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Study: whites have 1 black friend compared to blacks having 8 white friends


According to a study released by the Public Religion Research Institute, whites in America have an average of one black friend compared to blacks having 8 white friends.

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Black Men: ‘I’m tired of feeling like someone’s enemy’


The following post is from The Root. It was written by The Root Staff.

By: The Root Staff

(Editor’s note: We began this summer with a commemoration of Freedom Summer, 50 years after blood was shed on Southern soil to insure our inalienable right to vote as citizens of these United States. We end this summer with renewed cries for freedom; the freedom to walk our neighborhood streets without dying, the freedom to pick up a toy without getting shot and the freedom to wait for our children after school, as Chris Lollie was attempting to do, without getting tased by police.)

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‘Exodus’ director addresses casting controversy


In response to criticism that he white-washed his film Exodus, director Ridley Scott talked about why he chose all white actors for his film.

Christian Bale was tapped to play the lead role of Moses, and the rest of the cast is as white as they come despite the movie being based in Africa. 

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Instead of arrests, Ferguson protesters get meeting with U.S. Attorney

When a group of Ferguson, Missouri protesters marched on the office of U.S. Attorney Richard Callahan on Tuesday, they expected to be arrested.

Instead, they met with Callahan face-to-face for an hour.

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Jackie Robinson West champ has no home of his own

Jaheim BentNo. 8 Jackie RobinsWest team has been homeless since June according his mother DevonBenton. She works as home care

America’s favorite Little League team has been receiving a lot of support these days for their work on the field.

But one of them could really use out help. See, 12-year-old Jackie Robinson West team member Jaheim Benton and his family have been homeless since June. 

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Happy birthday Michael! King of Pop honored with celebrations at childhood home

Celebrations for Michael Jackson’s birthday kicked off on Thursday in his native city of Gary, Indiana.

What started off as just a simple block party has morphed into an annual three-day festival that stretches beyond 2300 Jackson St. in honor of the King of Pop.

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Black cop files police brutality lawsuit

Every year, the Philadelphia Police Department receives scores of brutality lawsuits. But it is unusual for a police officer to make those charges.

In a suit filed earlier this week, the unthinkable happened. Sgt. Brandon Ruff filed charges against the department. 

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Black Star Project to host 4th Annual Million Father March back to school parade

On Saturday, black fathers across the nation will united for the Million Father March. The march, organized by fathers across the country, is supported by men, women and adults from all ethnic backgrounds.

It promotes’ fathers’ active involvement with their children’s education and overall well-being throughout the school year. 

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Angels and Emmys

Last weekend, Charles Belk, a 51-year-old black man, was arrested and detained by the Beverly Hill Police Department on the suspicion that he had robbed a nearby bank. In reality, Belk had been having a meal at a nearby restaurant, and was on his way to check the status of his parking meter. Before Belk got to his car, he was surrounded by police cars, handcuffed, and taken to the police station. He was in custody for several hours before being released. What officers presumably didn’t know at the time, is that Belk is an award-winning figure in the entertainment business, a fact that is listed among others in Belk’s account of the incident, which was posted on his Facebook account and subsequently picked up by news outlets. It read in part:

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Donald Glover to play Spiderman, the animated version


Well it’s finally happening–almost.

Community star Donald Glover expressed interest in playing the lead role in The Amazing Spiderman in 2010.

His fans took his request pretty seriously, and launched a social media campaign complete with a #donald4spiderman hashtag to make this a reality. 

The role ultimately went to Andrew Garfield, but now, Glover is finally getting his chance to play the character. 

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