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Top News Stories About Black Youth from Across the Nation: November 12 – 18

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Young People Campaign For Peace In East Oakland
Donisha Dansby, Huffington Post, 11/12/2012

“Stop the killing, start the healing,” is the slogan for a billboard campaign in Oakland, Calif. The idea came from young leaders, called Peace Ambassadors, at the Urban Peace Movement. Throughout east Oakland, a neighborhood where a lot of the city’s gun violence happens, billboards have gone up depicting young adults holding portraits of lost loved ones.

On each billboard there are captions like, “He was my little brother, only 3 when we lost him,” that add to the dramatic effect.

Xiomara Castro is the director of Urban Peace Movement (UPM). She thinks that young voices are often lost when stories about tragedies are reported. “Often when you do see the first headlines or the first news stories of the lost, it’s the mothers, the parents, the very direct relatives. And the story that gets lost is the best friend or the sister or the cousin or the child,” she said.



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Hungover Thoughts Of Generation Y Black Hippies

It is true that “all the girls wanna play Baywatch” at the swimming pools full of liquor (Kendrick Lamar, “Swimming Pools”). Generation Y parties, both in college and high school, present you with a reality surfacing from the deep end of young adult freedom. Diving through the future, our new understandings of suffering blend with our pleasure. We get it poppin’ to the beat while we process the new meaning of unhappiness. This introduction to the struggles of adulthood affects our ceremony of intoxication; instead of channeling love through our weekend celebrations, we mix parties with therapy.

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VIDEO: Another Day, Another Bus Driver Fighting With A Passenger

What is the deal with bus drivers getting into videotaped fights with passengers?

Earlier this week, yet another video went viral of a bus driver duking it out with a passenger.

Apparently, this bus driver has been suspended.

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Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Michigan Affirmative Action Ban

A federal appeals court has struck down Michigan’s ban on affirmative action.

In a very close 8-7 decision, the court asserted that the 2006 amendment to the Michigan constitution puts an “extraordinary burden” on opponents to the measure.

from the Huffington Post:

In an 8-7 decision, the court said the 2006 amendment to the Michigan Constitution is illegal because it presents an extraordinary burden to opponents who would have to mount their own long, expensive campaign through the ballot box to protect affirmative action.

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When White People Cross the Street and Black Collective Consciousness

During College Orientation week in my first year at University of Chicago, the students had “forums” that were geared towards opening discussions about the various views on race, gender, and political background. In one of these sessions, this question was posed, “If you see a black man walking towards you at night, would you cross the street?” I of course was the only black student in the room and struggled not to be offended when I heard the shocking wave of answers. “Of course I would cross the street, I could get raped” One student answered. Another Student said, “I would be afraid of what might happen so I would cross the street to protect myself.”  When walking across the mid-way on my campus throughout the school year at night, I still notice many individuals literally attempt to avoid me. I see them walk towards me, look at me, stop and awkwardly walk in another direction. Every time this happens I have a flash back of the words that were spoken during orientation week.

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Mitt Romney: Obama Won Because He Gave ‘Big Gifts’ To Blacks, Hispanics, Young Voters, and Women

In a call to donors yesterday, Mitt Romney claimed that the reason he lost the election is because President Obama promised “big gifts” to blacks, Hispanics, young voters, and sexually-active women.

In contrast, he claims that his campaign focused on “big issues for the whole country.”

Regarding these gifts, Romney referred specifically to Obamacare (for blacks and Hispanics), the DREAM act (for Hispanics), the partial forgiveness of college loans (for young voters), and free contraception (for women).

In other news, Romney is super sad that he lost.

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Black Student Suffers Racist Attacks at University of Mississippi

Things are not alright at the University of Mississippi.

A 19 year-old freshman has been the victim of racist attacks dating back to August of this year.

“Blacks are known to steal,” was scrawled on his vandalized dorm room door. Later, his truck tires were slashed, stereo system stolen, and the letters “KKK” and “Go Home” written on the side of the vehicle.

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“Kids These Days” Fighting Against Adultism and Fostering Cross-Generational Dialogue

“I can help you with the brand new technology / You can help me with the age-old philosophy.” –Better People, India Arie

It repeatedly comes to my attention that many adults of our society suffer from an ironic form of cognitive dissonance when it comes to their politics on aiding youth. Many hasten to advocate for the empowerment of urban youth through mentorship and guidance, but many adults do not challenge the language and discourse they use to describe and engage with young people. Uplifting youth necessitates being a youth ally, and it is my stern belief that one cannot begin to aid youth if we do not respect youth. We must continually see youth as profoundly resilient beings that rationally contend with their social circumstances.  Accordingly, creating true cross-generational dialogue necessitates an active mutual respect on the part of adults and youth. This means not thinking of youth solely as sponges through which adults can imbue a mythological experiential wisdom, but we must realize the lessons that youth have to teach the world.

My thoughts on this are spurred by a brief ride on a crowded bus on the South Side of Chicago. When a particularly rowdy bunch of youth boarded the bus, scarcely a moment passed before the chorus of adultism erupted into the air.

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19 Year-Old South African Lesbian Fatally Stabbed

A 19-year-old South African lesbian was fatally stabbed several days ago.

Sihle Skotshi is the latest victim in a wave of anti-gay violence that has plagued South Africa:

The attack occurred on the 9 November at Cosovo an informal settlement in Phillipi, a township of Cape Town.

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Saigon Wants to Punch 2 Chainz, Rick Ross for Negatively Influencing Young People

New York emcee Saigon recently sat down for an interview with The Breakfast Club on NY’s Power 105.1.

On the topic of mainstream hip hop, Saigon went off, asserting that he’d like to punch rappers like 2 Chainz and Rick Ross for hurting young people with the messages in their music.

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