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Should pastors christen babies of unwed parents?


Usually, you’re not turned away when coming to a church, but one single mother claims that she was fact shunned when she attempted to have her son dedicated.

Marvin Winans banned Charity Grace’s 2-year-old from participating in a special blessing at Perfecting Church in Detroit, Michigan.

She called the church a few days before the scheduled ceremony to schedule to dedication. Once the church found out that Grace was not married, they told her that Winans’ policy was that he does not bless children of unwed mothers in front of his congregation.

His action, or lack thereof, raises the question of whether or not pastors should bless babies of unwed parents.

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Pastor stops robbery, catches thief


Pastor Carl Sanders of Covenant Life Ministries takes the phrase “tending to HIS flock” quite seriously.

So much to the point where the Evansville, Ind., pastor intervened as a man tried to rob a store clerk at gunpoint.

Sanders entered Dollar General to purchase a Gatorade, but when he got inside he saw a man with a gun wrapped in plastic pointed at the clerk.

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Obama selects Patricia E. Campbell-Smith as first African American Chief Judge of US Court of Federal Claims


Patricia E. Campbell-Smith was appointed a judge for the U.S. Court of Federal Claims just a month ago. Now President Obama has promoted her to chief judge of the court, making her the first African America to ever hold the position.

Campbell-Smith was described by the president as having “a long and distinguished record of service.” He expressed his confidence that “she will serve with distinction.”

From The Root:

As the special master to the court from 2005 to 2011 and chief special master from 2011 to 2013, Campbell-Smith was responsible for overseeing court orders on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. She was also a law clerk for former U.S. Federal Claims Court Chief Judge Emily C. Hewitt.

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Man arrested after police mistake candy for meth


A Brooklyn man is suing the NYPD after he was falsely arrested. Love Olatunjiojo was walking down the street with two of his friends when three police officers cuffed them for drug possession.

The officers charged the men with possession of a controlled substance believed to be methamphetamine, a mistake that could cost the department.

Turns out that neither Olatunjiojo or his friends had drugs on them, and the police mistook Jolly Rancher candy purchased from the convenience store as meth.

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Grambling State football players end protest


Grambling State University football players have decided to end their protest. The week-long boycott, which included the entire team missing a game against Jackson State, began after players felt that the school’s administration wasn’t taking their concerns seriously.

Until the administration addressed the way the team traveled, and well as subpar training facilities, not one member practiced.

From ESPN:

“players decided end the boycott after reaching out to several Grambling greats, including former coach Doug Williams, who advised them to, “Go out there and play football.”

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Study: Black boys more accepted into white cliques than black girls


A study on the experiences of black students in suburban schools has found that black boys have an easier time fitting in than black girls.

Black boys can use racial performance to seem tough, cool and athletic. Black girls are often viewed as ghetto and aggressive.

Researchers at the University of Buffalo studied the social impact of a desegregation program. Minority students were bussed to a predominantly white high school in a Boston suburb.

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Black waitress fired for having highlights, whites allowed to

A black waitress, who was fired from Hooters for “improper image,” is suing the restaurant chain.

25-year-old Farryn Johnson says she was let go for having blonde highlights in her hair.

She recently filed a complaint with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights.

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50 Years Later: Our schools are still segregated

Today is the 50th anniversary of what will forever be known as “Freedom Day.” Most of the schools’ black population did not go to school that day, because they had a bigger goal in mind.On October 22, 1963, several civil rights groups organized and participated in a mass boycott and demonstration in hopes of desegregating Chicago’s schools.

Roughly 200,000 black activists, community members, parents and residents showed up to demand better resources for their schools. Schools were overcrowded. Teachers were ordered to take double shifts as a solution to the issue. Students could not attend a full day of class as a result. The textbooks, desks, supplies and classrooms? Severely outdated.

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Video capturing possible rape posted to Vine, prompts investigation


Police are investigating a potential rape after a video surfaced on the popular social media site Vine.

A user by the name of “Jonathan Jno” posted a Vine video of what appears to be a barely conscious woman getting sexually assaulted in a park on Chicago’s South Side.

From Jezebel:

According to the Daily Dot, the clip has since been deleted, as have the Twitter and Facebook accounts associated with the “Jno.” Because of the swift and vociferous Internet uproar, the police have already identified the man who uploaded the video. The identities of the apparent victim and rapist are still unknown, however.

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African-themed birthday party sparks controversy


A 21-year-old Australian woman is getting criticized, (and rightfully so) for her choice of theme for a party.

Olivia Mahon asked attendees to wear “African themed” costumes/clothing, and of course blackface, gorrillas, warpaint and Native American headdresses were the result.

Mahon proudly posted pics from her party onto her Facebook account. After receiving numerous complaints, she took to Tumblr and wrote this response.

From Buzzfeed:

“It was my ‘African themed’ party and it was honestly made that theme because I have always wanted to go to Africa (to teach english) but haven’t made it there yet. In no way was this party intended to hurt anyones feelings or upset anyone at all. In fact as you can tell from the photos I dressed up as cleopatra, whilst MAJORITY of my guests came as animals, that can be found in africa or wore traditional african clothes or even dressed up as famous people who come from Africa.”

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