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Chris Brown speaks out in support of gay rights

Chris Brown’s Twitter is always in the spotlight, and it’s usually because of controversial statements made by the singer.

But this week, he tweeted in support of gay rights to a campaign in Africa:

“Love is not a crime. Gay or straight. Love who you wanna love. Stop the hate and sign here. bit.ly/19BPABf #unity.

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Breaking: President Obama to meet with congress about government shutdown


President Barack Obama has invited congressional leaders to the White House to discuss reopening the government. The country is currently in its second day of a government shutdown as a result of a stalemate over a spending measure that funds the government and provisions in Obamacare.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and other Republicans have grumbled that Democrats refuse to negotiate on the healthcare reforms. 

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Passenger who used racial slur, hit baby set for trial

The man accused of slapping a crying baby on a Delta Airlines plane is set to go on trial Thursday.

Joe Rickey Hundley is charged with misdemeanor simple assault for allegedly hitting a 19-month-old boy during a flight in February.

From Newsone:

Authorities say Hundley used a racial slur to refer to the 19-month-old boy and then hit him under the right eye as the flight from Minneapolis began its descent to the Atlanta airport. Hundley, who has pleaded not guilty, faces up to a year in prison if convicted.

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Man freed after spending 41 years in solitary confinement

71-year-old Herman Wallace is now a free man after spending 41 years in solitary confinement.

 U.S. District Chief Judge Brian Jackson denied Louisiana’s motion seeking to block his earlier order overturning Wallace’s 1974 murder conviction in the death of guard Brent Miller.

Jackson has also ordered a new trial due to women being constitutionally excluded from the grand jury that indicted Wallace.

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NYC’s Leticia James makes history as first black woman to hold citywide office

Letitia James has just made history. James, a councilwoman who represents Brooklyn, has essentially won the position of Public Advocate in New York City.

James beat State Senator Daniel Squadron in a runoff. Since there is no Republican candidate, James has won the position.

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Pennsylvania professor: ‘Government shutdown due to GOP racism’

Anthea Butler is an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She’s quite famous for calling God a racist after the George Zimmerman verdict.

Now the instructor is making headlines for her views on why the government shutdown is happening. 

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Young activists speak out against racial injustice in America with new project

The George Zimmerman verdict shook the black population, striking a massive blow to our hope. It also sparked activism in our communities in protest of the ruling.

Ciara Allen and Anique Hameed are the masterminds behind “The Mountaintop,” a project that seeks to empower young black men and women to speak out against America’s biased justice system.

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African American landmarks affected by the government shutdown


Several historical landmarks were forced to close Tuesday due to the government shutdown.

The Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Underground Railroad and Frederick Douglass National Historic Site are all unavailable to the public.

Congress failed to agree yesterday on the debt-ceiling, a spending bill that funds the government.

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Clip of the Day

Clip of the Day: 7th graders Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins are two dope punk rock artists


Two young boys are on a mission to literally rock your socks off.

Their band, Unlocking the Truth, is a punk rock band based in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Malcolm Brickhouse & Jarad Dawkins perform songs they’ve written about love, school and everyday life.

The metal heads have recently been joined by Alec Atkins who plays new bass, and they sound nothing like your average child band. 

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UPDATE: Rape complaint filed against pastor by wife of shooter

Officials are discovering more details that could lead to a motive in the shooting death of a Louisiana pastor.

Pastor Ronald Harris was killed in front of his congregation on Friday evening by 53-year-old Woodrow Karey.

Information about the pastor and his relationship with Karey’s wife has emerged.

From NBC:

Investigators are looking into the possibility that the alleged gunman, Woodrow Karey, 53, shot Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. after discovering correspondence on his wife’s cell phone between the woman and Harris, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, said Monday. And two days prior to the shooting, Karey’s wife filed rape charges against Harris, according to Sheriff’s office.

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