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Judge regrets upholding nation’s first voter ID law

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The nation’s first voter ID law came from a three-judge panel of the 7th Circuit in Indiana.

The law was integrated into American politics in 2007, and the American Civil Liberties Union and Democrats fiercely opposed the form of legislation.

Judge Richard A. Posner voted in favor of the law because, “he deemed the benefits of voting to be ‘elusive’ based on the notion that one voter alone could cast a decisive ballot in an election.”

But in his latest Huffington Post interview, Judge Posner seems to expressed regret for his decision. When asked if he felt like the judges made a mistake, he gave the following response.

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Supreme Court likely to uphold affirmative action ban

The Supreme Court is currently evaluating the University of Michigan’s current ban on affirmative action, and most of the justices appear to agree that it should be upheld.

Several of them expressed doubts that the constitutional amendment violates minorities’ equal protection rights.

From USA Today:

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito and Anthony Kennedy all questioned why a state’s voters should not be able to change affirmative action policies, just as any other level of school or state government can. Justice Clarence Thomas’ vote for the ban is virtually assured. 

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Artist seeks to spark dialogue through portraits of white women with black styles


It isn’t often that you see a professional white woman with fingerwaves.

But that’s exactly what you will see in Photographer Endia Beal’s latest work, “Can I Touch It?”

The young black creative took several middle-aged white women to a black salon and gave them a “black hairdo.”

From Slate:

Although photographer Endia Beal laughs freely while discussing “Can I Touch It?” the point of the series that she worked on this summer during a five-week residency with the Center for Photography at Woodstock isn’t about getting laughs. The rules were simple: After getting their new styles, the women had to agree to be photographed in a traditional corporate portrait, even if they weren’t happy with the result. 

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Family of paralyzed teen shot by police seek justice


Leon Ford Jr.’s entire life changed last November after a routine traffic stop escalated to gun shots, leaving Ford paralyzed.

His family believes the Pittsburgh officers involved acted unlawfully. Now they are seeking justice for Ford who still faces charges.

From NewsOne:

Ford Jr.’s attorney Benjamin Crump said,“It’s outrageous when you really think about the fact that Mr. Ford’s son was pulled over, we believe, because he was a Black male. He [Ford Jr.] gave his license, his registration, everything came back clear and it matched who he was. That was not good enough for the police officers.” 

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GOP leaders meet to impeach President Obama


Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst is at the head of a group of GOP leaders meeting to impeach President Obama.

The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the national healthcare law are some of the issues Dewhurst is bringing to the forefront of the impeachment talks.

From USA Today:

Dewhurst’s comments were made during a recent Tarrant County Tea Party forum and were first reported on Twitter by a reporter for the Texas Observer.

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Washington Redskins team name has racist origins


There’s been lots of debate about whether or not the Washington Redskins should change their name.

Some say that it’s just a name while others feel that it’s dehumanizing to Native Americans.

But some new evidence has allowed us to take a deeper look into the name’s origin.

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Conrad Murray freed due to prison overpopulation


In just a couple of weeks, the man convicted of murdering the “King of Pop” will walk free.

Conrad Murray is set to be released from prison on October 28, completing his sentence for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson.

From TMZ:

Michael Jackson‘s family is suffering its second crushing blow this month – Conrad Murray is about to be a free man … and Jermaine Jackson says it’s almost too much for them to handle. “It’s not about the money. This guy is walking this month. He’s walking free this month!”

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Opinion: Hillary Clinton Can Be a Better President for Black Voters


In the above Cracking the Codes clip, we are shown how, at times, white people can use their white privilege to more effectively advocate against racial injustice without receiving the common, annoying “Angry Black Person” response. It should come as no surprise that black people are often faced with severe skepticism when speaking against some racial injustice. Often, when I have discussions on race with my classmates at the University of Chicago, many accuse me of being hypersensitive, and “over-racializing.” Or I get the resounding bullshit comment, “why you gotta bring race into it,” because, truthfully, it is me that brings race into account; not institutions, societal structures, etc. Whatever. But this is not something that I face alone; my family, black friends and colleagues have all shared similar stories.

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Radio interview: Who is really affected by the government shutdown?


Last week, BYP Web Coordinator Shantell Jamison appeared on Chicago Public Media’s Vocalo 90.7FM to talk about the affects of the government shutdown. There are a lot of media outlets that continue to show us exactly why we should care about the government shutdown, but many aren’t doing the best job. If you’re not a government employee, or a lover of the Washington Monument, then it’s understandable how you can acknowledge the fact that the shutdown is happening, but not educate yourself past the fact that 800,000 employees are on furlough.

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SNL’s Kenan Thompson blame black women for lack of cast diversity


Saturday Night Live, the longest running network show in the country, recently announced new members of its cast. Shockingly (not really), there are no black women cast members.

Not one. This marks the sixth year since a black woman (Maya Rudolph) has been on the show. Why? Is Creator/Producer Lorne Michaels to blame? No says SNL cast member Kenan Thomson.

Thompson says the show’s lack of diversity is due to the lack of quality black female comedians.

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