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Looking for the Move for Black Pride? This List Is for You

By L.G. Parker

Pride ain’t for everybody. As writer Shaan Michael Wade puts it, Pride is “classy, white cissification at its finest.”     For those of us who are black and queer, not to mention gender-non-conforming, disabled, women, broke as hell, or any combination of these things and more, pride is a very colorful reenactment of the erasure we face every day.

Which is why we come together and celebrate ourselves for ourselves.  Check out this growing list of Black Pride events:


makers lab

DC Black Pride

Washington, D.C.

May 22-25

District of Queer

Washington, D.C.

May 14-24


Portland Black Pride

Portland, Oregon

June 17-21

South Carolina Black Pride

Columbia, South Carolina

June 24-28

Columbus Urban Pride 2015

Columbus, Ohio

June 19 – 20

Harlem Pride 2015

Harlem, New York

June 27-29



At The Beach LA

Los Angeles, California

July 2- 5

United Black Pride

Chicago, Illinois

July 4-6

Charloette Black Gay Pride

Charlotte, North Carolina

July 16-19

Indiana Pride of Color

Indianapolis, Indiana

July 17-19

Pittsburg Black Pride

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

July 20 – 31

Shades of Pride

Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina

July 24-26

Hotter Than July (Detroit)

Detroit, Michigan

July 24-28



Jacksonville Black Pride

Jacksonville, Florida

August 7-9

New York City Black Pride

New York City, New York

August 12-16

St. Louis Black Pride

St. Louis, Missouri

August 12-16


Atlanta Black Pride

Atlanta, Georgia

August 31 – September 7


Dallas Southern Pride

Dallas, Texas

October 1 – 5

Baltimore Black Pride

Baltimore, Maryland

October 8-11

Nashville Black Pride

Nashville, Tennenssee

October 16-18


Jackson Black Pride

Jackson, Mississippi

November 11-15

L.G. Parker is a writer based in Richmond, VA