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WOKE UP BLACK Documentary Screening at Chicago Cultural Center Oct. 24th

Woke Up Black to screen at Chicago Cultural Center on October 24

In Q&A with NPR’s Cheryl Corley, youth discuss their personal stories and the importance of the 2012 vote

WHAT:             Complimentary screening of compelling documentary by Chicago filmmaker and activist Mary F. Morten, nominated for 2012 Black Excellence Award for Film Direction. Morten and two youth featured in the film will be on-hand for a pre-screening reception and a post-screening discussion moderated by NPR’s Cheryl Corley.

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LISTEN: Check Out Kevin Coval’s ‘Chicago (KEEF)’

Check out Kevin Coval’s fascinating new poem, “Chicago (KEEF).”

A re-imagining of Carl Samburg’s classic piece “Chicago,” Coval examines the media’s handling of Chief Keef and the horrific violence plaguing the Windy City. It is reportedly the final poem of Coval’s forthcoming collection “More Shit Chief Keef Don’t Like.”

Below is both a recording of the poem (produced by Saba of Pivot), and the text of “Chicago (KEEF).

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Meet Sosan Firooz, Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper

NewsOne has a great write-up on 23 year old Sosan Firooz, Afghanistan’s first female rapper.

The popularity of Hip Hop music and culture is steadily increasing throughout her homeland, but Firooz is truly the first of her kind. Her work speaks to the repression of women, war, and childhood trauma she experienced as a refugee in Iran.

Though Afghan society frowns upon female performers, Firooz is unfazed.

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Caught on Tape: A Horrific Recording of the ‘Stop and Frisk’ Policy In Action

A recording of the much maligned Stop and Frisk tactic used by police in cities like San Francisco and New York has been shared with The Nation.

In 2011, a Harlem youth was stopped by officers.

He recorded the incident on his cell phone:

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VIDEO: Obama’s Latest Campaign Ad; f/ BIG BIRD

The Obama Reelection campaign just unleashed their latest campaign ad, and it features a very special guest.

Playing up Mitt Romney’s intention to defund PBS, the ad asserts that rather than dealing with the dangerous greed and corruption on Wall Street, Romney wants to police Sesame Street.

From Loop 21:

“The Obama campaign hopes to warn voters of a “big, yellow… menace to our economy.” Big Bird, that is.

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Supreme Court To Decide The Fate of Affirmative Action

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas.

Legal experts and activists say the case could lead to the end of affirmative action in higher education.

Arguments for getting rid of affirmative action assume that we live in a colorblind world, where simply declaring race-blind admissions results in equal opportunity for all applicants.

And as an article by Victor Goode at Colorlines explains, the current makeup of the Supreme Court is one that will likely agree with such an assertion.

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Michigan Congressional Candidate Running On Platform of White Supremacy

More outrageously racist political news.

Daniel Johnson is currently running for an open congressional seat in Michigan. He reportedly even has ties to Rep. Ron Paul.

His platform: environmental protection and white supremacy.

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An Ode to Derrick R.O.S.E.

By Joshua A

My first love was hoopin. In my younger days, all I wanted to do is play basketball.

I would go for walks around the neighborhood, dribbling the ball for miles. My friends and I spent hours in my driveway on 105th & Wood playing endless pick up games. In the summer, I’d wake up to the sound of the guys shooting on my rim. I’d throw on some shorts and a tee to go outside to ball with them, pretty much the entire day. There were several times we even conquered the elements by playing in the pouring rain, or shoveling the snow so we could ball in Chicago’s freezing winters.

When my friends weren’t around, I ‘d practice for hours at a time. I’d shoot jumpers, yelling “Kobe” on the release, or work on my go-to-moves, imitating Scottie Pippen’s between the leg change of pace blow-by. I’d get angry at invisible defenders talking trash to me, getting a sense of revenge when I blew past them. I would work on my left hand, wanting to be like Michael Redd. I’d practice either until my mother said it was dinner time or until she told me to stop because she wanted me to be mindful of the neighbors.

I had some friends who were in gangs and were doing some things (won’t get into that), but for the most part, no one tried to get me to join a gang or get me into trouble, because I was a hooper. It’s kind of an unwritten rule that if you’re a good student or if you play sports, you get a free pass. People leave you alone.

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Christopher Columbus, The Ultimate “Illegal”

How ironic that the very people pushing the dangerous propaganda that undocumented immigrants are coming into the United States stealing jobs and committing crimes, are today celebrating Columbus Day.  Yes, Christopher Columbus, the man who got lost, then “discovered” a kind and peaceful group of people,he decided to murder, rape, torture, and enslave, in order to steal their land and all of their belongings.

But what Columbus did wasn’t illegal, because he did it in the name of white supremacy, right? Plus, he set the stage for the eventual founding of the United States, which lead to the murder, rape, torture and enslavement of hundreds of millions of Africans and the mass genocide of the Native Americans.

This extreme hypocrisy was the basis of the song “Who’s Illegal?” featuring my brother and fellow MC, Rhymefest.

Let’s use this day to tell the truth about Columbus, and a great place to start is this section from, “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn, titled, CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE INDIANS

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Arkansas Rep. Jon Hubbard: Slavery Was ‘Blessing in Disguise’ For Blacks

Arkansas Republican Rep Jon Hubbard is in hot water for some outrageously ignorant views.

Among them: Slavery was a blessing in disguise for Black people, black students generally lack discipline and ambition, and integration resulted in white students dropping “to the level of black students.”

From the Grio:

Hubbard writes:

… the institution of slavery that the black race has long believed to be an abomination upon its people may actually have been a blessing in disguise. The blacks who could endure those conditions and circumstances would someday be rewarded with citizenship in the greatest nation ever established upon the face of the Earth.” (pages 183-89)

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