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Family says evidence in Kendrick Johnson case has been ‘tampered with’


In the most recent report regarding the mysterious death of Georgia teen Kendrick Johnson, the coroner blasted the handling of the initial investigation. 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead inside a rolled up gym mat at his high school in January.

While police initially ruled the death an accident, his family suspects foul play, and has demanded that authorities look further into the investigation. In addition to the coroner’s disapproval of the case’s handling, Johnson’s family suspects that a video of the incident has been tampered with.

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News Flash

U.S. Census: 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty

According to most recent data collected by the U.S. Census, 1 in 6 Americans are living in poverty. The number of poor people in the country is 3 million higher than the official count.

Out-of-pocket medical costs and work related expenses are believed to be the main causes for more people entering the lower income bracket. The data is part of a new measure released by the Census, which is aimed at providing a fuller picture of poverty in the country.

Congress would have to agree to adopt the new data, which would result in a higher poverty rate from year to year, as well as higher government payouts for aid programs.

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News Flash

Chicago police officer who shot unarmed man acquitted


Officer Gildardo Sierra will not be charged in the shooting death of Flint Farmer. After reviewing video footage of the incident, Cook County prosecutors said that the officer “reasonably mistook a cellphone for a gun pointed at him on a darkened street.

Sierra admitted that he drank multiple beers before reporting to work on the night of the shooting.

From Chicago Tribune:

The death of Flint Farmer in June 2011 was the third shooting — the second fatal shooting — in six months by Officer Gildardo Sierra, a patrolman in the Englewood district. It was so disturbing that it prompted police Superintendent Garry McCarthy to tell the Tribune that he considered the shooting a “big problem” and to acknowledge the department had erred by allowing Sierra back on the street given the previous shootings.

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News Flash

Teen suspended from school for ripping out Bible pages


A Texas teen has been suspended from school for ripping apart the Bible during a protest. While speaking out for gay rights in class, 18-year-old Birdville High School senior Isaiah Smith tore pages from the holy book to make a point.

As a result, he was suspended from school for three days.

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News Flash

Unarmed teen shot dead on ISU campus after police chase


A man called police to report a stolen vehicle, now he’s planning for a funeral. James Comstock called authorities after his 19-year-old son Tyler stole his vehicle to go purchase cigarettes.

Ames County Police Officer Adam McPherson pursued Comstock, and during the chase Comstock rammed McPherson’s car. McPherson fired six shots into the vehicle after Comstock refused to turn off the engine.

From Des Moines Register:

During the chase, an unidentified Ames police staffer twice suggested that police back off their pursuit, according to dispatch audio obtained by the Register through a third-party service.  Tyler Comstock’s step-grandfather, Gary Shepley, 65, of Cambridge, said “hard, tough questions” need to be asked about the police’s actions.

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News Flash

Jay Z buys Robinson Cano $34,000 watch, investigated for unethical practices


Just as the star is digging himself out of the hole created by his affiliation with Barneys New York, it looks like Jay Z has gotten himself in more hot water.

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur gifted a $34,000 watch to New York Yankees free agent Robinson Cano on his 31st birthday. The five-time All-Star received the limited-edition Classic Fusion Shawn Carter watch by Hublot during a party in Belgium on Oct. 22.

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News Flash

Brazil’s president wants to reserve 20% of jobs in country for blacks

Brazil had more African slaves on its shores than any other country in North America.

The country’s president plans to ask congress to pass legislation that would reserve 20 percent of the nation’s government jobs for blacks.

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News Flash

Rev. Al Sharpton to address gun violence, speak with students in Chicago


Rev. Al Sharpton was serious about moving to Chicago to continue efforts that curb gun violence in the city. So serious that he actually rented an apartment on Chicago’s west side.

Now, the civil rights activists is turning his attention to a group of students at Frazier International Magnet School.

In conjunction with the National Action Network and Education for a Better America, Sharpton will highlight the achievements of the school and develop a plan to help its students.

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News Flash

Bus driver fired for leading students in prayer

A Minnesota school bus driver has been fired after leading kids in prayers while driving.

George Nathaniel, 49, had already been warned of his praying. He was also reassigned for practicing what he calls “freedom of speech.”

From Gawker:

Nathaniel, also a pastor for two Minneapolis churches, argues that firing him “for praying for the safety of the children” isn’t right.  Nathaniel prayed during the seven-minute ride to school after the last child got on board.“We start out with a song,” he said. “Then each person will pray if they want to pray. If they don’t want to pray, they don’t have to pray. Then I will pray and ask them if they want to join me in prayer. Just give them something constructive and positive to go to school with.”

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News Flash

Englewood residents demand that gas station gets proper sign

gas station

A neighborhood group on Chicago’s south side  is urging community members to protest a gas station.

The Resident Association of Greater Englewood  passed out fliers to customers frequenting K & D Fuel on 6700 S. Ashland.

Why? Because of the station’s “disrespectful” signage.

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