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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Photo of University of Florida Frat Boys Wearing Blackface Ignites Controversy

So this was bound to happen.

In fact, BYP blogger Summer warned you this was going to happen.

A photo of University of Florida frat boys attending a Halloween party in blackface has sparked controversy and intense debate online.

Unsurprisingly, opinions varied on the appropriateness of white people wearing blackface.

Because in 2012, this is somehow still up for debate.

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Memphis Kindergarten Teacher Suspended For Disturbing Facebook Comments About Students

A Memphis kindergarten teacher has been suspended without pay after posting a series of disturbing comments on her facebook page.

Her comments insult her students, suggest that she physically assaulted them, and attack their parents for criticising her work.

From NewsOne:

“How bout I blasted both of them. The girl in my class hair is nappy almost every day and the boy wears dirty clothes, face nasty and can’t even read.

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Superstorm Sandy Hits The East Coast: 17 Dead, Millions Without Power

Massive superstorm Sandy hit the East Coast with a vegeance last night, leaving 17 people dead and millions without power.

From NewsOne:

New York was among the hardest hit, with its financial heart in Lower Manhattan shuttered for a second day and seawater cascading into the still-gaping construction pit at the World Trade Center. President Barack Obama declared a major disaster in the city and Long Island.

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“The Most Important Song You’ll Hear All Year” has called “Don’t Forget About The Hood” by Jasiri X, “the most important song you’ll hear all year“, and “a remarkable music video”. Legendary Hip-Hop journalist Davey D called it, “an incredible song and video“, and award winning journalist and blogger Jesse Muhammad says, “You can always count on Jasiri X to address serious issues one bar at a time.”

Directed by Emmai Alaquiva, “Don’t Forget About The Hood” illustrates how the issues of the poor and urban communities have been all but forgotten in this current election season, and wonders what happened to all of the energy and organizing that took place in the wake of the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin.
Don’t Forget About the Hood” was produced in collaboration with with Da Ricanstrukta providing the powerful soundtrack

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17 Year-Old Rochelle Ballantyne Poised To Become First African American Female Chess Master

17 year-old Rochelle Ballantyne is on the brink of making history.

Should she win matches during next month’s World Youth Chess Championships in Slovenia, she will become the first African American female chess master.

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Spike Lee Fired From James Brown Biopic; Replaced By ‘The Help’ Director

Looks like Spike Lee has gotten the pink slip from the producer of the upcoming James Brown biopic.

Spike Lee will no longer be the writer and director of the highly anticipated James Brown bio-pic. The famed director was fired by producer Brian Grazer who originally hired Lee for the film shortly after Brown’s death in 2006.

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POLL: Majority of Americans Are Racist Against Black People

Unsurprisingly, a recent AP poll finds that racial prejudice in the US has not improved since the election of Barack Obama.

51 percent of respondents expressed explicit anti-black sentiments, and 52 percent expressed explicit anti-Hispanic sentiments.

This is actually an increase from a similar poll conducted in 2008.

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The Price of the Ticket

As much as I’d like to make today’s post an extension of last week’s racist Halloween costume checklist by including entries such as, “Is this costume one of Oprah’s favorite things?” I think it’s best to say a word or two about the upcoming Nina Simone biopic.

Late last week, images of Zoe Saldana as Simone began circulating the internet. And they were even more cringe worthy than my pessimist self had been expecting. Saldana’s face looked as if the makeup artist had been practicing some sort of patchy blackface in anticipation of (racist-ass) Halloween or working under the incorrect assumption that Saldana was playing Al Jolson’s great-great-grand niece in a horror flick. I don’t know. What is clear, though, is that the pictures have given no one who cares any sort of “relief.” In fact, the pictures are now serving as the current target of our collective vitriol.

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Weekly News Roundup

Top News Stories About Black Youth from Across the Nation: October 22 – 28

Every week, the Black Youth Project collects the top news stories about black youth from across the country. Click here to check out our archive of weekly news round-ups, and check back every Monday for a new roundup of headlines about young black America.

Ivy League Schools Don’t Reflect U.S. Minority Ratios
Rosa Ramirez, National Journal, 10/24/12

The Ivy schools generally fall short in mirroring the national minority population, which 16.7 percent Latino, 13.1 percent black, 5.6 percent Asian, and 1.7 percent Native American, according to government data.

Columbia University had the largest share of Latinos at 13.2 percent, while Yale had the fewest, at 8 percent.

Minority recruiting and enrollment has been uneven at these schools. At Cornell University, for instance, the share of Latino undergraduate students stagnated at less than 6 percent between 2000 and 2010. But the proportion rose dramatically in 2011, to 9.4 percent, partly because the university adopted additional ethnic and racial categories. Blacks have remained at or under 5.6 percent for the past 40 years, university data show.



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Bullied 15 Year-Old Girl Killed After Jumping In Front of Train

15 year-old Felicia Garcia jumped to her death in front of over 200 of her classmates after weeks of bullying.

Garcia allegedly engaged in a sexual encounter with multiple members of the varsity football team at a party after a game. She was brutally bullied in the days that followed.

Her final tweet said simply: “I cant, im done, I give up”

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