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Living & Driving While Black Foundation seeks to end racial profiling


It’s no secret that being black in America is dangerous. So dangerous to the point that an organization is dedicating itself to ending racial profiling.

And its name is a very intentional reminder why they exist.

The Living & Driving While Black Foundation was founded in 2005 by former National Action Network and NAACP Moline chapter President David L. Lowery Jr. as:

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Don Lemon: ‘Adrian Peterson more MIA than MVP’


During an interview on “The Tom Joyner Morning Show,” CNN Anchor Don Lemon wasted no time voicing his opinion on Adrian Peterson’s parenting skills.

The NFL running back lost his 2-year-old son after he was tragically beaten by his mother’s boyfriend.

From Black America Web:

“This Adrian Peterson secret love child beating death story has been really bothering me. Bothering me obviously because the boy was just two years old and was allegedly beaten to death by his mom’s boyfriend who was not the child’s father. Bothering me also because the dead boy’s father is Minnesota Vikings star running back Adrian Petersonan NFL MVP, who appears to be more MIA, than MVP…

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Video: RYSE Center students dedicate video to Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and other slain youth


A group of young artists from Richmond, Ca. are speaking out about the impact that the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant, Israel Hernandez and others whose lives were tragically cut short.

Tired of being ignored, silenced, judged and criminalized, these youth decided to voice their thoughts on how they are viewed and treated in society. The young artists demonstrated courage to speak their minds, making the world see them for who they really are and not a stereotype.

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President signs bill ending shutdown


For now, the government shutdown is over. President Obama signed a bill ending the 16 day partial shutdown of the country’s government. The bill also temporarily raises the debt ceiling.

More than two weeks of arguments between political parties resulted in 800,000 government employees being forced to go on furlough.

They will now return to work Thursday.

From CNN:

Lawmakers worked precariously close to the midnight debt ceiling deadline amid warnings the government could run out of money to pay its bills if it didn’t raise the debt ceiling. The GOP-led House gave the final stamp of approval to the Senate-brokered bill, passing it easily late Wednesday night. But it wasn’t Republicans who made it happen; a majority of that party’s caucus actually voted against the measure, which only passed because of overwhelming Democratic support.

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A young orphan’s plea for adoption


Davion Navar Henry Only is 15 years old. While most teens his age desire the next “it” item, he just wants a family.

So on Sunday, his case worker drove him to the local church in St. Petersburg.

Dressed in a black suit, Davion entered the doors of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church in hopes of walking out as part of someone’s family.

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Video billboard compares Obama to Hitler


A video billboard portraying President Obama as Hitler has been removed.

The sign was housed at Kendallville, Indiana’s Cornerstone Plaza.

From NewsChannel 15:

…crew drove to Kendallville on Tuesday and the sign portraying President Barack Obama with an Adolf Hitler mustache and the message “Impeach Obama” appeared to have been removed. The sign caused much controversy in the city. ”The first thing I thought of with that little mustache of Hitler, I didn’t like it,” said Billy Wright, of Kendallville.

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BREAKING: Senate reaches tentative deal to end shutdown


Senate leaders have reached a deal to end the government shutdown.

The deal will result in reopening the government and avoiding a potential U.S. default.

From CNN:

Exact details of the Senate plan were not known. Nor was it clear how the Senate and House would proceed in considering the measure. Both chambers would have to take special steps to get the legislation passed and to President Barack Obama’s desk before the government’s ability to borrow money expires on Thursday. 

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BET founder Robert L. Johnson to receive highest form of recognition in media


Black Entertainment Television (BET) Founder Robert L. Johnson will be inducted into the 2013 Giants of Broadcasting Honors, an annual distinction established by the Library of American Broadcasting.

The award is the highest award recognition in media.

From RLJ Companies:

In 1991, under Mr. Johnson’s leadership, BET became the first African American-owned company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, Mr. Johnson sold BET to Viacom and remained the Chief Executive Officer through 2006. Today, Mr. Johnson owns or holds interests in business operations that include automotive, hotel real estate investment, financial services, sports and entertainment.

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Harry Belafonte sues Dr. Martin Luther King’s heirs over possessions


Performer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte, who has made headlines recently with his spat with Jay-Z, is once again making the news.

This time, it’s because Mr. Belafonte has decided to sue the late Dr. Martin Luther King’s heirs.

Mr. Belafonte’s suit is in reference to three documents, photos and letters that chronicled his long friendship with King.

Belafonte says the items were given to him by King himself, his widow Coretta Scott King and Dr. King’s close aide Stanley Levison.

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Student-led organization speaks up for quality education


All eyes have been on Chicago’s education woes for quite some time now. With the closing of 50+ schools, the City of Chicago, the Chicago Teachers Union, community members and the like have something to say about how to fix the broken system.

One student-led organization wants in on the fight, but according to Students for Education Reform Illinois (SFER-IL), the fight is the problem.

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