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Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA Uses Hip Hop to Teach Science in NYC Public Schools

The Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA has aligned himself with an amazing pilot program in New York City that uses Hip Hop to help young people learn about science.

The program is currently running in 10 NYC public schools.


The program was started by Dr. Chris Emdin of Columbia University’s Teachers College.

“The goal is just to awaken the children, make them more aware and embrace science and everything connected to it,” GZA told CBS News.

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Moms Start Petition Demanding Mattel Make Barbie Accessories for People of Color

Karen Braithwaite, Harlem resident and mother to a four-year-old daughter, has started started a petition requesting that Barbie maker, Mattel do a better job of providing accessories and products for people of color.

Braithwaite was inspired to start the petition after she tried to give her daughter, Georgia, a black Barbie-themed party.

Although Mattel has an entire line of black Barbies, it seems that the doll featured on their party favors are all blonde and blue-eyed:

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Twirl: In Defense of Kenya Moore

Last night, Bravo aired the finale episode of Ms. Kenya Moore’s inaugural twirl as a real housewife of Atlanta. And it, of course, was histrionically wonderful. Now, Moore has been at the center of several dramatic conflicts this season, serving beef to Kandi, my beloved Phaedra Parks, esq., and fellow rookie castmate, Porsha. Many have expressed their disdain for Ms. Moore’s antics, calling her mad dramatic and extra. I beg to differ, though.

Kenya Moore is not simply good television, she is and should be the latest black woman in the public eye who deserves a community of support. We should speak Kenya’s name both as a mantra and as a reminder of her history-making. If we are to declare ourselves lovers and supporters of black women, we must not only embrace and console Porsha as she frees herself from the talons of a situation wherein she was controlled, but work to understand Kenya’s struggles and triumphs as they were shown each Sunday night. Consider this blog a call to black feminist arms. I make this declaration not simply because Ms. Moore honored iconic black women in film–without making anyone show up as Mo’Nique or Viola Davis–but also for the following compelling reasons:

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College Student Returns Lost Wallet Containing $1,000

West Chester University student Angelise Alba was celebrating her 20th birthday with her mother at Philly’s King of Prussia Mall when she discovered a wallet containing $1,000 in the parking lot.

Alba found the owner’s contact info and was able to get in touch her and return the wallet.

The owner – Ireland native Angela Mohan – was understandably relieved and stunned by the young lady’s good deed.

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India Arie Accused of Lightening Her Skin for Promotional Photo

R&B singer India Arie has been accused to lightening her skin for the cover art for her new single “Cocoa Butter.”

The cover photo, seen above, shows a startlingly lighter Arie compared to previous photos of the singer. The whole controversy is especially shocking since Arie is famous for songs that convey pride in her appearance, like “Brown Skin” and “I Am Not My Hair.”

Arie’s people say her lighter appearance in the photo is due to camera flash and angle.

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Four Year-Old Rahquel Carr Shot and Killed in Car in Miami

Four year-old Rahquel Carr was shot and killed while sitting in a car outside her grandfather’s home in Miami.

Rahquel was sitting in the vehicle with at least two other children. They believe Rahquel was shot in the upper body with a gun from inside of the car.

Investigators are currently trying to determine if one of the other children shot her.

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Civil Rights Leaders Speak Out Against Conferderate Flag Display at Old NC Capital Building

Civil Rights leaders are speaking out against the hanging of a confederate flag inside of the Old North Carolina Capitol building.

The flag is part of a display The to mark the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, and is meant to replicate how the building appeared at the time.

The state’s Historic Sites Director Keith Hardison says the flag should be viewed with that historical context in mind.

But the president of North Carolina’s NAACP chapter says that context doesn’t make the flag any less offensive.

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Roland Martin: CNN Executives Hold Back Black Anchors

Former CNN pundit Roland Martin alleges the leadership at the news network are uncomfortable with hiring black anchors as hosts.

Martin says he came to CNN looking to have his own show, and drew high ratings for specials he hosted, but never received his own show.

From the Huffington Post:

“You have largely white male executives who are not necessarily enamored with the idea of having strong, confident minorities who say, ‘I can do this,’” he said.

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Forest Whitaker To Direct and Produce Richard Pryor Biopic

Forest Whitaker will reportedly direct and produce a long-gestating biopic on legendary comedian Richard Pryor.

Previously, the project was linked to director Bill Condon, whose other work includes Dreamgirls and Twilight(?!).

Though Marlon Wayans was rumored to be playing Pryor, it is unclear if he is still involved in the project.

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NYPD Cop Tells Innocent 13 Year-old Boy to “Stop Crying Like a Little Girl” During Stop and Frisk

During the second week of Floyd v. City of New York Stop and Frisk trial, an officer admitted to commanding an innocent 13 year-old boy to “stop crying like a little girl” during a stop and frisk.

The boy had done absolutely nothing wrong. Officers stopped him for reaching into his waistband.

No gun was found, but he was still handcuffed and taken to the station.

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