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A song in memory of Trayvon Martin


There are still quite a few of us who remain focused on the Trayvon Martin incident despite his killer walking free.

Gina Loring is one of them.

The Los Angeles-based singer’s track, “For Trayvon Martin,” explores the idea of what the young man could’ve been had he not been killed last year.

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Film festival aims to show there’s more to Englewood than violence

Mark Harris

This year, Film Director & 1555 Filmworks Founder Mark Harris will put on the third annual Englewood International Film Festival.

The southwest Chicago neighborhood has had its share of negative press, with most media outlets only covering gang activity and crime.

But Mark Harris wants to make a name for the “under-served but growing area.”

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Hampton University student carries papers to prove she can wear a hijab


A Hampton University student says she has to prove that she is Muslim in order to attend school.

Melona Clarke wears a hijab as part of her faith, but if she doesn’t have documentation to prove it, she will get kicked off campus.

From WTKR:

“I went to go get my ID in the police office, and I was in the front of the line and I was told that I would not be able to get my ID because I wear a hijab,” said Melona Clarke. In order to wear the hijab, or the head scarf many Muslim women choose to wear, Clarke was told she not only had to get a letter from the school chaplain but her mosque. NewsChannel 3 took a look at the school’s dress code and it shows, “caps and hoods for women” are not allowed, but that “does not apply to headgear considered as a part of religious or cultural dress.” But there is a separate policy in order to wear the religious headgear stating students, “May make a written request for a review through the Office of the Chaplain,” and “students who are approved will then have their new ID card picture taken.”

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Couple donates $10 million to keep Head Start programs running during shutdown


More than 50 Head Start programs were forced to shut their doors on October 1 as a result of the shutdown.

But two philanthropists have donated $10 million to keep the nation’s Head Start programs running.

Laura and John Arnold offered the emergency funding to the National Head Start Association so the programs can remain open.

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Lauryn Hill goes on tour, delays house arrest


Last week, we reported that Lauryn Hill was recently released after serving a prison sentence for tax evasion. Hill was supposed to be under house arrest for three months, but now a judge has granted her permission to delay house arrest so that she can go on tour.

From BET:

Ms. Hill ended her three-month prison stint for tax evasion last Friday (Oct. 4) and plans to begin a series of live shows from Nov. 15 through the end of the year. [...] while Hill is required to log dates, locations and other details with her probation officer, the site says her three-month home confinement will now begin on New Year’s Day.

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Clip of the Day

Dee 1 gives back to homeless in new video

dee 1

Dee 1 is more than a rap artist. He’s an activist.

His latest video “Walking Revolution” shows the world just how much the New Orleans artist cares about his community.

From Dee 1 Youtube:

“7 out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.” This video/set of actions was meant to shine light into the lives of these homeless individuals from New Orleans and provide a platform for this issue to gain more attention. #WalkingRevolution”

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Book celebrates positive image of black dads

Usually black dads aren’t the first to be associated with the father of the year award.

But we know that for every negative image of an African American father that we see, there’s a black man out there who deserves to be celebrated.

One book is doing just that.

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Scott administration admits to voter purge flaws

When Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s administration announced new voting requirements for the state last year, civil rights groups and local officials protested.

The groups said that African Americans and Latinos would be unfairly targeted and not be able to vote.

Turns out they were right.

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Police kill man after family calls ambulance for him

The family of Jack Lamar Roberson never thought that he would be gunned down by police when they sought medical attention for the diabetic.

But that’s exactly what happened when an ambulance was called for Roberson.

Georgia police say they were responding to a report of an attempted suicide. While en route, they were told the man was combative.

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Study: Black men less likely to run in white neighborhoods

A University of Maryland professor discovered some shocking statistics about the practices of black runners.

Rashawn Ray, Ph.D, found that black men are less likely to run outside if they live in a predominantly white neighborhood.

The opposite was true for black women.

From Runner’s World:

Ray surveyed 500 college-educated African-Americans living in urban and suburban areas across the United States in 2011 to explore why middle-class blacks were less physically active than their Caucasian peers. “Research has shown that the higher one’s social class, the more likely she or he is to be physically active,” says Ray. “Black men are criminalized by the inability of others to separate a black male from crime.”

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