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Promoting literacy: Florida barbershop hands out books to young customers

By BYP @blackyouthproj 1:20 pm July 17, 2014 If you go to Royal Touch Barbershop in Riviera Beach, Florida, you’ll get more than a haircut if you’re a young boy. Reggie Ross who owns the shop has boys and men reading books on various subjects such as culture, history, achieving success and college matriculation. Why? […]

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Study: Public, police view black youth as older, less innocent than whites

By BYP @blackyouthproj 4:14 pm March 12, 2014 New research released by the American Psychological Association reveals that both members of the public and law enforcement officials view black youth, particularly black boys, as less innocent than their white counterparts. 

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“Not White People”


By Aaron @Talley_Marked 10:03 am February 28, 2014 This past winter, as a student teacher in a kindergarten class on the South Side of Chicago, I got the pleasure of hearing one of my students articulate the centuries old matter of black humanity within the context of whiteness and white supremacy. It happened during the […]

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Three black students arrested for waiting at bus stop

By BYP @blackyouthproj 2:28 pm December 2, 2013 Three Rochester, NY high school students were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct while waiting for a school bus to pick them up for a scrimmage basketball game. The boys were standing with teammates Wednesday morning when a police officer asked them to disperse. 

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13-year-old boys suspended from school for playing with toy gun in front of home

Like any average 13-year-olds, Khalid Caraballo, Aidan Clark and two other boys like to play with toy guns. Now their actions have led to an extended suspension from school. A neighbor, whose son was also playing with the three teens, didn’t like the way Khalid was pointing the gun at his peers.

She called 911, and police came to the scene. While the three boys, minus the 911 caller’s son were not charged by police, they have been suspended from school until June.

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Study: Black boys more accepted into white cliques than black girls

A study on the experiences of black students in suburban schools has found that black boys have an easier time fitting in than black girls. Black boys can use racial performance to seem tough, cool and athletic. Black girls are often viewed as ghetto and aggressive.

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11-Year Old Carson Huey-You Admitted to Texas Christian University

Texas Christian University (TCU), has admitted its youngest student, 11-year-old Carson Huey-You. Valedictorian of his senior class, Carson hopes to become a quantum physicist.

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Atlanta Teen Recieves Heart Transplant After Initially Being Denied Due to “History of Non-Compliance”

15-year old Anthony Stokes – the Atlanta teen who was initially denied a heart transplant because of a history of “non-compliance” – has reportedly received the heart transplant he desperately needed.

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Homeless Teen’s Online Campaign Funds His Enrollment at Howard University!

Homeless 19-year old James Ward will attend Howard University this fall after soliciting online donations to his college fund. In just a few days, his story spread like wildfire; he’s already raised $12,000!

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Hospital Reverses Decision to Deny Dying 15-Year Old Heart Transplant

A Children’s Hospital in Atlanta has reversed its decision to deny dying 15-Year Old Anthony Stokes a heart transplant because of his low grades and run-ins w/ the law after a fierce media backlash.

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