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FLOTUS: Obama Presidency ‘Changes the Bar’ For Our Youth

During a recent interview, First Lady Michelle Obama said the Obama Presidency “changes the bar” for all of our youth, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality: “Children born in the last eight years will only know an African-American man being president of the United States.”

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Judge Rules NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” Policy is Unconstitutional

New York Judge Shira Scheindlin has ruled that the city’s Stop and Frisk policy is unconstitutional: “No one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life.”

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POLL: Sizable Portion of American Public Have No Friends of Other Races

By BYP @blackyouthproj 9:30 am August 9, 2013 According to a recent poll, a sizable portion of the American public have no friends of other races. Roughly 40 percent of whites and about 25 percent of non-whites have no friends outside of their own race. The results highlight America’s persistent segregation and stark polarization on […]

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If Our Freedom is Criminal, We Must Change the Laws

BYP100′s Kai M. Green pens a short essay emphasizing the urgency of Black and People of Color Freedom Struggles NOW! The title sums it up: “If our Freedom is Criminal, We Must Change the Laws.”

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Congressmen Introduce “End Racial Profiling Bill” in the Wake of Zimmerman Verdict

Representative John Conyers (D-MI) and Senator Ben Cardin (D-MD) have introduced a new bill to stop racial profiling once and for all. And in the wake of the George Zimmerman verdict, the unveiling of the “End Racial Profiling Bill of 2013″ could not be more timely.

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Hundreds of NYC Fast Food Workers Are on Strike

Fast food workers across New York City are on strike, demanding better pay, the right to unionize, and an end to abusive labor practices.

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Tavis Smiley Blasts President Obama for Trayvon Martin Speech

Tavis Smiley has blasted the President over his Trayvon Martin remarks last Friday, criticizing the amount of time it took him to speak out, and questioning his motives: “He did not walk to the podium for an impromptu address to the nation. He was pushed to that podium. A week of protests outside the White House, pressure building on him inside the White House, pushed him to that podium.”

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Offensive “Angry Trayvon” App Sparks Outrage

An offensive game about Trayvon Martin has been removed from the Google app store after widespread outrage online. Dubbed the “Angry Trayvon” app, the game allows you to play as Martin as he completes “his world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday.”

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North Carolina 4th of July Parade Marred by ‘White History Month’ Float

A Fourth of July parade in a small North Carolina town took a disturbing turn when a “White History Month” float made its way into the parade procession.

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LeVar Burton Explains How He Avoids Being Shot by the Police

While being featured on CNN’s recent “n-word” discussion, LeVar Burton shared his protocol for dealing with being stopped by the police: “I take my hands, I stick them outside the window and on the door of the driver’s side because I want that officer to be relaxed as possible when he approaches my vehicle. And I do that because I live in America.”

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