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New documentary explores high school dropout epidemic


While the high school dropout rate has declined over time, it is still an epidemic.

A documentary, executive produced by Usher and created by Jason Pollack, seeks to explore the trend in hopes of keeping our youth in school.

“Undroppable” will highlight inspiring students who are dealing with significant obstacles in their lives, but are able to walk across the stage no matter what.

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Blackface: Protesters in Amsterdam have had enough


Amsterdam has a long-standing tradition of celebrating Christmas. “Sinterklass,” the Dutch version of Santa Claus, is portrayed by a white man accompanied by dozens of clown-like helpers called “Zwarte Pieten.”

The problem with these “Zwarte Pieten” or Black Petes is that they arrive in blackface makeup with red lips and curly Afro wigs.

Residents, fed up with the racial insensitivity, decided to protest the festival on Thursday.

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Pastor resigns after telling congregation about same-sex marriage


Bishop Allyson D. Nelson Abrams stepped down from her position as pastor of Zion Progressive Baptist Church in Detroit after revealing that she was married to a woman.

Bishop Abrams married Bishop Emeritus Diana Williams in March, but wasn’t ready to share it with the public yet.

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New Jersey becomes 13th state to allow same sex marriage

On Monday, the state of New Jersey became the 13th state to recognize same-sex marriage.

Dozens of couples lined up at City Hall just after midnight to unite as one.

Senate-elect and Newark Mayor Cory Booker performed the ceremonies.

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Civil Rights leaders call for Justice Department to look into Bobby Bennett shooting


A mentally ill man was shot on Monday after police were called to his home in Dallas.

Police shot Bobby Bennett, 52, in front of his mother’s house. She had called 911 out of concern for her sons’s safety. Bennett had a pocketknife on him and she thought that he might hurt himself.

Police say they shot Bennett, who had schizophrenia because he lunged at them while pointing a knife, but video surveillance captured by a neighbor says otherwise. Civil rights leaders are calling for the justice department to look into the case.

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Molly Ann Dutton: More than a homecoming queen


22-year-old Molly Ann Dutton was recently crowned homecoming queen at Auburn University. But she more than the university’s 100th homecoming queen, she’s a living miracle.

Molly Ann’s biological mother was a victim of sexual assault, resulting in pregnancy. Faced with the difficult choice to either abort the baby or get a divorce from her husband (yes he threatened her with the action), she moved to Alabama to have the child and give it up for adoption.

Now, Molly Ann is sharing her life story in hopes of raising awareness about options available to women during unexpected pregnancies.

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Simeon football star shot to death


A star football player from Chicago’s Simeon Career Academy has been killed. Police discovered Demarius Reed in a hallway at the University Green apartments in Ypsilanti, Michigan this morning.

Reed was a junior at Eastern Michigan University. He was also the wide receiver for the school’s football team.

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Kanye West & Black Self Love


Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”- Audre Lorde.

As journalists, bloggers, and online media haters salivate at the chance to discredit Kanye’s contributions to music, fashion, and society by minimizing his body of work to pure narcissistic drivel, he continues to redefine what Black self-love looks like in public spaces.

Populist Messenger

From the early days of the College Dropout to the bombastic Yeezus album, Kanye has spewed a kind of populist politics that is far too often overlooked or oversimplified due to his dandyism (which I will touch on later) or his brashness. Early on in his career, he addressed the trajectory of Black youth who were faced with institutionalized oppression and real world responsibilities at a young age:

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Teen triple majors at Morehouse College, will graduate from med school at 22

At just 16 years old, Stephen R. Stafford II has accomplished more than most of the general population.

He is currently earning credits toward his triple major at Morehouse College —pre-med, mathematics and computer science.

The genius has yet another achievement to add to his list. He made “The World’s 50 Smartest Teenagers.”

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Study: People more empathetic towards whites than blacks

According to a recent study, people are more empathetic towards whites than blacks, especially regarding medical treatment or pain.

The discovery is known as the “racial empathy gap.” It shows that people including medical personnel assume blacks feel less pain than whites.

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