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Central Park Five Documentary Airs Tonight on PBS

Ken Burn’s new documentary Central Park Five premieres tonight on PBS.

The film recounts the story of five young black and Hispanic men accused and wrongly convicted of raping a white woman in New York’s Central Park. Their confessions were coerced by law enforcement and there was no DNA evidence connecting them to the crime.

It would be years before their names were cleared.

Dubbed the  “Central Park Jogger” case, the fiasco is notorious for the insane media frenzy surrounding it.

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VIDEO: HBCU Grad Undertakes Hollywood and VH-1 Takes a LOST!

Interviewed by Rashad J. Smith

VH-1′s Master of the Mixes   judges believed that by letting go an irreplaceable component to the show, they are that much closer to choosing their Master of the Mix. I believe that they have clearly made a mistake!

Previously referred to as the “Diddy of DJ’s” …


Brian “DJ B-Hen” Henry has phenomenal skills on the 1’s and 2’s, attractive to the ears of the young and the seasoned. Beyond his talents of hyping the crowd with rhythmic tunes, B-Hen is inspired to empower woman and the youth of the World by sharing his experiences through entertainment.

After losing his mother to a battle of breast cancer during his last year of high school, B-Hen understood his mom’s desire for him to succeed beyond adversity.  “As the first generation in my family to attend college, DJing just didn’t seem like a viable option for me at the time.” (Reminiscing his mother’s unyielding love), “She made everything so clear… you can get a job, go to college, go into the military, or get the heck out of my house” he laughs.

Her virtuous recommendations resulted in B-Hen applying to countless scholarships that would eventually cover the cost of 4 years of tuition, give or take, $100,000 plus. #DANG ”

“I went into overdrive aand applied to everything under the sun and I eventually had almost a full ride when accepted to Morehouse College.”

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Chief Keef Under Fire for Lyrics Threatening Woman For Not Performing Sex Act on Him

Just as the outrage over Rick Ross’ date rape lyrics has begun to die down, another controversial rapper is under fire for misogynistic lyrical content.

Chief Keef recently previewed a song called “You” in which he threatens to murder a women for not performing a sex act on him.

He says: “You ain’t gonna let me f— you, and I feel you / But you gone suck my d— or I’ll kill you”

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Brittney Griner No. 1 Pick by Phoenix Mercury in WNBA Draft

Brittney Griner will be wearing a Phoenix Mercury jersey next season.

Griner was the No. 1 WNBA draft pick. She is the second all-time scorer and the top shot blocker in Women’s NCAA history, and has a record 18 dunks.

In other words, Griner is a phenom, and is poised to revolutionize the WNBA.

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Do Churches Have a Responsibility to Promote Healthy Living to Their Congregations?

A recent survey of African American church goers in North Carolina finds that a majority of the respondents believe that churches have a responsibility to promote healthy living to their congregations.

Interestingly though, respondents also said they’d prefer to receive such messages through workshops and health fairs, rather than from the pulpit.

From the Huffington Post:

“Many of us who’ve grown up in the church understand its historical context, and know that churches function beyond spiritual guidance and social support,” said lead study author Adebowale A. Odulana

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[photo of jasiri x]
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Why Police and Black Community Relationships Don’t Work

Dayton Chief of Police Richard Biel and Jasiri X at the Dear Dr. Hip-Hop: Speak, Be Heard, Be Considered event in Dayton, Ohio. Photo by  Andrew-Bryce Hudson (www.andrew-bryce.net

This weekend, I had an opportunity to speak and perform in Dayton, OH, with the legendary MC Lyte at an event called, “Dear Dr. Hip-Hop: Speak, Be Heard, Be Considered.” A few days before arriving, I got a call from one of the organizers telling me that the Dayton Police Department had a “problem” with some of my lyrics and demanded to know what songs I was going to perform before they would secure the venue.

Being that this wasn’t the first time a group tried to censor me, I immediately got on the phone with my lawyer who advised me on what action I needed to take.  I sent this email as my response

Here are the links to my music and videos. I reserve the right to perform any one of these songs. There is not one lyric in any of these songs that advocates or calls for any kind of violence, especially towards law enforcement. Nor do I advocate or condone violence in our community, violence against women, or drug abuse like many rap artists. I’m a Hip-Hop artist and community activist that has dedicated my life to mentoring young men in our community to be peaceful and law abiding citizens. I have never had one incident of violence at any of the many shows, panels, or lectures I’ve done all over the world. It is the responsibility of the Dayton Police Department to provide a safe environment for the citizens they are obligated to serve and protect. I will consider any form of censorship an infringement on my constitutional right to free speech, and will forward any further communication on this issue to my lawyer. 

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BREAKING: Explosions at Boston Marathon Finish Line; Dozens Injured

Two large explosions near the finish line of the Boston Marathon have resulted in dozens of injuries.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates


Watch a live feed of CBS coverage of the situation in Boston below


The Boston Globe says 64 people are wounded; still 2 confirmed deaths.



Boston PD confirm that a third explosion occured at JFK library. Unsure if they are in fact linked.

They are advising Boston residents to stay in their homes. Say the situation is ongoing.



Boston Police confirm that explosions were caused by bombs; and speculate that they were hidden in trash cans.



CBS News is reporting that Boston Police have since found and neutralized another explosive device, found in the vicinity of the marathon finish line.



Boston Police say that thus far 2 people are confirmed dead; 23 wounded.

More details to come as this horrific story develops.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all impacted by this terrible tragedy.

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New Documentary Explores Obama’s “Complicated” Relationship with Black Community

A new documentary explores President Obama’s complex relationship with the black community.

Dubbed “A Complicated Affair,” the film examines the widespread support and criticism he’s received from African Americans, and attempts to understand the expectations the community had for the President upon electing him in 2008.

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Louisiana City Set to Ban Saggy Pants

A city in Louisiana is set to ban saggy pants. 

An ordinance has been passed in The Terrebonne Parish Council and is expected to be signed by the Parish President. 

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Police Sgt. Fired For Bringing Trayvon Martin Targets to Gun Range

A Florida police officer has been fired after bringing Trayvon Martin targets to a gun range.

On April 4th, Sgt. Ron King was leading target practice with a few other officers when he pulled out the targets.

The group of officers declined King’s offer to use the targets for practice.

From WFTV:

The image of someone wearing a dark hoodie with a drink can and a bag of Skittles candy in their hand has become a well-known symbol in the death of 17-year-old Martin. The unarmed teen was shot and killed in Sanford last year.

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