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Identity Crisis

GOTH 2.10

By richardtaylor @trulytaylormade 9:49 am April 10, 2013 Between Reality TV, Media Pressure and Social Status, we now live in a world where people feel the need to live in someone else’s shoes. We have leaders walking around as followers and followers perpetrating as leaders. This comes from a lack of personal and cultural Identity. […]

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Bronx Students Release 10-Point List of Demands to Reform NY Public Education


Dubbing themselves The Resistance, a group of Bronx students have decided to “Occupy” public education, releasing a 10-POINT PLAN for reforming New York City’s public school system. Check out their full list of reforms at BlackYouthProject.com!

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Penn State’s Other Scandal: DEATH THREATS Against Black Students


Around the same time period as the University’s initial cover-up of Sandusky’s alleged transgressions, Black Penn State students were receiving very aggressive hate mail that became DEATH THREATS, Culminating in the discovery of a Black man’s dead body near campus.Why was nothing done?! Read more at BlackYouthProject.com!

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How Can I Lead A Generation?


By Johnaé @johnae_alyse 10:30 am November 1, 2011 We hear it everyday, “Somebody should do something about…” or “this generation needs a good leader”. I have found that in my generation there is hope for such remarks. Many of my peers are not only in agreement but actively pursuing leadership in different ways from leading marches […]

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Harlem Activists: The Occupy Movement Is NOT Just A “White Thing”


By Dallas @smarteys 10:22 am November 1, 2011 Check out this fascinating article about Occupy Harlem, and why the Occupy movement ain’t just a “white thing.” There are definitely prominent Black voices in the movement. Activists and scholars like Angela Davis and Cornell West have been major supporters of the movement since practically day one; […]

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The Cotton-Deep Rebel Era

By Keantre Malone 1:00 pm October 14, 2010 The black hipster: a sneaker pimp wearing nothing other than Levi skinnies below the waist and a vintage Public Enemy snap back above the forehead, selects weapons of change from an arsenal of flannels and graphic tees. In the local boutique shelves, such as Leaders 1354 in […]

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Where is the Black Liberal Agenda?

By alexm 10:18 am September 14, 2009 Last week we all had the opportunity to watch Barack Obama’s healthcare speech. A couple of weeks ago I asked, where is Obama’s Political Saavy? And in the above speech I believe not only did he find it, but he remembered what the people who voted him into […]

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