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Tom Joyner Offers Rachel Jeantel Full College Scholarship

Radio personality Tom Joyner has offered Rachel Jeantel a full scholarship to the HBCU of her choosing.

Jeantel was the last person to speak with Trayvon Martin before his fatal confrontation with George Zimmerman. Her brave testimony was heavily scrutinized by the public.

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Zimmerman Juror Book Deal Squashed After Online Backlash

Yesterday, we told you about a planned tell-all book by B37; one of the six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman of 2nd degree murder.

Well, those plans have been squashed, thanks to an immediate and relentless backlash from social media users.

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Stevie Wonder, Others Vow to Boycott Florida Until Stand Your Ground is Repealed

Stevie Wonder spoke out on the George Zimmerman verdict at a concert in Quebec, announcing that he will NOT play in Florida until the Stand Your Ground law is repealed.

From the Grio:

“I decided today that until the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law is abolished in Florida, I will never perform there again,” he told the audience. “As a matter of fact, wherever I find that law exists, I will not perform in that state or in that part of the world.”

Wonder joins many others who have signed a petition vowing to boycott Florida tourism until the controversial law is thrown out.

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RACE. JUSTICE. POWER: Through the Lens of the Trayvon Martin Case and Its Relevance to Chicago

The acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Black Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin, has ignited protests and triggered debates about the nature of race, class, gender, violence and power in this country. There have been a flood of emotions surrounding this case, all of which is understandable, but this teach-in is an opportunity to delve into the underlying issues that surround this case and what it represents. It is a point of departure for a discussion of a whole range of pressing issues. We will also explore the implications of the Martin murder and Zimmerman acquittal in light of the ongoing crises of violence, school closings and deteriorating life chances for Black and Brown youth in Chicago.

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Bakari Kitwana: Our Enemy is White Supremacy

When I heard the not guilty verdict announced live, I was attending a national gathering of one hundred 18-30 year-old Black activists in the Chicago area organized by the Black Youth Project. The reaction of the young people in the room to the news that George Zimmerman would not be held accountable by the nation’s criminal justice system will forever be etched on my memory.

Most were shocked. Angry. Outraged. Disappointed. But their tears, outcries and rage were all accompanied with a clear and unflinching determination that this will not be the last word in the battle for justice for Trayvon Martin.

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Imagine if Trayvon Killed George Zimmerman

I decided to put my feeling about the George Zimmerman not guilty verdict into a 16 bar verse. The lyrics are below

Do you wanna know how messed up the system is?

Imagine if Trayvon killed George Zimmerman

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15-Year Old Temar Boggs Hailed as a Hero After Rescuing Missing Girl

A young man from Lancaster, PA is being hailed as a hero after helping to rescue an abducted 5-year old girl.

15 year old Temar Boggs and his friend joined a search party for the missing girl, riding their bikes around the neighborhood.

That’s when they spotted a suspicious vehicle with a little girl inside.

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Zimmerman Trial Juror Set to Write Tell-all Book

Members of the jury that served on the George Zimmerman trial have chosen not to speak to media or reveal their identities, but one juror has already started writing a tell-all book about the experience.

Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial has signed (along with her attorney husband) with literary agent and Martin Literary Management president Sharlene Martin.

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Zimmerman’s Brother Worried About Vigilantes; Wonders if Trayvon Wanted Guns and Weed

In a post-verdict with CNN, George Zimmerman’s brother spoke at length about a variety of issues surrounding the highly-publicized trial.

Robert Zimmerman Jr. told Piers Morgan that George Zimnmerman fears vigilantes, and that Trayvon’s parents have used the “race card.”

From NewsOne:

“There are factions, there are groups, there are people that would want to take the law into their own hands as they perceive it, or be vigilante’s in some sense,” he told Morgan during the live interview.

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Trayvon Martin’s Father Speaks Out on Verdict

Tracy Martin – father of the late Trayvon Martin – released a series of heartfelt tweets in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict.

They read:

God blessed Me & Sybrina with Tray and even in his death I know my baby proud of the FIGHT we along with all of you put up for him GOD BLESS

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