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Top News Stories About Black Youth from Across the Nation: April 1 – 7

Every week, the Black Youth Project collects the top news stories about black youth from across the country. Click here to check out our archive of weekly news round-ups, and check back every Monday for a new roundup of headlines about young black America

Mental Health Disparities Endanger Chicago’s Youth
Rod McCullom, Ebony, 4/3/13

In the first 12 weeks of 2013, there have been 57 gun-related homicides in Chicago; Twelve of those victims were 18 years old or under, according to an analysis of preliminary crime data by Red Eye, a publication of the Chicago Tribune newspaper. Though the city has landed at the epicenter of the national debate over gun violence, the escalating numbers of Black and Latino youth killed have not received the same amount of attention as the victims of mass shootings in Colorado or Connecticut. Worse, while there has been a national outcry for increased access to mental health treatment in the wake of the Aurora and Newtown shootings, Chicago (whose gun-violence murder rate last year was the equivalent of “a ‘Newtown,’ [massacre] every four months”), has seen a steady decrease in funding to mental health programs.



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News Flash

Mystery of Abandoned Toddler’s Identity Solved Thanks to Social Media

The identity of a 4 year-old girl abandoned on a stranger’s doorstep has been solved, due in large part to social media.

Little Zoe Brown was mysteriously found on the doorstep of Roy Campbell in South Carolina, with a note on her diaper that read “Call DFAC” or Division of Family and Child Services.

Over 2 million people re-posted photos of the little girl, eventually leading to a tip that identified Zoe.

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Madea and Oprah Walk into a Bar

Instead of letting all of my righteous indignation flood the internet, I email back and forth with a couple of homies about stuff we see here. We sometimes conclude that it must be our brains that our screwed up, because clearly everyone else seems okay with all of this mess. A recent string of conversations has featured a side conversation about how no black Onion exists because all of the potential black Onion articles are featured on other sites as serious thought pieces. (Now, I understand that this claim is rather reductive and does not apply solely to black people, but this is a blog about black people, so let’s go with it.) I mean, seriously, someone wrote an article about being sophistiratchet. Yes, not only is there now an official portmanteau for this “identity,” but there’s an accompanying article that does not seem to be satire. And said article is featured on a blog called For Harriet. (Yes,that Harriet. Not your mama’s cousin Harriet. Not Harriet Winslow. That Harriet.)

With articles like that, who needs satire?

But that’s not even that bad. Want to know why there’s really no black Onion? Because Madea and Sofia made a video.

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Harvard Students Protest Tyga Concert; Accuse Him of Promoting Sexism and Rape Culture

Harvard University students are up in arms over a scheduled performance from YMCMB rapper Tyga at their annual Yardfest.

A petition launched by senior Leah Reis-Dennis is demanding that organizers pull him from the line-up.

The students say Tyga’s music promotes sexism and rape culture.

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President Obama Criticized for Calling Kamala Harris ‘Best-Looking’ Attorney General

President Obama is facing criticism for calling California Attorney General Kamala Harris “by far, the best-looking attorney general.”

Speaking at a Democratic fundraiser, Obama called Harris “brilliant,” “dedicated” and “tough.” He then added, “She also happens to be, by far, the best-looking attorney general.”

Many are calling his comments sexist, and inappropriate considering the hurdles women face in being recognized for their talents and accomplishments.

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News Flash

Tyler Perry Partners w/ Oprah’s Own Network; Makes ‘Madea Meets Sofia’ Video

As we previously reported, Oprah has tapped Tyler Perry, her other BFF not named Gayle, to create content for her struggling OWN network.

Perry has produced The Haves and the Have Nots, a drama, and sitcom Love Thy Neighbor.

Both shows will be the first scripted series to appear on OWN.

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Rick Ross Apologizes for His Lyrics Being “Interpreted As” Rape

As the backlash against Rick Ross’ so-called “rape lyrics” continues to mount, the Miami rapper has tried once again to calm the storm, apologizing to his sponsors and critics for words “interpreted as” rape.

The “apology” comes after pressure from his record label and corporate sponsors, who are facing protests and demonstrations outside of their offices.

Unsurprisingly, many are not impressed or satisfied.

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Associated Press Will No Longer Use Term ‘Illegal Immigrant;’ L.A. Times May Follow Suit

The L.A. Times is considering no longer using the term “illegal immigrant.”

The Associated Press has already announced that they will no longer be using the term.

Rinku Sen, president of ARC and publisher of Colorlines, says use of the word “illegal” has “become heavily racialized and targeted at people of color.”

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The Belief in a Thing Makes it Happen

This past week I was asked by a group of middle school students “what do you believe in”? Even though the question was light hearted and blameless, I think as a black male twenty-two year old constantly challenged by the power and privilege dynamics of this society, it is important to rigorously interrogate my own beliefs and make sure I know what I stand for and why. After all, the cliché is true, if you don’t stand for something you in fact, could fall for anything. So this is what I believe.

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Father Indicted After Beating His Daughters Over “Twerking” Video

A Dayton, Ohio father has been charged with child endangerment and corporal punishment after being caught on video beating his two daughters with a video cable.

He’d caught them filming themselves “twerking;” a suggestive dance that involves wobbling the hips and buttocks.

Enraged, he barged in and began whipping them with the chord. The video has since gone viral and sparked controversy regarding the use of, and appropriate severity of corporal punishment.

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