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BREAKING: 3 shot outside Pittsburg high school

Three teens were shot as students were dismissed from a Pittsburgh school Wednesday afternoon.

Police, including members of the SWAT team, surrounded Brashear High School in the town’s Beecview community following the shooting.

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Major crimes unit Lt. Kevin Kraus said [four] people are being taken to headquarters to be questioned by homicide detectives. He did not clarify their connection to the investigation.

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2014 Gates Millennium scholarship applications open now!


The 2014 Gates Millenium Scholarship Online Application is now open.

Each year, Bill Gates awards 1,000 talented and gifted students with a good-through graduation scholarship to use at any college or university of their choice.

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Do We See God or Color?

I remember church.

Choirs sang with the brightest hearts.

Preachers roared and souls looked for fulfillment.

We sat in our seats, eager to hear the word.

We were more than willing to break from our every day pains and sorrows to find solace.

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Dante de Blasio, Malia Obama among TIME’s ‘Most Influential Teens of 2013′


President Barack Obama’s daughter Malia Obama and Dante de Blasio are among TIME Magazine’s “The 16 Most Influential Teens of 2013.” Obama was recognized for her poise and grace when in public, and de Blasio was honored as the latest fashion icon.

From TIME:

Thanks in part to Michelle Obama, [Sasha & Malia] seem to lead as normal lives as they can while still meeting the demands of being in the limelight. Bill de Blasio might be the Mayor-elect of New York, but his 16-year-old son Dante is the city’s latest fashion icon…A junior at Brooklyn Tech, Dante and his sister Chiara (known for her floral headbands) were front and center in their father’s campaign.

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A few of the faces spending life behind bars for nonviolent crimes


The war on drugs is very real. Many of the country’s prison population is serving hard time behind bars due to their involvement in the drug game.

Thousands on inmates are serving Life Without Parole (LWOP) sentences for offenses that are as small as possession of a crack pipe or a smudge of heroin in a bottle cap.

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Report: Many African Americans denied social security benefits


Of the approximately 40 million seniors residing in the U.S., one-tenth, or 4 million are not receiving Social Security old age support. Of that 4 million, one-third are minorities.

That’s according to research found by New America Media.

From New America Media:

In fact, according to the U.S. Census, one-in-six African American, one fifth of Latino—and nearly one-in-three (29 percent) Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) seniors cannot draw on the national retirement pension program to make financial ends meet. 

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Ex-girlfriend sues $338 million Powerball winner


The winner of a $338 million Powerball jackpot is in the middle of a court fight over the money with his former girlfriend.

Pedro Quezada of Passaic, N.J., claimed the prize last spring. His lawyers argue that Inez Sanchez has no claim to the money because the two were never married.

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Woman wins discirmination suit against Detroit casino


Diane Harris is $600,000 richer after a court ruling that a Detroit casino practiced workplace discrimination against the beverage supervisor.

Harris worked at Greektown Casino for ten years, and when a manager’s position became available she applied.

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Orville Lloyd Douglas: ‘why I hate being a black man’

black man

Orville Lloyd Douglas is a black man living in Toronto. He’s 6 feet tall, and has candidly expressed his struggle with a taboo issue. In his article, originally published in The Guardian, Douglas details experiences and circumstances leading up to one key fact. He hates being a black man.

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Marissa Alexander bail hearing set for today


A bail hearing set for a woman who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot over her abusing husband’s head will take place today. Marissa Alexander’s much publicized case was brought to the forefront in light of the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Alexander originally sought stand your ground immunity, but was denied protection. Her sentence was recently overturned by a judge after he found errors in the original trial. 

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