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Is It Ever OK For White People To Say NIGGER?

Only Black people understand the true power of the word nigger. Does that mean only Black people can say it? Is it EVER ok for white people to say it? Sound off below!

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Nas Brings Back THE REAL With “Nasty” Music Video

Nas’ music video for “Nasty” is a statement about what really matters: family, community, humility and respect. The money? ….A welcome bonus. Check out Nas’ “Nasty” music video at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Are Black People Willing To Call Eminem The Greatest Rapper Of All Time?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion regarding which emcee they believe to be the greatest rapper of all time. Mine is Jay-Z. Yours might be 2pac. But is it OK for it to be Eminem?

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The Enduring Power of Tupac Shakur

His work spoke truth to a racist, capitalistic power structure, while at the same time attempting to usurp and dominate that structure with its own values and tools.That is why Tupac’s music was so powerful and dangerous. There will never be another like him.

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Afro-centrism, the Offspring of Euro-centrism?

By Keantre Malone 2:02 pm March 31, 2011 Whatever the name, Black Studies, Africana studies, or African American Studies, university disciplines designed for understanding African history have a problem of attempting to be too Black. When I say “too Black” I’m not saying that Africana culture (relates to both African and African-Diaspora culture) is annoying, […]

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