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Report: Despite more Hispanics, blacks enrolling in college, bachelor’s degrees remain low

By BYP @blackyouthproj 3:44 pm April 28, 2014 Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a law passed by voters in Michigan that banned consideration of race in the public college admissions process. Eight states have passed laws restricting affirmative action since 1996, despite the racial makeup of college students and graduates evolving. 

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Breaking: Supreme Court upholds Affirmative Action ban in Michigan


By BYP @blackyouthproj 12:10 pm April 22, 2014 The Supreme Court ruled that a Michigan initiative that bans racial preferences in college admissions is constitutional, overturning a lower court decision. The measure is expected to appear on this year’s ballot. 

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Study: most college institutions governed by White men

By BYP @blackyouthproj 11:50 am January 3, 2014 A study released by the University of Central Florida shows that the top leaders at Football Bowl Subdivision conferences and schools remain mostly white and male. The study examined race and gender of conference commissioners and campus leaders holding positions of college and university presidents, athletic directors […]

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Landmark affirmative action case back in court

Back in June, the U.S. Supreme Court faced an issue that it has decided on countless times. Affirmative Action and whether or not colleges and universities should consider a person’s race when admitting them. Six years ago, Abigail Fisher filed a lawsuit arguing that she was rejected from the university because it favored minorities.

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Supreme Court likely to uphold affirmative action ban

The Supreme Court is currently evaluating the University of Michigan’s current ban on affirmative action, and most of the justices appear to agree that it should be upheld. Several of them expressed doubts that the constitutional amendment violates minorities’ equal protection rights.

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Supreme Court to decide on key affirmative action case

The Supreme Court will decide if affirmative action is a justifiable factor in college admissions on Tuesday. The judges will take on the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, a 2006 constitutional amendment banning the use of racial preferences in public university admissions.

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UT students hold bake sale in protest of affirmative action

The University of Texas at Austin’s campus is buzzing after a group of conservative students held a bake sale. UT’s chapter of Young Conservatives sold more than baked goods. They delivered their clear-cut stance on affirmative action at the school by charging customers based on their race.

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You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Abigail Fisher


By Mo Green 11:26 am June 27, 2013 I am so sick of entitled white students from the suburbs that blame affirmative action for their lack of success in college admissions. College admission, especially for very selective schools, is the epitome of an arbitrary process. Either you stand out, or not. Quite simple. While race […]

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Clarence Thomas Compares Affirmative Action to Slavery and Segregation in Opinion

Yesterday Clarence Thomas once again offered his long-held opinion on affirmative action, comparing it to slavery and segregation. He also argued that the policy does black and Hispanic students more harm than good, and that racial diversity has no educational benefit.

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Affirmative Action Debate: Is Class a Bigger Barrier to Success than Race?

An upcoming Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action could shift the conversation from race to class as a greater barrier to success.

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