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Educator Brooke Harris Says She’s Facing Termination for Speaking Out Against EAA

Brooke Harris, a teacher at a Detroit High School, is facing termination for allegedly helping her students organize a walkout in protest of the school’s policies.

Harris is no stranger to controversy. Just  last year she was fired from another Michigan high school for helping students with a fundraiser for the family of Trayvon Martin.

She says she had nothing to do with the walkout, and is being singled out for speaking out against the Education Achievement Authority, the organization that runs the school.

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Allen West Attacks Obama’s Speech; Says He’s Never Been Racially Profiled

Allen West is the latest prominent voice to publicly denounce President Obama’s Trayvon Martin speech last Friday.

According to Mr. West, it was inappropriate to parallel Trayvon Martin’s experienced with the racial profiling the President himself has experiences.

Allen West says he’s never experienced racial profiling because he was a “respectful young man, and maybe that’s something that was missing out of President Obama and Trayvon Martin’s life.”

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John Spooner Gets Life in Prison for Murder of 13-Year Old Darius Simmons

76-year old John Spooner has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 13-year old Darius Simmons.

Spooner shot Simmons in cold blood – in front of his mother – while the young man was taking out the trash. Spooner believed Simmons had stolen guns from his home.

It took a jury less than two hours to find him guilty of 1st-degree intentional homicide.

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Rush Limbaugh: “If any race should not have guilt about slavery, it’s Caucasians”

On his horrific radio show, Rush Limbaugh argued that white people should not have to feel guilty about slavery.

According to Rush, slavery was no where near the worst the world has ever seen; and that white people deserve credit for fighting a war to end it.

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Rachel Jeantel Says She Wants to Be a Lawyer

Rachel Jeantel made an appearance on the Ricky Smiley show last week.

Jeantel blasted the conservative media’s portrayal of Trayvon Martin, calling him “A family guy. I loving person, a good friend. And just somebody to talk to when you need help.”

She also discussed her educational goals; specifically her desire to become an attorney.

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Cornel West: President Obama Is a Global George Zimmerman

Cornel West has joined his radio cohost Tavis Smiley in blasting the POTUS in the wake of his Trayvon Martin speech last Friday.

Speaking with Democracy Now, West called President Obama “a global George Zimmerman” for his use of deadly drone attacks overseas.

From the Huffington Post:

“We know anybody who tries to rationalize the killing of innocent people is a criminal. George Zimmerman is a criminal. But, President Obama is a global George Zimmerman because he tries to rationalize the killing of innocent children, 221 so far, in the name of self-defense… Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen. So when he comes to talk about the killing of an innocent person, you say, well wait a minute, what kind of moral authority are you bringing?”

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Blood On The Leaves (The Corporate Value of Black Bodies)

In the aftermath of the not guilty verdict in the Zimmerman trial, I began to think about how not only is Black death acceptable in America, it’s profitable. Corporations make billions in the trafficking of Black bodies. From music and videos that degrade and dehumanize us, to movies that criminalize us, we’re like disposable products to be used, thrown out, and replaced.

Even more billions are made prosecuting, defending and incarcerating us. Schools have become pipelines to prison, and one the most financially stable businesses in our community are funeral homes. Of course the mainstream media gets its share, with the majority of its coverage centering around scary Black men that should be killed or imprisoned, or another one of us tragically killed like Trayvon.

Being a artist, I decided to put my feelings on paper. I chose to remix Kanye’s song “Blood on the Leaves” because I felt like the sample he used from Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit” is even more relevant today. Whether it’s the over 500 murders last year in Chicago or the 313 Black people killed last year by the police, security guards, and people like Zimmerman. Our blood is on the leaves, and it seems like it’s in best interest of America and these corporations. “Blood On The Leaves Remix” is available for download here

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Gun Advocacy Group Raising Money to Buy Zimmerman a New Gun

An Ohio PAC called the Buckeye Firearms Foundation is raising money to buy George Zimmerman a new gun.

They take issue with the Justice Department’s decision to put a hold on all evidence from the Zimmerman trial until their hate crime investigation is complete; calling it an attack on gun owners.

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Trayvon Martin’s Brother Lands Internship w/ Florida Congresswoman

Amidst the sorrow that has befallen Trayvon Martin’s loved ones, its great to report on some happy news for the family.

Jahvaris Fulton- Trayvon’s brother – has landed an internship at the office of Florida Representative Frederica Wilson.

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Tavis Smiley Blasts President Obama for Trayvon Martin Speech

Tavis Smiley has blasted the President over his Trayvon Martin remarks last Friday, criticizing the amount of time it took him to speak out, and questioning his motives.

On Meet the Press yesterday, Smiley doubled down on this sentiments, arguing that the White House is spinning a false narrative around the POTUS’ actions.

From the Grio:

Smiley began by accusing the president of only speaking out on Trayvon Martin because he was “pushed,” saying: “I appreciate and applaud the fact that the president did finally show up. But this town has been spinning a story that’s not altogether true.

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