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NYC Barney’s accused of racism by a second shopper


Yesterday we broke news of 19-year-old Trayon Christian’s arrest for shopping while black at a NYC Barney’s.

Turns out that he isn’t the only young black person who has been discriminated against at the store.

Kayla Phillips, 21, told the Daily News that four plainclothes cops accused her of credit card fraud after she purchased a $2,500 designer bag from the department store.

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Officer who pepper-sprayed students at peaceful protest awarded $38,000


In 2011, students at University of California-Davis who were peacefully protesting were attacked with pepper spray by a campus police officer.

Now, John Pike will receive more than $38,000 in workers compensation after being diagnosed as having a disability.

From Davis Enterprise:

Pike, 40, of Roseville, reportedly suffered depression and anxiety brought on by death threats he and his family received after the Nov. 18, 2011, confrontation at an Occupy UC Davis encampment. Bernie Goldsmith, a Davis lawyer supportive of the protesters, said that the settlement “sends a clear message to the next officer nervously facing off with a group of passive, unarmed students: Go on ahead. Brutalize them. Trample their rights. You will be well taken care of.”

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School ask students, parents to sign ‘no twerking’ pledge


A Washington state high school is asking students and their parents to sign an agreement that bans twerking and other sexually suggestive dances during school events.

River Ridge High School in Lacey sent home the dance contract earlier this month.


The contract outlines various examples of “inappropriate dancing,” as well as consequences that will incur following a student violation. Punishments range from a warning to removal from a dance and ban on future dances.

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16-year-old cheerleader breaks Guinness World Record


A South Fulton County, Georgia cheerleader broke a category in the Guinness World Records. 16-year-old Mikayla Clark of Westlake High School broke the record of most consecutive back hangsprings.

The previous record was 36, Clark did 44.

From Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Mikayla, who’s been cheering since age 4, is also a cheerleader for the Georgia All Stars Competition Squad. On Mikayla’s record achievement, coach Clark said, “I’m very proud of her.” Coach Clark expects Mikayla’s official certificate from Guinness World Records to arrive this week.

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Dutch natives protest “Black Pete” criticism


On Monday, we broke news of a protest happening in the Netherlands against the country’s long-standing Christmas tradition honoring Sinterklass, the Dutch version of Santa Claus.

Critics took issue with the clown-like helpers called “Zwarte Pieten” or “Black Petes.”

Today, the natives of the Netherlands are using social media to strike back with an online petition to preserve the tradition.

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Coming out as biracial: One woman’s story


From Left to Right: Stephanie and her sister

If we were to judge Stephanie Georgopulos based on her appearance, we’d think she was white.

And we would be half correct. Just a few months ago, the Gawker contributor “came out” as biracial.

She was having dinner with a co-worker. “I’m a Capricorn,” she’d said. ‘Yeah…my mom’s black,’ I responded,” writes Stephanie.

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VIDEO: A powerful message


Many African Americans don’t have the luxury of seeing parts of the world. A lot of us haven’t even been out of the confines of our own city or neighborhood.

In his latest work, Spoken Word Artist Marco The Poet tells the story of a child who has never left the four blocks surrounding his home.

He discovers that the world is bigger than he thought thanks to a man who steps up and shows him the world outside of his community’s limits.

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Here we go again: Another professional woman told that her natural hairstyle isn’t acceptable


For more than 10 years, Ashley Davis has been growing her locks. Her entire family has the style and it’s very much a part of her identity.

Unfortunately the finance company that she works for doesn’t seem to care for them.

Davis was surprised when a manager at Tower Loan in St. Peters, Mo. told her that her hair was unacceptable.

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You Are Not Alone

Richard Looking At City

You are not alone! Yes I get it, the struggle is real. A lot of times in life we get to these plateau’s and we hate where we are. Once we get to this place, we feel like we will be stuck here forever. You’ve put in so much hard work, you’ve shed so many tears, you’ve tried to do everything right like everyone has said, but you still find yourself starring hardships and disparity in the face. A lot of times we sweep these feelings under the rug and will try to carry on our merry way as if nothing bothers us, but truth be told you’re dying on the inside.

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Shopping while black: Apparently it leads to arrest


19-year-old Trayon Christian never thought he would end up in handcuffs for shopping. But that’s exactly what happened to the Queens, NY college student when he purchased a belt at Barney’s.

Christian purchased a $350 designer belt when a clerk had him arrested. Apparently the retailer wasn’t convinced that he could afford the belt despite already paying for it.

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