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Will Marissa Alexander be Pardoned?

As controversy surrounding Florida’s Stand Your Ground law persists, much attention has been paid to the shocking case of Marissa Alexander.

Alexander fired a warning shot during an altercation with her abusive husband. The shot did not hit anyone; and although Alexander was in fear for her safety, Stand Your Ground did not save her. She received 20 years in prison.

A growing chorus of voices are calling for Alexander to be pardoned.

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HBO Comedy Series Starring Issa Rae in the Works

Issa Rae is reportedly collaborating with Larry Wilmore on a HBO comedy series.

The show will have a premise similar to her hit webseries “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl.”

Rae will star in the series as well.

From Deadline:

The project focuses on the awkward experiences and racy tribulations of a modern day African-American woman. These are also themes Rae has tackled in her successful webseries, The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl. Wilmore will executive produce with 3 Arts, which manages both him and Rae, while Rae will co-executive produce.

Rae, recently named to Forbes’ “30 under 30” list, is writing a memoir/collection of personal essays to be published by HarperCollins. Last season, she penned a comedy script for ABC and Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland.

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Ebony Magazine Dedicates September Issue to Trayvon Martin w/ Four Covers

Ebony Magazine is dedicating their September issue to Trayvon Martin.

The magazine will feature four covers honoring the memory of Trayvon Martin. Three covers feature celebrity dads Spike Lee, Dwanye Wade, and Boris Kodjoe posing with their sons in hoodies.

The final cover is the parents of Trayvon Martin, and Trayvon’s younger brother Jahvaris.

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Dream Defenders’ Occupation of Florida Capitol Enters 4th Week

If you thought the movement for justice for Trayvon Martin had lost its momentum, you thought wrong.

The Dream Defenders’ occupation of the Florida state capitol has entered its fourth week.

They’re calling for passage of Trayvon’s Law; a comprehensive piece of legislation designed to combat the systemic racism that funnels black and brown youth into prison, or into the ground.

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Negro League Players Honored by President Obama

Yesterday, President Obama honored former Negro League players for their contributions to African American history.

Veterans of the league were celebrated for their strength and endurance, and for paving the way for future African Americans professional athletes.

Minnie Forbes, the only living female owner of a Negro League team, compared how different the White House event was to the conditions teams faced in the 1940s and 50s.

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Black August

My generation has started both online/offline revolutions in 2013. Yes, that’s right. The twerking, selfie photo obsessed, and tweet happy children of the late eighties and early nineties have found it in our hearts and minds to stand for the social, political, and spiritual liberation of all oppressed people. In an age where folks shun us for our sagging pants, we’ve learned how to elevate above the rhetoric through our work on the ground. Whether it’s the Dream Defenders occupying the Florida State Capitol building to push for a change in public policy, or the Bois of Baltimore providing a safe space for womyn who identify as masculine-of-center to build an uplifting and transformative movement; young people of color have made it very clear that we are willing to fight for what we believe in.

This year many folks in Generation X are observing Black August. Don’t believe me? Just check #blackaugust on Twitter to see the discourse. This month and year mark the 33rd anniversary of the existence and observance of Black August, the movement that honors the radical resistance, resilience, and collective action of Afrikan peoples of the Diaspora. From the Haitian Revolution, to Underground Railroad, to the March on Washington, to the Watts uprisings, people of color have been resisting colonization for centuries. As we continue to develop and grow our revolutionary movement built on the foundation provided by our foremothers and forefathers, we must  not forget the sacrifices that were made by them.

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Donald Trump Confused about Why Blacks Can Say ‘Cracker’ but Whites Can’t Use the N-word

During an episode of Fox & Friends, Donald Trump complained that African American Democrats can say “cracker”, but when a white person uses the N-word it’s a scandal.

This came after a report of Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) making a comment about the tea party being the “same white crackers” who fought against the civil rights movement.

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U.S. Distributor for Australian Film ‘The Sapphires’ Apologizes for Racist, Sexist DVD Cover

According to the Huffington Post, the U.S. distributor for the Australian film ‘The Sapphires’ has since apologized after the film’s DVD cover was blasted as racist and sexist.

Though the film centers around the true story of a 1960s Aboriginal girl group, the cover relegates them to a blue-tinted background and places their white manager in the center.

From The Age:

London-based American blogger MaryAnn Johanson wrote on her site flickfilosopher.com on Tuesday that the artwork “is a problem”, suggesting Anchor Bay had both “dick-washed and whitewashed The Sapphires”.


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Two Texas Women Sue State Troopers After Roadside Body Cavity Searches

Two women are filing a lawsuit after being subjected to roadside body cavity searches by Texas State Troopers.

The searches were performed during  routine traffic stops by female officers. And though the practice seems outrageous, it’s being asserted by lawyers and civil rights advocates that roadside cavity searches are actually standard policy in Texas.

Victims Angel and Ashley Dobbs recounted their harrowing story:

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14-Year Old Shaaliver Douse Shot and Killed by NYPD

14-year old Shaaliver Douse was shot and killed by police after ignoring commands to drop his weapon.

Last Sunday, The Bronx teen was allegedly seen by police shooting at an unidentified man. After their demands that he drop the weapon were ignored, Shaaliver was killed by a gunshot to the lower jaw.

Mayor Bloomberg and the NYPD say the shooting was justified; but Douse’s family are devastated, and they aren’t buying the official police story.

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