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To Act Is To React

By Keantre Malone 2:51 pm October 16, 2012 Black life, just like any other life, is always full of action. We begin many relationships that require us to “deal with people”. These other people deal with us too—our ways of sparking reactions from others brings them to us.  In order to have friends, lovers, even […]

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Stand With Black Youth; Take The BYP ACTION PLEDGE Today!


Far too many Black youth continue to be demonized, criminalized and murdered. Enough is enough! Take the BYP PLEDGE and make a commitment to stand and fight with our youth!

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The Summer of BYP ACTION

The BYP Action Pledge is a step we all can take. We not only articulate our concern about black youth, but symbolically unite our voices with others who will work to confront this crisis. Take the pledge TODAY!

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