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NYPD Claims Man Killed Himself by Running into Stopped Police Car, Contradicting Earlier Report

Last year, 27 year-old Brooklyn resident Tamon Robinson was killed after being chased by a police cruiser.

In a police report filed a week after the incident, it is clearly stated that the police vehicle hit Robinson.

But now, despite multiple eye witness stories and the initial police report; the NYPD has made an about-face, claiming that Robinson killed himself by running into a stopped police car:

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Two Harper High School Students Awarded Gates Millennium Scholarships!

Chicago’s Harper High School has been in the news recently for both violence and the FLOTUS recent visit to the campus to talk about anti-violence.

Now, the school is in the news because two of its students, Deonte Tanner and Brittney Knight, are Harper High’s first Gates Millennium Scholars.

Each year, Gates Millennium Scholarship Program awards 1,000 students with “good-through-graduation” scholarships.

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Word to Antoine Dodson: ‘Hide Yo Kids’ from Police in Schools!

By Maurice Green

Though a trivial YouTube superstar, for the purpose of this discussion, Antoine Dodson provided some insightful advice when he said, “HIDE YO KIDS!”


The police have invaded our schools.

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Mississippi Mayoral Candidate Admits to Past Life as a Prostitute

Vicksburg, Mississippi mayoral candidate Linda Fondren has admitted to working as a prostitute 30 years ago.

She says her current husband was one of her clients; together they owned the Sagebrush Ranch brothel in Nevada until it was sold in 1992.

According to Fondren, she only became a working girl after a pregnancy at 14, and after her mother died from cancer.

She believes her past should not disqualify her from public office, and hopes her success will inspire others to turn their lives around.

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George Bush Says “There’s No Need to Defend Myself” Regarding Legacy

As the unveiling of his presidential library approaches, former President George W. Bush is doubling down on his legacy.

In an interview with USA Today, Bush asserted that he has no reason to apologize for or defend any of his actions (or inaction) during his controversial presidency.

Friends and relatives say Bush is “totally at peace” with his time in office.

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Lauryn Hill’s Sentencing Postponed; Has Two Weeks to Pay $504,000 in Back Taxes

Lauryn Hill was set to be sentenced today for tax evasion; she failed to report $1.8 million in income during 2005, 2006 and 2007.

But Ms. Hill caught a break.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo has postponed sentencing, and given her two weeks to come up with $504,000 in back taxes.

If she does not pay that amount by May 6th, Hill faces 24-30 months in jail.

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If You’re Not Actively Working for Peace, You Ain’t Hip-Hop

Boots Riley from the Coup, Jasiri X, and Mark Gonzales at the Run It Back: Remembering and Reimagining Hip-Hop as Social Activism panel in San Francisco (Photo by Open Line Media) 

Last week we celebrated the birthdays of 2 of Hip-Hop’s founding fathers and icons, DJ Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. This got me reflecting on the origins of Hip-Hop and how far we’ve gotten away from them. Afrika Bambaataa defined Hip-Hop as Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun. He used Hip-Hop to unite the gangs in New York City and give the youth in poor communities a outlet besides fighting and drug abuse. Most of what is being marketed to our children as Hip-Hop, is in fact the very opposite.

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African Students Awarded $25,000 for Inventing Soap That Stops Spread of Malaria

Two African students- Gérard Niyondiko and Moctar Dembélé – have been awarded $25,000 for inventing a soap that repels mosquitoes.

The soap is intended to stop the spread of malaria, which is among the leading causes of death in Central Africa.

They were awarded this year’s Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) $25,000 Grand Prize for their remarkable efforts.

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Chicago Violence: 3 Dead, 13 Wounded Over the Weekend

Gun violence in Chicago left 3 dead and 13 wounded over the weekend.

As the summer approaches, the violence will likely increase.

We must find a way to stem the tide of violence in Chicago.

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Golf Prodigy Ginger Howard is Youngest Member of LPGA

Many of us may not be familiar with the name Ginger Howard; but that may quickly change in the coming month.

At just 18 years-old, golf prodigy Ginger Howard is the youngest member of the LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association).

And her younger sister Robi (16) may be right behind her.

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