother’s car.

But Fearce persevered.

She achieved a 4.466 GPA, took all college courses during her senior year, will graduate as her high school’s valedictorian, and will start as a junior at Spelman this fall.

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Lose Scholarship or Complete Racist Assignment: Which Would You Choose?

A mentor of mine used to tell me that integrity is how you choose to act when no one is watching or when something large is at stake. If that is the case, than Timothy McNair certainly seems to have a lot of it. McNair is a graduate student of opera at Northwestern University’s Bienen School of Music. One of his assignments included the performance of a piece written by Walt Whitman. McNair refused to perform this piece because he believes Walt Whitman to be racist.

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To All Afraid of the ‘Ghetto’ Continued

I was delighted by the discussion my last blog post- “To All Afraid of the ‘Ghetto’”- sparked both online and on the University of Chicago campus. Many of my classmates approached me about the blog and gave even more personal accounts on comments the pervade our campus from our administration, the University of Chicago Police Department, and an overwhelming amount of students that actively other black neighborhoods and discourage people from entering into these spaces. It was especially fruitful to engage in the often-ignored discussion on violence and crime in predominantly white neighborhoods and sexual assaults that occur frequently at several universities and colleges. Nevertheless, while I did receive much vindication, I also received much flack. A number of individuals (mostly classmates) approached me essentially contending that poor black neighborhoods are innately more dangerous and that majority white neighborhoods-in urban and suburban areas- are inherently safer.

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18 Year-Old Eesha Khare Invents Device that Charges Cell Phones in 30 Seconds

18 Year-Old Eesha Khare grew tired of her cell phone losing power so quickly.

So this brilliant young lady invented a device that charges phones in 20-30 seconds max!

From Clutch Magazine:

Creating the supercapacitor solved Khare’s issue and also piqued her interest in “really working at the nanoscale to make significant advances in many different fields.”

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Does Obama Unfairly Hold African Americans to a Different Standard?

President Obama’s Morehouse commencement speech has reignited conversation regarding the idea that he might be unfairly holding black youth to a different standard.

Most of us are familiar with the “Bill Cosby” argument about how black youth need to stop being lazy and work harder.

Is Obama reiterating that same rhetoric that ignores history and further marginalizes vulnerable groups, or is he finding a balance between taking history into account and articulate the reality of the difficulties that will be faced by black youth in the 21st Century?

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Dear Thurgood Marshall Jr, Why Are You On The Board Of Directors For CCA?

By Kim Moore

This serves as both an open letter to Thurgood Marshall Jr, a PSA for those who didn’t know about his appointment to CCA and a reminder about mass incarceration, and the overrepresentation of black men in prison.

It came as a complete and utter shock to discover yesterday that Thurgood Marshall Jr, son of former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and lawyer best known for his victory in Brown v. Board of Education, sits on the Board of Directors for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), the largest private prison owning company in the United States.

“What’s the big deal?” you ask? Well, in order to understand the irony we must look at the incarceration rates of black men, private prisons and CCA.

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Nat. Science Foundation Awards Clemson $5 Mill Grant to Advance Blacks in Computer Science

The National Science Foundation has awarded Clemson University with a $5 million grant.

The money will be used to launch an initiative aimed at increasing black participation in computer science.

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