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And the Oscar Goes to…

By Summer M. 9:01 am February 27, 2012 When Octavia Spencer won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress last night, I thought this blog had written itself. All I needed to do was list the names and roles of black women who had won Oscars, make a few comments about some very obvious things, and […]

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Summer M.’s Most Wanted: Sandra Bullock

By Summer M. 8:00 am May 3, 2010 I’ve grown suspicious of Sandra Bullock.  And by “suspicious” I mean she’s annoying the fuck out of me.  Inspired by such pestilence, I’m thinking of starting a Youtube show called Summer M.’s Most Wanted wherein I become internet famous by videotaping myself hating on celebrities who do […]

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Women Have Things Covered

By Asha 12:15 pm March 9, 2010 For a long time husbands had been notoriously recognized for outshining, outworking and “bringing home the bacon for” their wives. After a short marriage and divorce in 1991, followed by 19 years of hard work and accomplishment, Kathryn Bigelow has shown ex-husband, James Cameron, that she’s got things covered […]

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And the Winner Is?

By Summer M. 8:59 am March 1, 2010 It’s only March, but Mo’Nique is indeed the frontrunner for the Best Year Ever Award.  In a little less than a week, the self-proclaimed queen of comedy and Golden Globe (and Screen Actors Guild) Award winner, will probably win an Oscar for her work in Precious, despite […]

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